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09 August 2020
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Results 1 to 20 of 35 for query "T. Birnstiel". (0.01 sec.)

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Spacer DNA sequences upstream of the T-A-T-A-A-A-T-A sequence are essential for promotion of H2A histone gene transcription in vivo.
Grosschedl, R; Birnstiel, M L;
- - -
Disk Evolution Study Through Imaging of Nearby Young Stars (DESTINYS): A close low mass companion to ET Cha
C. Ginski; F. Ménard; Ch. Rab; E. E. Mamajek; R. G. van Holstein; M. Benisty; C. F. Manara; R. Asensio Torres; A. Bohn; T. Birnstiel; P. Delorme; S. Facchini; A. Garufi; R. Gratton; M. Hogerheijde; J. Huang; M. Kenworthy; M. Langlois; P. Pinilla; C. Pinte; Á. Ribas; G. Rosotti; T. O. B. Schmidt; M. van den Ancker; Z. Wahhaj; L. B. F. M. Waters; J. Williams; A. Zurlo;
10 Jul 2020
- - -
The Disk Substructures at High Angular Resolution Project (DSHARP): X. Multiple rings, a misaligned inner disk, and a bright arc in the disk around the T Tauri star HD 143006
Laura M. Pérez; Myriam Benisty; Sean M. Andrews; Andrea Isella; Cornelis P. Dullemond; Jane Huang; Nicolás T. Kurtovic; Viviana V. Guzmán; Zhaohuan Zhu; Tilman Birnstiel; Shangjia Zhang; John M. Carpenter; David J. Wilner; Luca Ricci; Xue-Ning Bai; Erik Weaver; Karin I. Öberg;
10 Dec 2018
- - -
Explaining millimeter-sized particles in brown dwarf disks
P. Pinilla; T. Birnstiel; M. Benisty; L. Ricci; A. Natta; C. P. Dullemond; C. Dominik; L. Testi;
24 Apr 2013
- - -
Impact of grain evolution on the chemical structure of protoplanetary disks
A.I. Vasyunin; D.S. Wiebe; T. Birnstiel; S. Zhukovska; Th. Henning; C.P. Dullemond;
19 Nov 2010
- - -
The shadow of the Flying Saucer: A very low temperature for large dust grains
S. Guilloteau; V. Piétu; E. Chapillon; E. Di Folco; A. Dutrey; T.Henning; D.Semenov; T.Birnstiel; N.Grosso;
7 Jan 2016
- - -
Testing particle trapping in transition disks with ALMA
P. Pinilla; N. van der Marel; L. M. Pérez; E. .F. van Dishoeck; S. Andrews; T. Birnstiel; G. Herczeg; K. M. Pontoppidan; T. van Kempen;
10 Sep 2015
- - -
Asymmetric features in the protoplanetary disk MWC758
M. Benisty; A. Juhasz; A. Boccaletti; H. Avenhaus; J. Milli; C. Thalmann; C. Dominik; P. Pinilla; E. Buenzli; A. Pohl; J.-L. Beuzit; T. Birnstiel; J. de Boer; M. Bonnefoy; G. Chauvin; V. Christiaens; A. Garufi; C. Grady; T. Henning; N. Huelamo; A. Isella; M. Langlois; F. Menard; D. Mouillet; J. Olofsson; E. Pantin; C. Pinte; L. Pueyo;
20 May 2015
- - -
The TW Hya Disk at 870 microns: Comparison of CO and Dust Radial Structures
Sean M. Andrews; David J. Wilner; A. M. Hughes; Chunhua Qi; Katherine A. Rosenfeld; Karin I. Oberg; T. Birnstiel; Catherine Espaillat; Lucas A. Cieza; Jonathan P. Williams; Shin-Yi Lin; Paul T. P. Ho;
21 Nov 2011
- - -
Testing the theory of grain growth and fragmentation by millimeter observations of protoplanetary disks
T. Birnstiel; L. Ricci; F. Trotta; C.P. Dullemond; A. Natta; L. Testi; C. Dominik; T. Henning; C.W. Ormel; A. Zsom;
4 Jun 2010
- - -
Priming of tumor-specific T cells in the draining lymph nodes after immunization with interleukin 2-secreting tumor cells: three consecutive stages may be required for successful tumor vaccination.
Maass, G; Schmidt, W; Berger, M; Schilcher, F; Koszik, F; Schneeberger, A; Stingl, G; Birnstiel, M L; Schweighoffer, T;
- - -
Gas accretion damped by dust back-reaction at the snowline
Matías Gárate; Til Birnstiel; Joanna Drazkowska; Sebastian Markus Stammler;
18 Jun 2019
- - -
Variability and dust filtration in the transition disk J160421.7-213028 observed in optical scattered light
P. Pinilla; J. de Boer; M. Benisty; A. Juhász; M. de Juan Ovelar; C. Dominik; H. Avenhaus; T. Birnstiel; J. H. Girard; N. Huelamo; A. Isella; J. Milli;
1 Oct 2015
- - -
Sequential planet formation in the HD 100546 protoplanetary disk?
P. Pinilla; T. Birnstiel; C. Walsh;
8 Jun 2015
- - -
Gas and dust structures in protoplanetary disks hosting multiple planets
P. Pinilla; M. de Juan Ovelar; S. Ataiee; M. Benisty; T. Birnstiel; E. F. van Dishoeck; M. Min;
22 Oct 2014
- - -
Imaging diagnostics for transitional discs
M. de Juan Ovelar; M. Min; C. Dominik; C. Thalmann; P. Pinilla; M.Benisty; T. Birnstiel;
3 Sep 2013
- - -
Protoplanetary Disk Structure With Grain Evolution: the ANDES Model
V. Akimkin; S. Zhukovska; D. Wiebe; D. Semenov; Ya. Pavlyuchenkov; A. Vasyunin; T. Birnstiel; Th. Henning;
6 Feb 2013
- - -
Lopsided dust rings in transition disks
T. Birnstiel; C. P. Dullemond; P. Pinilla;
9 Jan 2013
- - -
Can grain growth explain transition disks?
T. Birnstiel; S. M. Andrews; B. Ercolano;
25 Jun 2012
- - -
A simple model for the evolution of the dust population in protoplanetary disks
T. Birnstiel; H. Klahr; B. Ercolano;
27 Jan 2012
- - -

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