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08 March 2021
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Results 1 to 4 of 4 for query "S. Löchner". (0.05 sec.)

A Vertex Trigger based on Cylindrical Multiwire Proportional Chambers
J. Becker; K. Bösiger; L. Lindfeld; K. Müller; P. Robmann; S. Schmitt; C. Schmitz; S. Steiner; U. Straumann; K. Szeker; P. Truöl; M. Urban; A. Vollhardt; N. Werner; D. Baumeister; S. Löchner; M. Hildebrandt;
29 Dec 2006
- - -
The quantum spin magnet CaCu$_2$O$_3$ probed by high-field ESR
M. Goiran; M. Costes; J.M. Broto; F.C. Chou; E. Arushanov; S.-L. Drechsler; B. Büchner; V. Kataev;
26 Dec 2004
- - -
Switchable topological domains in point contacts based on transition metal tellurides
Yu. G. Naidyuk; D. L. Bashlakov; O.E. Kvitnitskaya; B. R. Piening; G. Shipunov; D. V. Efremov; S. Aswartham; B. Büchner;
3 Nov 2020
- - -
Optical study of orbital excitations in transition-metal oxides
R. Rückamp; E. Benckiser; M.W. Haverkort; H. Roth; T. Lorenz; A. Freimuth; L. Jongen; A. Möller; G. Meyer; P. Reutler; B. Büchner; A. Revcolevschi; S.-W. Cheong; C. Sekar; G. Krabbes; M. Grüninger;
16 Mar 2005   /  New Journal of Physics 7, 144 (2005)
- - -
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