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02 June 2020
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Selecting molecules in the vibrational and rotational ground state by deflection
P. Domokos; T. Kiss; J. Janszky;
22 Nov 2000
- - -
Reply to the ``Comment on `quantum backaction of optical observations on Bose-Einstein condensates' ''
U. Leonhardt; T. Kiss; P. Piwnicki;
28 Jun 2000
- - -
Comment on the paper: Quantum backaction of optical observations on Bose-Einstein condensates by U. Leonhardt, T. Kiss, and P. Piwnicki, Eur. Phys. J. D7, 413 (1999)
Wolfgang Ketterle;
27 Jun 2000
- - -
Simultaneous investigation of the $mathbf{T=1~ (J^{pi}=0^+)}$ and $mathbf{T=0 ~ (J^{pi}=9^+)}$ $eta$ decays in $^{70}$Br
A.I. Morales; A. Algora; B. Rubio; K. Kaneko; S. Nishimura; P. Aguilera; S.E.A. Orrigo; F. Molina; G. de Angelis; F. Recchia; G. Kiss; V. H. Phong; J. Wu; D. Nishimura; H. Oikawa; T. Goigoux; J. Giovinazzo; P. Ascher; J. Agramunt; D.S. Ahn; H. Baba; B. Blank; C. Borcea; A. Boso; P. Davies; F. Diel; Zs. Dombrádi; P. Doornenbal; J. Eberth; G. de France; Y. Fujita; N. Fukuda; E. Ganioglu; W. Gelletly; M. Gerbaux; S. Grévy; V. Guadilla; N. Inabe; T. Isobe; W. Korten; T. Kubo; S. Kubono; T. Kurtukián Nieto; S. Lenzi; D. Lubos; C. Magron; A. Montaner-Pizá; D.R. Napoli; H. Sakurai; Y. Shimizu; C. Sidong; P.-A. Söderström; T. Sumikama; H. Suzuki; H. Takeda; Y. Takei; M. Tanaka; S. Yagi;
25 Apr 2017
- - -
Radio Continuum Emission at 1.4 GHz from KISS Emission-Line Galaxies
J. Van Duyne; E. Beckerman; J. Salzer; C. Gronwall; T. Thuan; J. Condon; L. Frattare;
8 Dec 2003
- - -
Metastasis suppressor gene KiSS-1 encodes peptide ligand of a G-protein-coupled receptor
T Ohtaki; Y Shintani; S Honda; H Matsumoto; A Hori; K Kanehashi; Y Terao; S Kumano; Y Takatsu; Y Masuda; Y Ishibashi; T Watanabe; M Asada; T Yamada; M Suenaga; C Kitada; S Usuki; T Kurokawa; H Onda; O Nishimura; M Fujino;
31 May 2001   /  Nature, 411 (6837), 613-7
- - -
The KPNO International Spectroscopic Survey. II. H-alpha Selected Survey List 1
J.J. Salzer; C. Gronwall; V.A. Lipovetsky; A. Kniazev; J.W. Moody; T.A. Boroson; T.X. Thuan; Y.I. Izotov; J.L. Herrero; L.M. Frattare;
20 Oct 2000
- - -
Hidden Charge-Density-Wave Order in a Low-Tc Superconductor 2H-NbSe2
T. Kiss; T. Yokoya; A. Chainani; S. Shin; T. Hanaguri; M. Nohara; H. Takagi;
15 Oct 2003
- - -
Recurrence properties of unbiased coined quantum walks on infinite $d$-dimensional lattices
Martin Stefanak; Tamas Kiss; Igor Jex;
9 May 2008
- - -
Early spectroscopic observations of Nova (V1494) Aquilae 1999 No.2
L.L. Kiss; J.R. Thomson;
30 Dec 1999
- - -
A photometric and spectroscopic study of the brightest northern Cepheids. III. A high-resolution view of Cepheid atmospheres
L.L. Kiss; J. Vinko;
21 Dec 1999
- - -
Quantum back-action of optical observations on Bose condensates
U. Leonhardt; T. Kiss; P. Piwnicki;
23 Dec 1997
- - -
Reply on the ``Comment on `Loss-error compensation in quantum- state measurements' ''
T. Kiss; U. Herzog; U. Leonhardt;
14 Dec 1997
- - -
Bulk electronic structure of antiferromagnetic superconducting phase in ErNi2B2C
T. Baba; T. Yokoya; S. Tsuda; T. Kiss; T. Shimojima; K. Ishizaka; H. Takeya; K. Hirata; T. Watanabe; M. Nohara; H. Takagi; N. Nakai; K. Machida; T. Togashi; S. Watanabe; X.-Y. Wang; C. T. Chen; S. Shin;
15 Nov 2007
- - -
Observation of a superconducting gap in boron-doped diamond by laser-excited photoemission spectroscopy
K Ishizaka; R Eguchi; S Tsuda; T Yokoya; A Chainani; T Kiss; T Shimojima; T Togashi; S Watanabe; C-T Chen; C Q Zhang; Y Takano; M Nagao; I Sakaguchi; T Takenouchi; H Kawarada; S Shin;
26 Jan 2007   /  Phys Rev Lett, 98 (4), 047003
- - -
Doping-dependence of nodal quasiparticle properties in high-$T_{ m c}$ cuprates studied by laser-excited angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
K. Ishizaka; T. Kiss; S. Izumi; M. Okawa; T. Shimojima; A. Chainani; T. Togashi; S. Watanabe; C.-T. Chen; X. Y. Wang; T. Mochiku; T. Nakane; K. Hirata; S. Shin;
16 Oct 2007
- - -
Ultrahigh-resolution photoemission spectroscopy of Ni borocarbides: direct observation of the superconducting gap and a change in gap anisotropy by impurity
T Yokoya; T Kiss; T Watanabe; S Shin; M Nohara; H Takagi; T Oguchi;
4 Dec 2000   /  Phys Rev Lett, 85 (23), 4952-5
- - -
Heavy-fermion-like state in a transition metal oxide LiV2O4 single crystal: indication of Kondo resonance in the photoemission spectrum
A Shimoyamada; S Tsuda; K Ishizaka; T Kiss; T Shimojima; T Togashi; S Watanabe; C Q Zhang; C T Chen; Y Matsushita; H Ueda; Y Ueda; S Shin;
20 Jan 2006   /  Phys Rev Lett, 96 (2), 026403
- - -
Role of CDW fluctuations on the spectral function in a metallic CDW system
T. Yokoya; T. Kiss; A. Chainani; S. Shin; K. Yamaya;
11 Apr 2005
- - -
Photoemission spectroscopy of the strong-coupling superconducting transitions in lead and niobium
A Chainani; T Yokoya; T Kiss; S Shin;
28 Aug 2000   /  Phys Rev Lett, 85 (9), 1966-9
- - -
7SK small nuclear RNA binds to and inhibits the activity of CDK9/cyclin T complexes
V T Nguyen; T Kiss; A A Michels; O Bensaude;
15 Nov 2001   /  Nature, 414 (6861), 322-5
- - -
T-Cell Reactivity against Streptococcal Antigens in the Periphery Mirrors Reactivity of Heart-Infiltrating T Lymphocytes in Rheumatic Heart Disease Patients
Guilherme, Luiza; Oshiro, Sandra E.; Faé, Kellen C.; Cunha-Neto, Edécio; Renesto, Guilherme; Goldberg, Anna C.; Tanaka, Ana C.; Pomerantzeff, Pablo M. A; Kiss, Maria H.; Silva, Clóvis; Guzman, Fanny; Patarroyo, Manuel E.; Southwood, Scott; Sette, Alessandro; Kalil, Jorge;
6 Jun 2005
- - -
Mean-field model for magnetic orders in NpTGa5 with T=Co, Ni or Rh
Annamaria Kiss; Yoshio Kuramoto;
15 Apr 2008
- - -
The He-shell flash in action: T Ursae Minoris revisited
K. Szatmary; L.L. Kiss; Zs. Bebesi;
13 Nov 2002   /  Astron.Astrophys. 398 (2003) 277-282
- - -
The KPNO International Spectroscopic Survey. I. Description of the Survey
J. J. Salzer; C. Gronwall; V. A. Lipovetsky; A. Kniazev; J. W. Moody; T. A. Boroson; T. X. Thuan; Y. I. Izotov; J. L. Herrero; L. M. Frattare;
6 Apr 2000
- - -
On spectral analysis in varieties containing the solutions of inhomogeneous linear functional equations
Gergely Kiss; Csaba Vincze;
16 Apr 2017
- - -
Splicing of cauliflower mosaic virus 35S RNA is essential for viral infectivity.
Kiss-László, Z; Blanc, S; Hohn, T;
- - -
The light curve of the semiregular variable L2 Puppis: II. Evidence for solar-like excitation of the oscillations
T.R. Bedding; L.L. Kiss; H. Kjeldsen; B.J. Brewer; Z.E. Dind; S.D. Kawaler; A.A. Zijlstra;
20 Jul 2005   /  Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc. 361 (2005) 1375-1381
- - -
Red variables in the OGLE-II data base -- III. Constraints on the three-dimensional structures of the LMC and SMC
P. Lah; L.L. Kiss; T.R. Bedding;
22 Feb 2005
- - -
Photometric biases due to stellar blending: implications for measuring distances, constraining binarity and detecting exoplanetary transits
L.L. Kiss; T.R. Bedding;
24 Dec 2004   /  Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc. 358 (2005) 883-891
- - -

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