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30 September 2023
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Results 1 to 8 of 8 for query "Sorensen, Poul". (0.01 sec.)

Mutations in the SAM Domain of the ETV6-NTRK3 Chimeric Tyrosine Kinase Block Polymerization and Transformation Activity
Tognon, Cristina E.; Mackereth, Cameron D.; Somasiri, Aruna M.; McIntosh, Lawrence P.; Sorensen, Poul H. B.;
- - -
Targeted disruption of SHIP leads to hemopoietic perturbations, lung pathology, and a shortened life span
Helgason, Cheryl D.; Damen, Jacqueline E.; Rosten, Patty; Grewal, Rewa; Sorensen, Poul; Chappel, Suzanne M.; Borowski, Anita; Jirik, Frank; Krystal, Gerald; Humphries, R. Keith;
- - -
MSED: a multi-modal sleep event detection model for clinical sleep analysis
Alexander Neergaard Olesen; Poul Jennum; Emmanuel Mignot; Helge B. D. Sorensen;
7 Jan 2021
- - -
Automatic sleep stage classification with deep residual networks in a mixed-cohort setting
Alexander Neergaard Olesen; Poul Jennum; Emmanuel Mignot; Helge B D Sorensen;
21 Aug 2020
- - -
Automatic Detection of Cortical Arousals in Sleep and their Contribution to Daytime Sleepiness
Andreas Brink-Kjaer; Alexander Neergaard Olesen; Paul E. Peppard; Katie L. Stone; Poul Jennum; Emmanuel Mignot; Helge B.D. Sorensen;
15 Mar 2019
- - -
Towards a Flexible Deep Learning Method for Automatic Detection of Clinically Relevant Multi-Modal Events in the Polysomnogram
Alexander Neergaard Olesen; Stanislas Chambon; Valentin Thorey; Poul Jennum; Emmanuel Mignot; Helge B. D. Sorensen;
16 May 2019
- - -
The use of neural networks in the analysis of sleep stages and the diagnosis of narcolepsy
Jens B. Stephansen; Aditya Ambati; Eileen B. Leary; Hyatt E. Moore; Oscar Carrillo; Ling Lin; Birgit Hogl; Ambra Stefani; Seung Chul Hong; Tae Won Kim; Fabio Pizza; Giuseppe Plazzi; Stefano Vandi; Elena Antelmi; Dimitri Perrin; Samuel T. Kuna; Paula K. Schweitzer; Clete Kushida; Paul E. Peppard; Poul Jennum; Helge B.D. Sorensen; Emmanuel Mignot;
5 Oct 2017
- - -
Observation of supercurrent enhancement in SNS junctions by non-equilibrium injection into supercurrent carrying bound Andreev states
Jonatan Kutchinsky; Rafael Taboryski; Claus B. Sorensen; Jorn Bindslev Hansen; Poul Erik Lindelof;
30 Jul 1999
- - -
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