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23 May 2022
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Results 1 to 20 of 27 for query "Romey, G". (0.00 sec.)

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Sea anemone toxin:a tool to study molecular mechanisms of nerve conduction and excitation-secretion coupling.
Romey, G; Abita, J P; Schweitz, H; Wunderer, G; Lazdunski;
- - -
Different types of K+ channel current are generated by different levels of a single mRNA.
Honoré, E; Attali, B; Romey, G; Lesage, F; Barhanin, J; Lazdunski, M;
6 Jun 2005
- - -
The Ca2+-dependent slow K+ conductance in cultured rat muscle cells: characterization with apamin.
Hugues, M; Schmid, H; Romey, G; Duval, D; Frelin, C; Lazdunski, M;
6 Jun 2005
- - -
Calcicludine, a venom peptide of the Kunitz-type protease inhibitor family, is a potent blocker of high-threshold Ca2+ channels with a high affinity for L-type channels in cerebellar granule neurons.
Schweitz, H; Heurteaux, C; Bois, P; Moinier, D; Romey, G; Lazdunski, M;
- - -
Cloning, expression, pharmacology and regulation of a delayed rectifier K+ channel in mouse heart.
Honoré, E; Attali, B; Romey, G; Heurteaux, C; Ricard, P; Lesage, F; Lazdunski, M; Barhanin, J;
- - -
Cloning, functional expression and brain localization of a novel unconventional outward rectifier K+ channel.
Fink, M; Duprat, F; Lesage, F; Reyes, R; Romey, G; Heurteaux, C; Lazdunski, M;
- - -
TWIK-1, a ubiquitous human weakly inward rectifying K+ channel with a novel structure.
Lesage, F; Guillemare, E; Fink, M; Duprat, F; Lazdunski, M; Romey, G; Barhanin, J;
- - -
TREK-1, a K+ channel involved in neuroprotection and general anesthesia
Heurteaux, C; Guy, N; Laigle, C; Blondeau, N; Duprat, F; Mazzuca, M; Lang-Lazdunski, L; Widmann, C; Zanzouri, M; Romey, G; Lazdunski, M;
- - -
Susceptibility of cloned K+ channels to reactive oxygen species.
Duprat, F; Guillemare, E; Romey, G; Fink, M; Lesage, F; Lazdunski, M; Honore, E;
- - -
The all-or-none role of innervation in expression of apamin receptor and of apamin-sensitive Ca2+-activated K+ channel in mammalian skeletal muscle.
Schmid-Antomarchi, H; Renaud, J F; Romey, G; Hugues, M; Schmid, A; Lazdunski, M;
- - -
A monoclonal immunotoxin acting on the Na+ channel, with properties similar to those of a scorpion toxin.
Barhanin, J; Meiri, H; Romey, G; Pauron, D; Lazdunski, M;
- - -
The presence in pig brain of an endogenous equivalent of apamin, the bee venom peptide that specifically blocks Ca2+-dependent K+ channels.
Fosset, M; Schmid-Antomarchi, H; Hugues, M; Romey, G; Lazdunski, M;
- - -
Mevinolin, an inhibitor of cholesterol biosynthesis, drastically depresses Ca2+ channel activity and uncouples excitation from contraction in cardiac cells in culture.
Renaud, J F; Schmid, A; Romey, G; Nano, J L; Lazdunski, M;
- - -
Neuroleptics of the diphenylbutylpiperidine series are potent calcium channel inhibitors.
Galizzi, J P; Fosset, M; Romey, G; Laduron, P; Lazdunski, M;
- - -
Differentiation of the fast Na+ channel in embryonic heart cells: interaction of the channel with neurotoxins.
Renaud, J F; Romey, G; Lombet, A; Lazdunski, M;
- - -
Normal serum and lipoprotein-deficient serum give different expressions of excitability, corresponding to different stages of differentiation, in chicken cardiac cells in culture.
Renaud, J F; Scanu, A M; Kazazoglou, T; Lombet, A; Romey, G; Lazdunski, M;
- - -
Apamin as a selective blocker of the calcium-dependent potassium channel in neuroblastoma cells: voltage-clamp and biochemical characterization of the toxin receptor.
Hugues, M; Romey, G; Duval, D; Vincent, J P; Lazdunski, M;
- - -
Dihydropyridine-sensitive Ca2+ channels in mammalian skeletal muscle cells in culture: electrophysiological properties and interactions with Ca2+ channel activator (Bay K8644) and inhibitor (PN 200-110).
Cognard, C; Romey, G; Galizzi, J P; Fosset, M; Lazdunski, M;
- - -
Different types of Ca2+ channels in mammalian skeletal muscle cells in culture.
Cognard, C; Lazdunski, M; Romey, G;
- - -
Na+ channels as sites of action of the cardioactive agent DPI 201-106 with agonist and antagonist enantiomers.
Romey, G; Quast, U; Pauron, D; Frelin, C; Renaud, J F; Lazdunski, M;
- - -

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