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10 August 2020
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New Physics at the LHC. A Les Houches Report: Physics at TeV Colliders 2009 - New Physics Working Group
G. Brooijmans; C. Grojean; G.D. Kribs; C. Shepherd-Themistocleous; K. Agashe; L. Basso; G. Belanger; A. Belyaev; K. Black; T. Bose; R. Brunelière; G. Cacciapaglia; E. Carrera; S.P. Das; A. Deandrea; S. De Curtis; A.-I. Etienvre; J.R. Espinosa; S. Fichet; L. Gauthier; S. Gopalakrishna; H. Gray; B. Gripaios; M. Guchait; S.J. Harper; C. Henderson; J. Jackson; M. Karagöz; S. Kraml; K. Lane; T. Lari; S.J. Lee; J.R. Lessard; Y. Maravin; A. Martin; B. McElrath; G. Moreau; S. Moretti; D.E. Morrissey; M. Mühlleitner; D. Poland; G.M. Pruna; A. Pukhov; A.R. Raklev; T. Robens; R. Rosenfeld; H. Rzehak; G.P. Salam; S. Sekmen; G. Servant; R.K. Singh; B.C. Smith; M Spira; M.J. Strassler; I. Tomalin; M. Tytgat; M. Vos; J.G. Wacker; P. v. Weitershausen; K.M. Zurek;
7 May 2010
- - -
Tasting the SU(5) nature of supersymmetry at the LHC
Sylvain Fichet; Björn Herrmann; Yannick Stoll;
21 Jan 2015
- - -
Approximate Symmetries and Gravity
Sylvain Fichet; Prashant Saraswat;
4 Sep 2019
- - -
Relating LHC event rates to supersymmetric Grand Unified Theories containing $SU(5)$
Björn Herrmann; Sylvain Fichet; Yannick Stoll;
14 Sep 2015
- - -
The SUSY flavor problem in 5D GUTs
S. Fichet;
6 Jun 2011
- - -
Subdominant matroid ultrametrics
Federico Ardila;
21 Apr 2004
- - -
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