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09 July 2020
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Scattered Radiation from Obscured Quasars in Distant Radio Galaxies
Hien D. Tran; Marshall H. Cohen; Patrick M. Ogle; Robert W. Goodrich; Sperello di Serego Alighieri;
8 Dec 1997
- - -
J-Band Spectroscopy of the z = 5.74 BAL QSO SDSSp J104433.04-012502.2
R. W. Goodrich; R. Campbell; F. Chaffee; G. M. Hill; D. Sprayberry; W. N. Brandt; D. P. Schneider; S. Kaspi; X. Fan; J. E. Gunn; M. A. Strauss;
26 Sep 2001
- - -
The Team Keck Treasury Redshift Survey of the GOODS-North Field
Gregory D. Wirth; Christopher N. A. Willmer; Paola Amico; Frederic H. Chaffee; Robert W. Goodrich; Shui Kwok; James E. Lyke; Jeff A. Mader; Hien D. Tran; Amy J. Barger; Lennox L. Cowie; Peter Capak; Alison L. Coil; Michael C. Cooper; Al Conrad; Marc Davis; S. M. Faber; Esther M. Hu; David C. Koo; David Le Mignant; Jeffrey A. Newman; Antoinette Songaila;
18 Dec 2003
- - -
FOS Observations of Four NLS1s
Robert W. Goodrich;
8 May 2000   /  New Astron.Rev. 44 (2000) 519-521
- - -
The Team Keck Redshift Survey 2: MOSFIRE Spectroscopy of the GOODS-North Field
Gregory D. Wirth; Jonathan R. Trump; Guillermo Barro; Yicheng Guo; David C. Koo; Fengshan Liu; Marc Kassis; Jim Lyke; Luca Rizzi; Randy Campbell; Robert W. Goodrich; S. M. Faber;
24 Sep 2015
- - -
Multiple Collimated Outflows in the Proto-planetary Nebula GL 618
Susan R. Trammell; Robert W. Goodrich;
12 Aug 2002   /  Astrophys.J. 579 (2002) 688-693
- - -
HST Imaging Polarimetry of the Gravitational Lens FSC10214+4724
Hien T. Nguyen; Peter R. Eisenhardt; Michael W. Werner; Robert Goodrich; David W. Hogg; Lee Armus; B. T. Soifer; G. Neugebauer;
22 Oct 1998
- - -
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