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12 April 2021
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What causes the Ly-alpha forest, clouds or large-scale velocity fields ?
W. H. Kegel; S. A. Levshakov;
7 Aug 1997
- - -
Comparison of recoil polarization in the $^{12}{ m C}(vec{e},{e}'vec{p})$ process for protons extracted from $s$ and $p$ shell
T. Kolar; S. Paul; T. Brecelj; P. Achenbach; R. Böhm; D. Bosnar; E.O. Cohen; M.O. Distler; A. Esser; C. Giusti; M. Hoek; D. Izraeli; S. Kegel; Y. Kohl; I. Korover; J. Lichtenstadt; I. Mardor; H. Merkel; M. Mihovilovič; J. Müller; U. Müller; M. Olivenboim; E. Piasetzky; J. Pochodzalla; B.S. Schlimme; C. Sfienti; S. Širca; R. Spreckels; S. Štajner; M. Thiel; A. Weber; I. Yaron; A1 Collaboration;
29 Jul 2020
- - -
How accurately can the deuterium abundance be determined ?
S. A. Levshakov; W. H. Kegel; F. Takahara;
7 Aug 1997
- - -
Monte Carlo inversion of hydrogen and metal lines from QSO absorption spectra
Sergei A. Levshakov; Irina I. Agafonova; Wilhelm H. Kegel;
6 Mar 2000
- - -
On the measurement of kinetic temperature in high redshift galactic halos
Sergei A. Levshakov; Wilhelm W. Kegel;
11 May 1999
- - -
First measurement of proton's charge form factor at very low $Q^2$ with initial state radiation
M. Mihovilovič; A. B. Weber; P. Achenbach; T. Beranek; J. Beričič; J. C. Bernauer; R. Böhm; D. Bosnar; M. Cardinali; L. Correa; L. Debenjak; A. Denig; M. O. Distler; A. Esser; M. I. Ferretti Bondy; H. Fonvieille; J. M. Friedrich; I. Friščić; K. Griffioen; M. Hoek; S. Kegel; Y. Kohl; H. Merkel; D. G. Middleton; U. Müller; L. Nungesser; J. Pochodzalla; M. Rohrbeck; S. Sánchez Majos; B. S. Schlimme; M. Schoth; F. Schulz; C. Sfienti; S. Širca; S. Štajner; M. Thiel; A. Tyukin; M. Vanderhaeghen; M. Weinriefer;
20 Dec 2016
- - -
On finding fields and self-force in a gauge appropriate to separable wave equations
Tobias S. Keidl; John L. Friedman; Alan G. Wiseman;
14 Nov 2006
- - -
On the deuterium abundance at z_a = 3.514 towards APM 08279+5255
S. A. Levshakov; I.I. Agafonova; W. H. Kegel;
15 Nov 1999
- - -
A Reverse Monte Carlo study of H+D Lyman alpha absorption from QSO spectra
S. A. Levshakov; W. H. Kegel; F. Takahara;
8 Dec 1997
- - -
A generalisation of Schenkman's theorem
Stefanos Aivazidis; Ina N. Safonova; Alexander N. Skiba;
17 Sep 2020
- - -
New Insight in the $Q^2$-Dependence of Proton Generalized Polarizabilities
J. Beričič; L. Correa; M. Benali; P. Achenbach; C. Ayerbe~Gayoso; J.C. Bernauer; A. Blomberg; R. Böhm; D. Bosnar; L. Debenjak; A. Denig; M.O. Distler; E.J. Downie; A. Esser; H. Fonvieille; I. Friščić; S. Kegel; Y. Kohl; M. Makek; H. Merkel; D.G. Middleton; M. Mihovilovič; U. Müller; L. Nungesser; M. Paolone; J. Pochodzalla; S. Sánchez Majos; B.S. Schlimme; M. Schoth; F. Schulz; C. Sfienti; S. Širca; N. Sparveris; S. Štajner; M. Thiel; A. Tyukin; A. Weber; M. Weinriefer;
23 Jul 2019
- - -
Subgroup s-commutativity degree of finite groups
Daniele Ettore Otera; Francesco G. Russo;
11 Sep 2010
- - -
Colloidal hard-sphere crystal growth frustrated by large spherical impurities
Volkert W A de Villeneuve; Roel P A Dullens; Dirk G A L Aarts; Esther Groeneveld; Johannes H Scherff; Willem K Kegel; Henk N W Lekkerkerker;
19 Aug 2005   /  Science, 309 (5738), 1231-3
- - -
Asymmetric L-space knots by experiment
Chris Anderson; Kenneth L. Baker; Xinghua Gao; Marc Kegel; Khanh Le; Kyle Miller; Sinem Onaran; Geoffrey Sangston; Samuel Tripp; Adam Wood; Ana Wright;
2 Sep 2019
- - -
OD-Characterization of Some Linear Groups Over Binary Field and Their Automorphism
A. R. Moghaddamfar; S. Rahbariyan;
27 Apr 2013
- - -
Rotational averaging-out gravitational sedimentation of colloidal dispersions and phenomena
Djamel El Masri; Teun Vissers; Stephane Badaire; Johan C.P. Stiefelhagen; Hanumantha Rao Vutukuri; Peter Helfferich; Tian Hui Zhang; Willem K. Kegel; Arnout Imhof; Alfons van Blaaderen;
18 Nov 2011
- - -
Caspase 3-cleaved N-terminal fragments of wild-type and mutant huntingtin are present in normal and Huntington's disease brains, associate with membranes, and undergo calpain-dependent proteolysis
Kim, Yun J.; Yi, Yong; Sapp, Ellen; Wang, Yumei; Cuiffo, Ben; Kegel, Kimberly B.; Qin, Zheng-Hong; Aronin, Neil; DiFiglia, Marian;
6 Jun 2005
- - -
A New Characterization of Sporadic Groups
Zhongbi Wang; Heng Lv; Yanxiong Yan; Guiyun Chen;
16 Sep 2020
- - -
Variable damping and coherence in a high-density magnon gas
S. Schäfer; V. Kegel; A.A. Serga; B. Hillebrands;
12 Jul 2010
- - -
Thermodynamically stable pickering emulsions
S Sacanna; W K Kegel; A P Philipse;
13 Apr 2007   /  Phys Rev Lett, 98 (15), 158301
- - -

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