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11 August 2020
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Understanding the $ m C_3H_2$ cyclic-to-linear ratio in L1544
O. Sipilä; S. Spezzano; P. Caselli;
24 May 2016
- - -
SOLIS II. Carbon-chain growth in the Solar-type protocluster OMC2-FIR4
F. Fontani; C. Ceccarelli; C. Favre; P. Caselli; R. Neri; I.R. Sims; C. Kahane; F. Alves; N. Balucani; E. Bianchi; E. Caux; A. Jaber Al-Edhari; A. Lopez-Sepulcre; J.E. Pineda; R. Bachiller; L. Bizzocchi; S. Bottinelli; A. Chacon-Tanarro; R. Choudhury; C. Codella; A. Coutens; F. Dulieu; S. Feng; A. Rimola; P. Hily-Blant; J. Holdship; I. Jimenez-Serra; J. Laas; B. Lefloch; Y. Oya; L. Podio; A. Pon; A. Punanova; D. Quenard; N. Sakai; S. Spezzano; V. Taquet; L. Testi; P. Theulé; P. Ugliengo; C. Vastel; A.I. Vasyunin; S. Viti; S. Yamamoto; L. Wiesenfeld;
5 Jul 2017
- - -
A study of the C$_3$H$_2$ isomers and isotopologues: first interstellar detection of HDCCC
S. Spezzano; H. Gupta; S. Brünken; C. A. Gottlieb; P. Caselli; K. M. Menten; H. S. P. Müller; L. Bizzocchi; P. Schilke; M. C. McCarthy; S. Schlemmer;
16 Nov 2015
- - -
Seeds of Life in Space (SOLIS).VII. Discovery of a cold dense methanol blob toward the L1521F VeLLO system
C. Favre; C. Vastel; I. Jimenez-Serra; D. Quénard; P. Caselli; C. Ceccarelli; A. Chacón-Tanarro; F. Fontani; J. Holdship; Y. Oya; A. Punanova; N. Sakai; S. Spezzano; S. Yamamoto; R. Neri; A. López-Sepulcre; F. Alves; R. Bachiller; N. Balucani; E. Bianchi; L. Bizzocchi; C. Codella; E. Caux; M. De Simone; J. Enrique Romero; F. Dulieu; S. Feng; A. Jaber Al-Edhari; B. Lefloch; J. Ospina-Zamudio; J. Pineda; L. Podio; A. Rimola; D. Segura-Cox; I. R. Sims; V. Taquet; L. Testi; P. Theulé; P. Ugliengo; A.I. Vasyunin; F. Vazart; S. Viti; A. Witzel;
17 Feb 2020
- - -
Interstellar detection of c-C3D2
S. Spezzano; S. Brünken; P. Schilke; P. Caselli; K. M. Menten; M. C. McCarthy; L. Bizzocchi; S. P. Trevino-Morales; Y. Aikawa; S. Schlemmer;
8 May 2013
- - -
Seeds of Life in Space (SOLIS) V. Methanol and acetaldehyde in the protostellar jet-driven shocks L1157-B0 and B1
C. Codella; C. Ceccarelli; E. Bianchi; N. Balucani; L. Podio; P. Caselli; S. Feng; B. Lefloch; A. López-Sepulcre; R. Neri; S. Spezzano; M. De Simone;
1 Jan 2020
- - -
A 1.3 cm Line Survey toward Orion KL
Y. Gong; C. Henkel; S. Thorwirth; S. Spezzano; K. M. Menten; C. M. Walmsley; F. Wyrowski; R. Q. Mao; B. Klein;
10 Jun 2015
- - -
A 1.3 cm line survey toward IRC +10216
Y. Gong; C. Henkel; S. Spezzano; S. Thorwirth; K. M. Menten; F. Wyrowski; R. Q. Mao; B. Klein;
7 Dec 2014
- - -
Seeds of Life in Space (SOLIS) VIII. SiO isotopic fractionation and a new insight in the shocks of L1157-B1
S. Spezzano; C. Codella; L. Podio; C. Ceccarelli; P. Caselli; R. Neri; A. López-Sepulcre;
10 Jun 2020
- - -
High sensitivity maps of molecular ions in L1544: I. Deuteration of N2H+ and HCO+ and first evidence of N2D+ depletion
Elena Redaelli; Luca Bizzocchi; Paola Caselli; Olli Sipilä; Valerio Lattanzi; Barbara Michela Giuliano; Silvia Spezzano;
18 Jul 2019
- - -
The chemical structure of the very young starless core L1521E
Z. Nagy; S. Spezzano; P. Caselli; A. Vasyunin; M. Tafalla; L. Bizzocchi; D. Prudenzano; E. Redaelli;
2 Apr 2019
- - -
The observed chemical structure of L1544
S. Spezzano; P. Caselli; L. Bizzocchi; B. M. Giuliano; V. Lattanzi;
19 Jul 2017
- - -
VEWS: A Wikipedia Vandal Early Warning System
Srijan Kumar; Francesca Spezzano; V.S. Subrahmanian;
5 Jul 2015
- - -
ChoiceGAPs: Competitive Diffusion as a Massive Multi-Player Game in Social Networks
Edoardo Serra; Francesca Spezzano; V.S. Subrahmanian;
22 Oct 2014
- - -
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