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26 January 2022
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Delayed relaxation by surfactant action in highly strained III-V semiconductor epitaxial layers
N Grandjean; J Massies; V H Etgens;
3 Aug 1992   /  Phys Rev Lett, 69 (5), 796-799
- - -
Detection of the magneto-structural phase coexistence in MnAs epilayers at a very early stage
J. Milano; L. B. Steren; A. H. V. Repetto Llamazares; V. Garcia; M. Marangolo; M. Eddrief; V. H. Etgens;
5 Jul 2007
- - -
Spectroscopic measurement of spin-dependent resonant tunneling through a 3D disorder: the case of MnAs/GaAs/MnAs junctions
V Garcia; H Jaffrès; J-M George; M Marangolo; M Eddrief; V H Etgens;
15 Dec 2006   /  Phys Rev Lett, 97 (24), 246802
- - -
Magnetic properties changes of MnAs thin films irradiated with highly charged ions
Martino Trassinelli; V. Gafton; M. Eddrief; V.H. Etgens; S. Hidki; Emmanuelle Lacaze; Emily Lamour; X. Luo; M. Marangolo; Jacques Merot; Christophe Prigent; Regina Reuschl; Jean-Pierre Rozet; S. Steydli; Dominique Vernhet;
13 Dec 2012
- - -
Interplay between atomic and mesoscopic order on gold vicinal surfaces
V Repain; J M Berroir; B Croset; S Rousset; Y Garreau; V H Etgens; J Lecoeur;
5 Jun 2000   /  Phys Rev Lett, 84 (23), 5367-70
- - -
Magnetism of the Fe/ZnSe(001) interface
M Marangolo; F Gustavsson; M Eddrief; Ph Sainctavit; V H Etgens; V Cros; F Petroff; J M George; P Bencok; N B Brookes;
27 May 2002   /  Phys Rev Lett, 88 (21), 217202
- - -
Biaxial Strain in the Hexagonal Plane of MnAs Thin Films: The Key to Stabilize Ferromagnetism to Higher Temperature
V Garcia; Y Sidis; M Marangolo; F Vidal; M Eddrief; P Bourges; F Maccherozzi; F Ott; G Panaccione; V H Etgens;
14 Sep 2007   /  Phys Rev Lett, 99 (11), 117205
- - -
Biaxial Strain in the Hexagonal Plane of MnAs Thin Films: The Key to Stabilize Ferromagnetism to Higher Temperature
V. Garcia; Y. Sidis; M. Marangolo; F. Vidal; M. Eddrief; P. Bourges; F. Maccherozzi; F. Ott; G. Panaccione; V. H. Etgens;
2 Aug 2007
- - -
Magnetization reversal and anomalous coercive field temperature dependence in MnAs epilayers grown on GaAs(100) and GaAs(111)B
L.B. Steren; J. Milano; V. Garcia; M. Marangolo; M. Eddrief; V.H. Etgens;
27 Jun 2006
- - -
Magnetic and chemical properties of Cr-based films grown on GaAs(001)
D. H. Mosca; P. C. de Camargo; J. L. Guimaraes; W. H. Schreiner; A. J. A. de Oliveira; P. E. N. Souza; M. Eddrief; V. H. Etgens;
11 Mar 2005
- - -
Fast atom diffraction inside a molecular beam epitaxy chamber, a rich combination
M. Debiossac; P. Atkinson; A. Zugarramurdi; M. Eddrief; F. Finocchi; V. H. Etgens; A. Momeni; H. Khemliche; A.G. Borisov; P. Roncin;
30 Dec 2015
- - -
ZnTe/GaAs(001): Growth mode and strain evolution during the early stages of molecular-beam-epitaxy heteroepitaxial growth
V H Etgens; M Sauvage-Simkin; R Pinchaux; J Massies; N Jedrecy; A Waldhauer; S Tatarenko; P H Jouneau;
15 Apr 1993   /  Phys Rev B, 47 (16), 10607-10612
- - -
Interface bonding of a ferromagnetic/semiconductor junction : a photoemission study of Fe/ZnSe(001)
M. Eddrief; M. Marangolo; V. H. Etgens; S. Ustaze; F. Sirotti; M. Mulazzi; G. Panaccione; D. H. Mosca; B. Lepine; P. Schieffer;
31 Jan 2006
- - -
Immense tunnel magnetoresistance mediated by Coulomb blockade effect and current-driven magnetization reversal in Co clusters embedded in a TiO2 matrix
J. Varalda; D. H. Mosca; Y.-L. Zheng; A. J. A. de Oliveira; M. Marangolo; W. A. Ortiz; D. Demaille; B.Vodungbo; V. H. Etgens;
18 May 2005
- - -
Resonant tunneling magnetoresistance in epitaxial metal-semiconductor heterostructures
J. Varalda; A. J. A. de Oliveira; D. H. Mosca; J.-M. George; M. Eddrief; M. Marangolo; V. H. Etgens;
18 May 2005
- - -
Thermal enhancement of the antiferromagnetic exchange coupling between Fe epilayers separated by a crystalline ZnSe spacer
J. Varalda; J. Milano; A. J. A. de Oliveira; E. M. Kakuno; I. Mazzaro; D. H. Mosca; L. B. Steren; M. Eddrief; M. Marangolo; D. Demaille; V. H. Etgens;
7 Mar 2005
- - -
Ultrasonic triggering of giant magnetocaloric effect in MnAs thin films
J.-Y. Duquesne; J.-Y. Prieur; J. Agudo Canalejo; V. H. Etgens; M. Eddrief; A. L. Ferreira; M. Marangolo;
22 Jun 2012
- - -
Imaging the antiparallel magnetic alignment of adjacent Fe and MnAs thin films
R. Breitwieser; M. Marangolo; J. Luning; N. Jaouen; L. Joly; M. Eddrief; V. H. Etgens; M. Sacchi;
3 Sep 2008
- - -
Atomic Structure of the c(4 x 2) Surface Reconstruction of Ge(001) as Determined by X-Ray Diffraction
S Ferrer; X Torrelles; V H Etgens; van der Vegt HA; P Fajardo;
28 Aug 1995   /  Phys Rev Lett, 75 (9), 1771-1774
- - -
Resonant Surface Magnetic X-Ray Diffraction from Co3Pt(111)
S Ferrer; P Fajardo; de Bergevin F; J Alvarez; X Torrelles; van der Vegt HA; V H Etgens;
22 Jul 1996   /  Phys Rev Lett, 77 (4), 747-750
- - -

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