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04 July 2020
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Compact tunable Compton x-ray source from laser-plasma accelerator and plasma mirror
Hai-En Tsai; Xiaoming Wang; Joseph Shaw; Zhengyan Li; Alexey V. Arefiev; Xi Zhang; Rafal Zgadzaj; Watson Henderson; V. Khudik; G. Shvets; M. C. Downer;
8 Nov 2014
- - -
Simulations of stable compact proton beam acceleration from a two-ion-species ultrathin foil
T. P. Yu; A. Pukhov; G. Shvets; M. Chen; T. H. Ratliff; S. A. Yi; V. Khudik;
13 Mar 2011
- - -
Spontaneous emergence of non-planar electron orbits during direct laser acceleration by a linearly polarized laser pulse
A. V. Arefiev; V. N. Khudik; A. P. L. Robinson; G. Shvets; L. Willingale;
20 Oct 2015
- - -
New mechanisms for generating super-ponderomotive electrons in laser-irradiated targets
A. V. Arefiev; A. P. L. Robinson; V. N. Khudik; B. N. Breizman; M. Schollmeier;
1 Sep 2014
- - -
Dynamic positive column in long-gap barrier discharges
A. Shvydky; V. N. Khudik; V. P. Nagorny; C. E. Theodosiou;
4 Apr 2005
- - -
Enhancement of laser-driven electron acceleration in an ion channel
Alexey V. Arefiev; Vladimir N. Khudik; Marius Schollmeier;
30 Aug 2013
- - -
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