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16 July 2020
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Results 1 to 6 of 6 for query "T. B. Röcker". (0.00 sec.)

Large $p_t$ enhancement from freeze out
V.K. Magas; Cs. Anderlik; L.P. Csernai; F. Grassi; W. Greiner; Y. Hama; T. Kodama; Zs. Lázár; H. Stöcker;
26 May 1999   /  Phys.Lett. B459 (1999) 33-36
- - -
Negative transcriptional regulation in anergic T cells.
Becker, J C; Brabletz, T; Kirchner, T; Conrad, C T; Bröcker, E B; Reisfeld, R A;
- - -
Hepatitis B virus X protein is not central to the viral life cycle in vitro.
Blum, H E; Zhang, Z S; Galun, E; von Weizsäcker, F; Garner, B; Liang, T J; Wands, J R;
- - -
Naturally occurring missense mutation in the polymerase gene terminating hepatitis B virus replication.
Blum, H E; Galun, E; Liang, T J; von Weizsäcker, F; Wands, J R;
- - -
Moyal Planes are Spectral Triples
V. Gayral; J. M. Gracia-Bond'{i}a; B. Iochum; T. Schücker; J. C. Varilly;
24 Jul 2003   /  Commun.Math.Phys. 246 (2004) 569-623
- - -
Hole distribution for (Sr,Ca,Y,La)_14 Cu_24 O_41 ladder compounds studied by x-ray absorption spectroscopy
N. Nücker; M. Merz; C. A. Kuntscher; S. Gerhold; S. Schuppler; R. Neudert; M. S. Golden; J. Fink; D. Schild; S. Stadler; V. Chakarian; J. Freeland; Y. U. Idzerda; K. Conder; M. Uehara; T. Nagata; J. Goto; J. Akimitsu; N. Motoyama; H. Eisaki; S. Uchida; U. Ammerahl; A. Revcolevschi;
22 Aug 2000
- - -
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