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27 November 2021
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The Seyfert-LINER Galaxy NGC 7213: An XMM-Newton Observation
R. L. C. Starling; M. J. Page; G. Branduardi-Raymont; A. A. Breeveld; R. Soria; K. Wu;
1 Dec 2004
- - -
The X-ray spectrum of NGC 7213 and the Seyfert--LINER connection
R. L. C. Starling; M. J. Page; G. Branduardi-Raymont; A. A. Breeveld; R. Soria; K. Wu;
13 Oct 2004   /  Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc. 356 (2005) 727-733
- - -
A High Spectral Resolution Observation of the Soft X-ray Diffuse Background with Thermal Detectors
D. McCammon; R. Almy; E. Apodaca; W. Bergmann Tiest; W. Cui; S. Deiker; M. Galeazzi; M. Juda; A. Lesser; T. Mihara; J. P. Morgenthaler; W. T. Sanders; J. Zhang; E. Figueroa-Feliciano; R. L. Kelley; S. H. Moseley; R. F. Mushotzky; F. S. Porter; C. K. Stahle; A. E. Szymkowiak;
2 May 2002   /  Astrophys.J. 576 (2002) 188-203
- - -
First Light Measurements of Capella with the Low Energy Transmission Grating Spectrometer aboard the Chandra X-ray Observatory
A. C. Brinkman; C. J. T. Gunsing; J. S. Kaastra; R. L. J. van der Meer; R. Mewe; F. Paerels; A. J. J. Raassen; J. J. van Rooijen; H. Bräuninger; W. Burkert; V. Burwitz; G. Hartner; P. Predehl; J.-U. Ness; J. H. M. M. Schmitt; J. J. Drake; O. Johnson; M. Juda; V. Kashyap; S. S. Murray; D. Pease; P. Ratzlaff; B. J. Wargelin;
4 Dec 1999
- - -
Can Doubly Strange Dibaryon Resonances be Discovered at RHIC?
S. D. Paganis; G. W. Hoffmann; R. L. Ray; J.-L. Tang; T. Udagawa; R. S. Longacre;
8 Oct 1999   /  Phys.Rev. C62 (2000) 024906
- - -
Rapid Variability as a Diagnostic of Accretion and Nuclear Burning in Symbiotic Stars and Supersoft X-ray Sources
J. L. Sokoloski;
5 Sep 2002
- - -
Uncovering High-z Clusters Using Wide-Angle Tailed Radio Sources
E. L. Blanton; M. D. Gregg; D. J. Helfand; R. H. Becker; R. L. White;
25 Mar 2003
- - -
A Study of the Coronal Plasma in RS CVn binary systems
M. Audard; M. Guedel; A. Sres; R. Mewe; A.J.J. Raassen; E. Behar; C.R. Foley; R.L.J. van der Meer;
17 Sep 2001   /  Astron.Astrophys. 398 (2003) 1137-1150
- - -
Gas and dust properties in the afterglow spectra of GRB 050730
R.L.C. Starling; P.M. Vreeswijk; S.L. Ellison; E. Rol; K. Wiersema; A.J. Levan; N.R. Tanvir; R.A.M.J. Wijers; C. Tadhunter; J.R. Zaurin; R.M. Gonzalez Delgado; C. Kouveliotou;
10 Aug 2005
- - -
Chandra X-ray Observations of the Hydra A Cluster: An Interaction Between the Radio Source and the X-Ray-Emitting Gas
B.R. McNamara; M. Wise; P.E.J. Nulsen; L.P. David; C.L. Sarazin; M. Bautz; M. Markevitch; A. Vikhlinin; W.R. Forman; C. Jones; D.E. Harris;
23 Dec 1999   /  Astrophys.J. 534 (2000) L135
- - -
Low Mass X-ray Binaries and Globular Clusters in Early-Type Galaxies
Craig L. Sarazin; Arunav Kundu; Jimmy A. Irwin; Gregory R. Sivakoff; Elizabeth L. Blanton; Scott W. Randall;
7 Jul 2003   /  Astrophys.J. 595 (2003) 743-759
- - -
A High Resolution X-ray Image of the Jet in M 87
H. L. Marshall; B. P. Miller; D. S. Davis; E. S. Perlman; M. Wise; C. R. Canizares; D. E. Harris;
10 Sep 2001   /  Astrophys.J. 564 (2002) 683
- - -
pn-CCDs in a Low-Background Environment: Detector Background of the CAST X-ray Telescope
M. Kuster; S. Cebrian; A. Rodriquez; R. Kotthaus; H. Braeuninger; J. Franz; P. Friedrich; R. Hartmann; D. Kang; G. Lutz; L. Strueder;
10 Aug 2005
- - -
Discovery of Radio/X-ray/Optical Resolved Supernova Remnants in the Center of the Andromeda Galaxy
A.K.H. Kong; L.O. Sjouwerman; B.F. Williams; M.R. Garcia; J.R. Dickel;
6 May 2003   /  Astrophys.J. 590 (2003) L21-L24
- - -
Optical-IUE observations of the gamma-ray loud BL Lacertae object S5 0716+714: data and interpretation
G. Ghisellini; M. Villata; C.M. Raiteri; S. Bosio; G. De Francesco; G. Latini; M. Maesano; E. Massaro; F. Montagni; R. Nesci; G. Tosti; M. Fiorucci; E. Pian; L. Maraschi A. Treves; A. Comastri; M. Mignoli;
25 Jun 1997
- - -
X-ray Resonance in Crystal Cavities--Realization of Fabry-Perot Resonator for Hard X-rays
S.-L. Chang; Yu. P. Stetsko; M.-T. Tang; Y.-R. Lee; W.-H. Sun; M. Yabashi; T. Ishikawa (Department of Physics; National Tsing Hua University; Hsinchu; Taiwan; R.O.C.; National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center;
17 Dec 2004   /  Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 174801 (2005)
- - -
ROSAT X-ray Observations of the Cooling Flow Cluster A2597
Craig L. Sarazin; Brian R. McNamara;
5 Dec 1996
- - -
AD Leo from X-Rays to Radio: Are Flares Responsible for the Heating of Stellar Coronae?
M. Guedel; M. Audard; E. F. Guinan; J. J. Drake; V. L. Kashyap; R. Mewe; I. Y. Alekseev;
30 Nov 2000
- - -
Developing a Compton Polarimeter to Measure Polarization of Hard X-Rays in the 50-300 keV Energy Range
J. S. Legere; P. Bloser; J. R. Macri; M. L. McConnell; T. Narita; J. M. Ryan;
14 Aug 2005
- - -
The first multi-wavelength campaign of AXP 4U 0142+61 from radio to hard X-rays
P.R. den Hartog; L. Kuiper; W. Hermsen; N. Rea; M. Durant; B. Stappers; V.M. Kaspi; R. Dib;
6 Nov 2006
- - -

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