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03 December 2021
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Triton's surface age and impactor population revisited in light of Kuiper Belt fluxes: Evidence for small Kuiper Belt objects and recent geological activity
S.A. Stern; W.B. McKinnon;
24 Oct 1999
- - -
Collision rates in the present-day Kuiper Belt and Centaur Regions: Applications to surface activation and modification on Comets, Kuiper Belt Objects, Centaurs, and Pluto-Charon
Daniel D. Durda; S. Alan Stern;
18 Dec 1999
- - -
Collisional evolution in the Vulcanoid region: Implications for present-day population constraints
S. Alan Stern; Daniel D. Durda;
15 Nov 1999
- - -
The Spectroscopic Detectability of Argon in the Lunar Atmosphere
Joel Wm. Parker; S. Alan Stern; G. Randall Gladstone; J. Michael Shull;
20 Oct 1998
- - -
Evidence for a Collisional Mechanism Affecting Kuiper Belt Object Colors
S.A. Stern;
8 Jun 2002
- - -
The Discovery of Argon in Comet C/1995 O1 (Hale-Bopp)
S.A. Stern; D.C. Slater; M.C. Festou; J.Wm. Parker; G.R. Gladstone. M.F. A'Hearn; E. Wilkinson;
17 Nov 2000
- - -
On the Size-Dependence of the Inclination Distribution of the Main Kuiper Belt
H.F. Levison; S.A. Stern;
16 Nov 2000
- - -
Regarding the Accretion of 2003 VB12 (Sedna) and Like Bodies in Distant Heliocentric Orbits
S.A. Stern;
27 Apr 2004
- - -
Implications Regarding the Energetics Of the Collisional Formation of Kuiper Belt Satellites
S.A. Stern;
7 Jun 2002
- - -
Structure and Composition of Pluto's atmosphere from the New Horizons Solar Ultraviolet Occultation
Leslie A. Young; Joshua A. Kammer; Andrew J. Steffl; G. Randall Gladstone; Michael E. Summers; Darrell F. Strobel; David P. Hinson; S. Alan Stern; Harold A. Weaver; Catherine B. Olkin; Kimberly Ennico; David J. McComas; Andrew F. Cheng; Peter Gao; Panayotis Lavvas; Ivan R. Linscott; Michael L. Wong; Yuk L. Yung; Nathanial Cunningham; Michael Davis; Joel Wm. Parker; Eric Schindhelm; Oswald H.W. Siegmund; John Stone; Kurt Retherford; Maarten Versteeg;
5 Apr 2017
- - -
On the Provenance of Pluto's Nitrogen (N2)
Kelsi N. Singer; S. Alan Stern;
2 Jun 2015
- - -
On the possible noble gas deficiency of Pluto's atmosphere
Olivier Mousis; Jonathan I. Lunine; Kathleen E. Mandt; Eric Schindhelm; Harold A. Weaver; S. Alan Stern; J. Hunter Waite; Randy Gladstone; Audrey Moudens;
19 Mar 2013
- - -
Jupiter's nightside airglow and aurora
G Randall Gladstone; S Alan Stern; David C Slater; Maarten Versteeg; Michael W Davis; Kurt D Retherford; Leslie A Young; Andrew J Steffl; Henry Throop; Joel Wm Parker; Harold A Weaver; Andrew F Cheng; Glenn S Orton; John T Clarke; Jonathan D Nichols;
12 Oct 2007   /  Science, 318 (5848), 229-31
- - -
Constraints on the Microphysics of Pluto's Photochemical Haze from New Horizons Observations
Peter Gao; Siteng Fan; Michael L. Wong; Mao-Chang Liang; Run-Lie Shia; Joshua A. Kammer; Yuk L. Yung; Michael E. Summers; G. Randall Gladstone; Leslie A. Young; Catherine B. Olkin; Kimberly Ennico; Harold A. Weaver; S. Alan Stern; New Horizons Science Team;
6 Oct 2016
- - -
Searching for Charon's Atmosphere: Predictions for the New Horizons Approach
Joshua A. Kammer; S. Alan Stern;
12 Jun 2015
- - -
The Geology of Pluto and Charon Through the Eyes of New Horizons
Jeffrey M. Moore; William B. McKinnon; John R. Spencer; Alan D. Howard; Paul M. Schenk; Ross A. Beyer; Francis Nimmo; Kelsi N. Singer; Orkan M. Umurhan; Oliver L. White; S. Alan Stern; Kimberly Ennico; Cathy B. Olkin; Harold A. Weaver; Leslie A. Young; Richard P. Binzel; Marc W. Buie; Bonnie J. Buratti; Andrew F. Cheng; Dale P. Cruikshank; Will M. Grundy; Ivan R. Linscott; Harold J. Reitsema; Dennis C. Reuter; Mark R. Showalter; Veronica J. Bray; Carrie L. Chavez; Carly J. A. Howett; Tod R. Lauer; Carey M. Lisse; Alex Harrison Parker; S. B. Porter; Simon J. Robbins; Kirby Runyon; Ted Stryk; Henry B. Throop; Constantine C. C. Tsang; Anne J. Verbiscer; Amanda M. Zangari; Andrew L. Chaikin; Don E. Wilhelms;
19 Apr 2016
- - -
On the Roles of Escape Erosion and the Relaxation of Craters on Pluto
S. Alan Stern; Simon Porter; Amanda Zangari;
3 Dec 2014
- - -
The Atmosphere of Pluto as Observed by New Horizons
G. Randall Gladstone; S. Alan Stern; Kimberly Ennico; Catherine B. Olkin; Harold A. Weaver; Leslie A. Young; Michael E. Summers; Darrell F. Strobel; David P. Hinson; Joshua A. Kammer; Alex H. Parker; Andrew J. Steffl; Ivan R. Linscott; Joel Wm. Parker; Andrew F. Cheng; David C. Slater; Maarten H. Versteeg; Thomas K. Greathouse; Kurt D. Retherford; Henry Throop; Nathaniel J. Cunningham; William W. Woods; Kelsi N. Singer; Constantine C. C. Tsang; Eric Schindhelm; Carey M. Lisse; Michael L. Wong; Yuk L. Yung; Xun Zhu; Werner Curdt; Panayotis Lavvas; Eliot F. Young; G. Leonard Tyler; New Horizons Science Team;
18 Apr 2016
- - -
2011 HM102: Discovery of a High-Inclination L5 Neptune Trojan in the Search for a post-Pluto New Horizons Target
Alex H. Parker; Marc W. Buie; David J. Osip; Stephen D. J. Gwyn; Matthew J. Holman; David M. Borncamp; John R. Spencer; Susan D. Benecchi; Richard P. Binzel; Francesca E. DeMeo; Sebastian Fabbro; Cesar I. Fuentes; Pamela L. Gay; J. J. Kavelaars; Brian A. McLeod; Jean-Marc Petit; Scott S. Sheppard; S. Alan Stern; David J. Tholen; David E. Trilling; Darin A. Ragozzine; Lawrence H. Wasserman; Ice Hunters;
16 Oct 2012
- - -
Temporal Variability of Lunar Exospheric Helium During January 2012 from LRO/LAMP
Paul D. Feldman; Dana M. Hurley; Kurt D. Retherford; G. Randall Gladstone; S. Alan Stern; Wayne Pryor; Joel Wm. Parker; David E. Kaufmann; Michael W. Davis; Maarten Versteeg; LAMP team;
14 Sep 2012
- - -

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