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06 August 2020
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Water delivery from cores to disks: deuteration as a probe of the prestellar inheritance of H2O
K. Furuya; M. N. Drozdovskaya; R. Visser; E. F. van Dishoeck; C. Walsh; D. Harsono; U. Hincelin; V. Taquet;
24 Oct 2016
- - -
Chemical and physical characterization of collapsing low-mass prestellar dense cores
U. Hincelin; B. Commercon; V. Wakelam; F. Hersant; S. Guilloteau; E. Herbst;
8 Mar 2016
- - -
Water Deuteration and Ortho-to-Para Nuclear Spin Ratio of H2 in Molecular Clouds Formed via Accumulation of HI Gas
K. Furuya; Y. Aikawa; U. Hincelin; G. E. Hassel; E. A. Bergin; A. I. Vasyunin; Eric Herbst;
17 Oct 2015
- - -
Oxygen depletion in dense molecular clouds: a clue to a low O2 abundance?
U. Hincelin; V. Wakelam; F. Hersant; S. Guilloteau; J. C. Loison; P.Honvault; J. Troe;
8 Apr 2011
- - -
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