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16 August 2022
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Results 1 to 6 of 6 for query "Sadashige Matsuo". (0.00 sec.)

Charge transport of a spin-orbit-coupled Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid
Chen-Hsuan Hsu; Peter Stano; Yosuke Sato; Sadashige Matsuo; Seigo Tarucha; Daniel Loss;
15 Apr 2019
- - -
Equal-Spin Andreev Reflection in Junctions of Spin-Resolved Quantum Hall Bulk State and Spin-Singlet Superconductor
Sadashige Matsuo; Kento Ueda; Shoji Baba; Hiroshi Kamata; Mizuki Tateno; Javad Shabani; Christopher J. Palmstrøm; Seigo Tarucha;
9 Mar 2017
- - -
Experimental Proof of Universal Conductance Fluctuation in Quasi-1D Epitaxial Bi$_{2}$Se$_{3}$ Wires
Sadashige Matsuo; Kensaku Chida; Daichi Chiba; Teruo Ono; Keith Slevin; Kensuke Kobayashi; Tomi Ohtsuki; Cui-Zu Chang; Ke He; Xu-Cun Ma; Qi-Kun Xue;
25 Oct 2013
- - -
Low-frequency and shot noises in CoFeB/MgO/CoFeB magnetic tunneling junctions
Tomonori Arakawa; Takahiro Tanaka; Kensaku Chida; Sadashige Matsuo; Yoshitaka Nishihara; Daichi Chiba; Kensuke Kobayashi; Teruo Ono; Akio Fukushima; Shinji Yuasa;
9 Jan 2013
- - -
Observation of finite excess noise in the voltage-biased quantum Hall regime as a precursor for breakdown
Kensaku Chida; Tomonori Arakawa; Sadashige Matsuo; Yoshitaka Nishihara; Takahiro Tanaka; Daichi Chiba; Teruo Ono; Tokuro Hata; Kensuke Kobayashi; Tomoki Machida;
27 Nov 2012
- - -
Weak Antilocalization and Conductance Fluctuation in a Sub-micrometer-sized Wire of Epitaxial Bi2Se3
Sadashige Matsuo; Tomohiro Koyama; Kazutoshi Shimamura; Tomonori Arakawa; Yoshitaka Nishihara; Daichi Chiba; Kensuke Kobayashi; Teruo Ono; Cui-Zu Chang; Ke He; Xu-Cun Ma; Qi-Kun Xue;
16 Jan 2012
- - -
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