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05 December 2021
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Long-term monitoring of Molonglo calibrators
B. M. Gaensler; R. W. Hunstead;
11 Nov 1999
- - -
The Chemical Evolution of Damped Lyman Alpha Galaxies
M. Pettini; D.L. King; L.J. Smith; R.W. Hunstead;
8 Feb 1995
- - -
Intracluster medium of the merging cluster Abell 3395
K. Lakhchaura; K. P. Singh; D. J. Saikia; R. W. Hunstead;
26 Sep 2011
- - -
An expanding radio nebula produced by a giant flare from the magnetar SGR 1806-20
B. M. Gaensler; C. Kouveliotou; J. D. Gelfand; G. B. Taylor; D. Eichler; R. A. M. J. Wijers; J. Granot; E. Ramirez-Ruiz; Y. E. Lyubarsky; R. W. Hunstead; D. Campbell-Wilson; A. J. van der Host; M. A. McLaughlin; R. P. Fender; M. A. Garrett; K. J. Newton-McGee; D. M. Palmer; N. Gehrels; P. M. Woods;
20 Feb 2005   /  Nature 434 (2005) 1104-1106
- - -
The radio halo in the merging cluster A3562
T. Venturi; S. Bardelli; D. Dallacasa; G. Brunetti; S. Giacintucci; R.W. Hunstead; R. Morganti;
5 Feb 2003   /  Astron.Astrophys. 402 (2003) 913-920
- - -
The Molonglo Southern 4 Jy sample (MS4). II. ATCA imaging and optical identification
A. M. Burgess; R. W. Hunstead;
23 Dec 2005
- - -
Searching for Clusters with SUMSS
H. J. Buttery; G. Cotter; R. W. Hunstead; E. M. Sadler;
19 Feb 2003   /  New Astron.Rev. 47 (2003) 329-332
- - -
Discovery of HI gas in a young radio galaxy at $z = 0.44$ using the Australian SKA Pathfinder
J. R. Allison; E. M. Sadler; V. A. Moss; M. T. Whiting; R. W. Hunstead; M. B. Pracy; S. J. Curran; S. M. Croom; M. Glowacki; R. Morganti; S. S. Shabala; M. A. Zwaan; G. Allen; S. Amy; P. Axtens; L. Ball; K. W. Bannister; S. Barker; T. Bateman; R. Beresford; M. E. Bell; D. Bock; R. Bolton; M. Bowen; B. Boyle; R. Braun; S. Broadhurst; D. Brodrick; K. Brooks; M. Brothers; A. Brown; J. D. Bunton; C. Cantrall; G. Carrad; J. Chapman; W. Cheng; A. P. Chippendale; Y. Chung; F. Cooray; T. Cornwell; E. Davis; L. de Souza; D. DeBoer; P. Diamond; P. Edwards; R. Ekers; I. Feain; D. Ferris; R. Forsyth; R. Gough; A. Grancea; N. Gupta; J. C. Guzman; G. Hampson; L. Harvey-Smith; C. Haskins; S. Hay; D. B. Hayman; I. Heywood; A. W. Hotan; S. Hoyle; B. Humphreys; B. T. Indermuehle; C. Jacka; C. Jackson; S. Jackson; K. Jeganathan; S. Johnston; J. Joseph; R. Kendall; M. Kesteven; D. Kiraly; B. Koribalski; M. Leach; E. Lenc; E. Lensson; L. Li; S. Mackay; A. Macleod; T. Maher; M. Marquarding; J. Marvil; N. McClure-Griffiths; D. McConnell; S. Mickle; P. Mirtschin; R. Norris; S. Neuhold; A. Ng; J. O'Sullivan; J. Pathikulangara; S. Pearce; C. Phillips; A. Popping; R. Y. Qiao; J. E. Reynolds; A. Rispler; P. Roberts; D. Roxby; R. J. Sault; A. Schinckel; P. Serra; R. Shaw; M. Shields; T. Shimwell; M. Storey; T. Sweetnam; E. Troup; B. Turner; J. Tuthill; A. Tzioumis; M. A. Voronkov; T. Westmeier; C. Wilson; T. Wilson; K. Wormnes; X. Wu;
4 Mar 2015
- - -
FLASH Early Science -- Discovery of an intervening HI 21-cm absorber from an ASKAP survey of the GAMA 23 field
J. R. Allison; E. M. Sadler; S. Bellstedt; L. J. M. Davies; S. P. Driver; S. L. Ellison; M. Huynh; A. D. Kapinska; E. K. Mahony; V. A. Moss; A. S. G. Robotham; M. T. Whiting; S. J. Curran; J. Darling; A. W. Hotan; R. W. Hunstead; B. S. Koribalski; C. D. P. Lagos; M. Pettini; K. A. Pimbblet; M. A. Voronkov;
2 Apr 2020
- - -
PKS B1400-33: an unusual radio relic in a poor cluster
R. Subrahmanyan; A. J. Beasley; W. M. Goss; K. Golap; R. W. Hunstead;
6 Dec 2002
- - -
Outburst of Jupiter's synchrotron radiation after the impact of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9
I de Pater; C Heiles; M Wong; R J Maddalena; M K Bird; O Funke; J Neidhoefer; R M Price; M Kesteven; M Calabretta; M J Klein; S Gulkis; S J Bolton; R S Foster; S Sukumar; R G Strom; R S LePoole; T Spoelstra; M Robison; R W Hunstead; D Campbell-Wilson; T Ye; G Dulk; Y Leblanc; A Lecacheux;
30 Jun 1995   /  Science, 268 (5219), 1879-83
- - -
Redshifts and Velocity Dispersions of Galaxy Clusters in the Horologium-Reticulum Supercluster
M. C. Fleenor; J. A. Rose; W. A. Christiansen; M. Johnston-Hollitt; R. W. Hunstead; M. J. Drinkwater; W. Saunders;
7 Dec 2005
- - -
Large-Scale Velocity Structures in the Horologium-Reticulum Supercluster
M. C. Fleenor; J. A. Rose; W. A. Christiansen; R. W. Hunstead; M. Johnston-Hollitt; M. J. Drinkwater; W. Saunders;
17 May 2005
- - -
GRS 1915+105: The first three months with INTEGRAL
D.C. Hannikainen; O. Vilhu; J. Rodriguez; N.J. Westergaard; S. Shaw; G.G. Pooley; T. Belloni; A.A. Zdziarski; R.W. Hunstead; K. Wu; S. Brandt; A. Castro-Tirado; P.A. Charles; A.J. Dean; Ph. Durouchoux; R.P. Fender; P. Hakala; C.R. Kaiser; A.R. King; N. Lund; I.F. Mirabel; J. Poutanen;
18 May 2004
- - -
Ionisation of the atomic gas in redshifted radio sources
S. J. Curran; R. W. Hunstead; H. M. Johnston; M. T. Whiting; E. M. Sadler; J. R. Allison; R. Athreya;
3 Jan 2019
- - -
Are the distributions of Fast Radio Burst properties consistent with a cosmological population?
M.Caleb; C.Flynn; M.Bailes; E.D.Barr; R.W.Hunstead; E.F.Keane; V.Ravi; W. van Straten;
9 Dec 2015
- - -
ATLBS Extended Source Sample: The evolution in radio source morphology with flux density
L. Saripalli; R. Subrahmanyan; K. Thorat; R. D. Ekers; R. W. Hunstead; H. M. Johnston; E. M. Sadler;
21 Feb 2012
- - -
A new search for distant radio galaxies in the Southern hemisphere -- III. Optical spectroscopy and analysis of the MRCR--SUMSS sample
J. J. Bryant; H. M. Johnston; J. W. Broderick; R. W. Hunstead; C. De Breuck; B. M. Gaensler;
8 Feb 2009
- - -
A new search for distant radio galaxies in the Southern hemisphere -- II. 2.2 micron imaging
J. J. Bryant; J. W. Broderick; H. M. Johnston; R. W. Hunstead; B. M. Gaensler; C. De Breuck;
4 Feb 2009
- - -
An expanding radio nebula produced by a giant flare from the magnetar SGR 1806-20
B M Gaensler; C Kouveliotou; J D Gelf; G B Taylor; D Eichler; R A M J Wijers; J Granot; E Ramirez-Ruiz; Y E Lyubarsky; R W Hunstead; D Campbell-Wilson; A J van der Horst; M A McLaughlin; R P Fender; M A Garrett; K J Newton-McGee; D M Palmer; N Gehrels; P M Woods;
28 Apr 2005   /  Nature, 434 (7037), 1104-6
- - -

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