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24 September 2021
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Temporally stable coherent states for infinite well and Pöschl-Teller potentials
J-P. Antoine; J-P. Gazeau; P. Monceau; J.R. Klauder; K.A. Penson;
27 Dec 2000
- - -
Group Approach to the Quantization of the Pöschl-Teller dynamics
V. Aldaya; J. Guerrero;
1 Oct 2004
- - -
Group Approach to the Quantization of the Pöschl-Teller dynamics
V. Aldaya; J. Guerrero;
1 Oct 2004
- - -
New Solvable Singular Potentials
R. Dutt; A. Gangopadhyaya; C. Rasinariu; U. Sukhatme;
13 Nov 2000   /  J.Phys. A34 (2001) 4129-4142
- - -
The role of polarized positrons and electrons in revealing fundamental interactions at the Linear Collider
G. Moortgat-Pick; T. Abe; G. Alexander; B. Ananthanarayan; A.A. Babich; V.Bharadwaj; D. Barber; A. Bartl; A. Brachmann; S. Chen; J. Clarke; J.E. Clendenin; J. Dainton; K. Desch; M. Diehl; B. Dobos; T. Dorland; H. Eberl; J. Ellis; K. Flöttmann; H. Fraas; F. Franco-Sollova; F. Franke; A. Freitas; J. Goodson; J. Gray; A. Han; S. Heinemeyer; S. Hesselbach; T. Hirose; K. Hohenwarter-Sodek; J. Kalinowski; T. Kernreiter; O. Kittel; S. Kraml; W. Majerotto; A. Martinez; H.-U. Martyn; W. Menges; A. Mikhailichenko; K. Mönig; K. Moffeit; S. Moretti; O. Nachtmann; F. Nagel; T. Nakanishi; U. Nauenberg; T. Omori; P. Osland; A.A. Pankov; N. Paver; R. Pitthan; R. Pöschl; W. Porod; J. Proulx; P. Richardson; S. Riemann; S.D. Rindani; T.G. Rizzo; P. Schüler; C. Schwanenberger; D. Scott; J. Sheppard; R.K. Singh; H. Spiesberger; A. Stahl; H. Steiner; A. Wagner; G. Weiglein; G.W. Wilson; M. Woods; P. Zerwas; J. Zhang; F. Zomer;
1 Jul 2005
- - -
An Alternate Approach to Transition Potentials
Asim Gangopadhyaya; Prasanta K. Panigrahi; Uday P. Sukhatme;
18 May 1993
- - -
Quasilinearization Method and Summation of the WKB Series
R. Krivec; V.B. Mandelzweig;
14 Jun 2004
- - -
A single EGF-like motif of laminin is responsible for high affinity nidogen binding.
Mayer, U; Nischt, R; Pöschl, E; Mann, K; Fukuda, K; Gerl, M; Yamada, Y; Timpl, R;
- - -
Effective-mass Schroedinger equation and generation of solvable potentials
B. Bagchi; P. Gorain; C. Quesne; R. Roychoudhury;
14 Jul 2004   /  Czech. J. Phys. 54 (2004) 1019-1026
- - -
A new dynamical group approach to the modified Poschl-Teller potential
Shi-Hai Dong; R. Lemus;
27 Oct 2001
- - -
On Conformal d'Alembert-Like Equations
E. Capelas de Oliveira; R. da Rocha;
2 Feb 2005
- - -
Supersymmetry and algebraic deformations
D. Gomez-Ullate; N. Kamran; R. Milson;
26 Feb 2004
- - -
The Construction of the Dual Family of Gazeau-Klauder Coherent States via Temporally Stable Nonlinear Coherent States
R. Roknizadeh; M. K. Tavassoly;
13 Nov 2004   /  J. Math. Phys. 46, 042110 (2005)
- - -
Shape Invariant Rational Extensions And Potentials Related to Exceptional Polynomials
S. Sree Ranjani; R. Sandhya; A. K Kapoor;
4 Mar 2015
- - -
Mapping of shape invariant potentials by the point canonical transformation
M. R. Setare; E. Karimi;
27 May 2008
- - -
Site-directed mutagenesis and structural interpretation of the nidogen binding site of the laminin gamma1 chain.
Pöschl, E; Mayer, U; Stetefeld, J; Baumgartner, R; Holak, T A; Huber, R; Timpl, R;
- - -
Comment on "The spin symmetry for deformed generalized P"oschl-Teller potential"
L. Aggoun; F. Benamira; L. Guechi;
7 Jan 2010
- - -
How to solve Fokker-Planck equation treating mixed eigenvalue spectrum?
M. Brics; J. Kaupuzs; R. Mahnke;
21 Mar 2013
- - -
Quasinormal modes of RN black hole space time with cosmic string in a Dirac field
Sini R; V. C. Kuriakose;
6 Sep 2008
- - -
The genes for the alpha 1(IV) and alpha 2(IV) chains of human basement membrane collagen type IV are arranged head-to-head and separated by a bidirectional promoter of unique structure.
Pöschl, E; Pollner, R; Kühn, K;
- - -

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