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23 May 2022
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Domain-wall depinning assisted by pure spin currents
D. Ilgaz; J. Nievendick; L. Heyne; D. Backes; T. A. Moore; M. A. Nino; A. Locatelli; T. O. Menteş; A. v. Schmidsfeld; A. v. Bieren; J. Rhensius; S. Krzyk; L. J. Heyderman; M. Kläui;
16 Aug 2010
- - -
A HST study of the environment of the Herbig Ae/Be star LkHa 233 and its bipolar jet
Stanislav Yu. Melnikov; Jens Woitas; Jochen Eislöffel; Francesca Bacciotti; Ugo Locatelli; Thomas P. Ray;
2 Apr 2008
- - -
A Compact Solid State Detector for Small Angle Particle Tracking
S. Altieri; O. Barnaba; A. Braghieri; M. Cambiaghi; A. Lanza; T. Locatelli; A. Panzeri; P. Pedroni; T. Pinelli P. Jennewein; M. Lang; I. Preobrazhensky J.R.M. Annand; F. Sadiq;
9 Nov 1999   /  Nucl.Instrum.Meth. A452 (2000) 185-191
- - -
The Northern Cross Fast Radio Burst project. I. Overview and pilot observations at 408 MHz
Nicola T. Locatelli; Gianni Bernardi; Germano Bianchi; Riccardo Chiello; Alessio Magro; Giovanni Naldi; Maura Pilia; Giuseppe Pupillo; Alessandro Ridolfi; Giancarlo Setti; Franco Vazza;
9 Mar 2020
- - -
An Index-based Deterministic Asymptotically Optimal Algorithm for Constrained Multi-armed Bandit Problems
Hyeong Soo Chang;
29 Jul 2020
- - -
New constraints on the magnetization of the cosmic web using LOFAR Faraday rotation observations
S. P. O'Sullivan; M. Brüggen; F. Vazza; E. Carretti; N. Locatelli; C. Stuardi; V. Vacca; T. Vernstrom; G. Heald; C. Horellou; T. W. Shimwell; M. J. Hardcastle; C. Tasse; H. Röttgering;
17 Feb 2020
- - -
Spin structure and spin Hall magnetoresistance of epitaxial thin films of the insulating non-collinear antiferromagnet SmFeO$_3$
T Hajiri; L. Baldrati; R. Lebrun; M. Filianina; A. Ross; N. Tanahashi; M. Kuroda; W. L. Gan; T. O. Menteş; F. Genuzio; A. Locatelli; H Asano; M. Kläui;
12 Jul 2019
- - -
Spin configurations in Co2FeAl0.4Si0.6 Heusler alloy thin film elements
C. A. F. Vaz; J. Rhensius; J. Heidler; P. Wohlhueter; A. Bisig; H. S. Koerner; T. O. Mentes; A. Locatelli; L. Le Guyader; F. Nolting; T. Graf; C. Felser; L. J. Heyderman; M. Klaeui;
12 Sep 2012
- - -
Quantitative analysis of shadow X-ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism Photo-Emission Electron Microscopy
S. Jamet; S. Da Col; N. Rougemaille; A. Wartelle; A. Locatelli; T.O. Menteş; B. Santos Burgos; R. Afid; L. Cagnon; J. Bachmann; S. Bochmann; O. Fruchart; J.C. Toussaint;
9 Jun 2015
- - -
Broad band setup for magnetic field-induced domain wall motion in cylindrical nanowires
Alexis Wartelle; Christophe Thirion; Raja Afid; Ségolène Jamet; Sandrine Da Col; Laurent Cagnon; Jean-Christophe Toussaint; Julien Bachmann; Sebastian Bochmann; Andrea Locatelli; T.O. Mentes; Olivier Fruchart;
30 Mar 2015
- - -
Kinetic pathways to the magnetic charge crystal in artificial dipolar spin ice
I. A. Chioar; B. Canals; D. Lacour; M. Hehn; B. Santos Burgos; T. O. Mentes; A. Locatelli; F. Montaigne; N. Rougemaille;
16 Dec 2014
- - -
Valence Band Circular Dichroism in non-magnetic Ag/Ru(0001) at normal emission
Arantzazu Mascaraque; T. Onur Menteş; Kevin F. McCarty; Jose F. Marco; Andreas K. Schmid; Andrea Locatelli; Juan de la Figuera;
18 Jan 2013
- - -
Effect of Oxygen Adsorption on the Local Properties of Epitaxial Graphene on SiC (0001)
C. Mathieu; B. Lalmi; T. O. Mentes; E. Pallecchi; A. Locatelli; S. Latil; R. Belkhou; A. Ouerghi;
12 Jun 2012
- - -
Stress engineering at the nanometer scale: Two-component adlayer stripes
T. O. Menteş; N. Stojić; A. Locatelli; L. Aballe; N. Binggeli; M. A. Niño; M. Kiskinova; E. Bauer;
29 Apr 2011
- - -
Temperature dependence of surface stress across an order-disorder transition: p(1x2)O/W(110)
N. Stojic; T. O. Mentes; N. Binggeli; M. A. Nino; A. Locatelli; E. Bauer;
19 Mar 2010
- - -
Measuring the magnetization of three monolayer thick Co islands and films by X-ray dichroism
A. Mascaraque; L. Aballe; J. F. Marco; T. O. Mentes; F. El Gabaly; C. Klein; A. K. Schmid; K. F. McCarty; A. Locatelli; J. de la Figuera;
25 Oct 2009
- - -
Stress induced stripe formation in Pd/W(110)
T.O. Mentes; A. Locatelli; L. Aballe; E. Bauer;
21 Aug 2008
- - -
Strain relaxation in small adsorbate islands: O on W(110)
T. O. Mentes; N. Stojic; N. Binggeli; M. A. Nino; A. Locatelli; L. Aballe; M. Kiskinova; E. Bauer;
24 Apr 2008
- - -
Alignment of Ge nanoislands on Si(111) by Ga-induced substrate self-patterning
Th Schmidt; J I Flege; S Gangopadhyay; T Clausen; A Locatelli; S Heun; J Falta;
9 Feb 2007   /  Phys Rev Lett, 98 (6), 066104
- - -
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