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11 April 2021
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The evolution of the color gradients of early-type cluster galaxies
R. P. Saglia; C. Maraston; L. Greggio; R. Bender; B. Ziegler;
4 Jul 2000
- - -
The evolution of the luminosity functions in the FORS Deep Field from low to high redshift: II. The red bands
A. Gabasch; U. Hopp; G. Feulner; R. Bender; S. Seitz; R. P. Saglia; J. Snigula; N. Drory; I. Appenzeller; J. Heidt; D. Mehlert; S. Noll; A. Boehm; K. Jaeger; B. Ziegler;
12 Oct 2005
- - -
The orbital structure and potential of NGC 1399
R.P. Saglia; Andi Kronawitter; Ortwin Gerhard; Ralf Bender;
27 Sep 1999
- - -
Regularized orbit models unveiling the stellar structure and dark matter halo of the Coma elliptical NGC 4807
J. Thomas; R. P. Saglia; R. Bender; D. Thomas; K. Gebhardt; J. Magorrian; E. M. Corsini; G. Wegner;
21 Apr 2005   /  Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc. 360 (2005) 1355-1372
- - -
The evolution of the luminosity functions in the FORS Deep Field from low to high redshift: I. The blue bands
A. Gabasch; R. Bender; S. Seitz; U. Hopp; R. P. Saglia; G. Feulner; J. Snigula; N. Drory; I. Appenzeller; J. Heidt; D. Mehlert; S. Noll; A. Boehm; K. Jaeger; B. Ziegler; K. J. Fricke;
23 Mar 2004   /  Astron.Astrophys. 421 (2004) 41-58
- - -
The evolution of the Tully-Fisher relation of spiral galaxies
B. L. Ziegler; A. Boehm; K. J. Fricke; K. Jaeger; H. Nicklas; R. Bender; N. Drory; A. Gabasch; R. P. Saglia; S. Seitz; J. Heidt; D. Mehlert; C. Moellenhoff; S. Noll; E. Sutorius;
7 Nov 2001
- - -
The FORS Deep Field: Field selection, photometric observations and photometric catalog
J. Heidt; I. Appenzeller; A. Gabasch; K. Jaeger; S. Seitz; R. Bender; A. Boehm; J. Snigula; K. J. Fricke; U. Hopp; M. Kuemmel; C. Moellenhoff; T. Szeifert; B. Ziegler; N. Drory; D. Mehlert; A. Moorwood; H. Nicklas; S. Noll; R.P. Saglia; W. Seifert; O. Stahl; E. Sutorius; S. J. Wagner;
4 Nov 2002   /  Astron.Astrophys. 398 (2003) 49-62
- - -
Probing early-type galaxy evolution with the Kormendy relation
B. L. Ziegler; R. P. Saglia; R. Bender; P. Belloni; L. Greggio; S. Seitz;
15 Mar 1999
- - -
Nuclear stellar discs in low-luminosity elliptical galaxies: NGC 4458 and NGC 4478
L. Morelli; C. Halliday; E. M. Corsini; A. Pizzella; D. Thomas; R. P. Saglia; R. L. Davies; R. Bender; M. Birkinshaw; F. Bertola;
4 Aug 2004
- - -
The z=2.72 galaxy cB58: a gravitational fold arc lensed by the cluster MS 1512+36
S. Seitz; R.P. Saglia; R. Bender; U. Hopp; P. Belloni; B. Ziegler;
3 Jun 1997
- - -
The dynamical mass of the young cluster W3 in NGC 7252: Heavy-Weight globular cluster or ultra compact dwarf galaxy ?
C. Maraston; N. Bastian; R.P. Saglia; M. Kissler-Patig; F. Schweizer; P. Goudfrooij;
10 Nov 2003   /  Astron.Astrophys. 416 (2004) 467-473
- - -
The star formation rate history in the FORS Deep and GOODS South Fields
A. Gabasch; M. Salvato; R.P. Saglia; R. Bender; U. Hopp; S. Seitz; G. Feulner; M. Pannella; N. Drory; M. Schirmer; T. Erben ( University Observatory Munich; Max-Planck Institut fuer extraterrestrische Physik;
22 Sep 2004   /  Astrophys.J. 616 (2004) L83-L86
- - -
Integrated Spectroscopy of Bulge Globular Clusters and Fields. II. Implications for stellar population models and elliptical galaxies
C. Maraston; L. Greggio; A. Renzini; S. Ortolani; R. P. Saglia; T.H.Puzia; M. Kissler-Patig;
11 Sep 2002   /  Astron.Astrophys. 400 (2003) 823-840
- - -
Line-of-sight velocity distributions of low-luminosity elliptical galaxies
C. Halliday; Roger L. Davies; Harald Kuntschner; M. Birkinshaw; Ralf Bender; R.P. Saglia; Glenn Baggley;
19 Mar 2001   /  Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc. 326 (2001) 473
- - -
The Peculiar Motions of Early-Type Galaxies in Two Distant Regions VI: The Maximum Likelihood Gaussian Algorithm
R.P. Saglia; Matthew Colless; David Burstein; Roger L. Davies; Robert K. McMahan; Jr.; Gary Wegner;
21 Dec 2000   /  Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc. 324 (2001) 389
- - -
The Peculiar Motions of Early-Type Galaxies in Two Distant Regions. IV. The Photometric Fitting Procedure
R.P. Saglia; E. Bertschinger; G. Baggley; D. Burstein; M. Colless; R.L. Davies; R.K. McMahan Jr.; G. Wegner;
12 Sep 1996
- - -
Gravitationally lensed high redshift galaxies in the field of 1E0657-56
D. Mehlert; S. Seitz; R.P. Saglia; I. Appenzeller; R. Bender; K.J. Fricke; T.L. Hoffmann; U. Hopp; R.-P. Kudritzki; A.W.A. Pauldrach;
18 Sep 2001
- - -
Spatially resolved spectroscopy of Coma cluster early -- type galaxies: III. The stellar population gradients
D. Mehlert; D. Thomas; R.P. Saglia; R. Bender; G. Wegner;
11 Jun 2003   /  Astron.Astrophys. 407 (2003) 423-436
- - -
The puzzlingly small CaII triplet absorption in elliptical galaxies
R.P. Saglia; Claudia Maraston; Daniel Thomas; Ralf Bender; Matthew Colless;
17 Sep 2002   /  Astrophys.J. 579 (2002) L13-L16
- - -
Falling outer rotation curves of star-forming galaxies at 0.6 < z < 2.6 probed with KMOS^3D and SINS/ZC-SINF
P. Lang; N.M. Förster Schreiber; R. Genzel; S. Wuyts; E. Wisnioski; A. Beifiori; S. Belli; R. Bender; G. Brammer; A. Burkert; J. Chan; R. Davies; M. Fossati; A. Galametz; S.K. Kulkarni; D. Lutz; J.T. Mendel; I.G. Momcheva; T. Naab; E.J. Nelson; R.P. Saglia; S. Seitz; S. Tacchella; L.J. Tacconi; K. Tadaki; H. Übler; P.G. van Dokkum; D.J. Wilman;
16 Mar 2017
- - -

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