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11 August 2020
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Heavy water stratification in a low-mass protostar
A. Coutens; C. Vastel; S. Cazaux; S. Bottinelli; E. Caux; C. Ceccarelli; K. Demyk; V. Taquet; V. Wakelam;
10 Apr 2013
- - -
FAUST I. The hot corino at the heart of the prototypical Class I protostar L1551 IRS5
E. Bianchi; C. J. Chandler; C. Ceccarelli; C. Codella; N. Sakai; A. López-Sepulcre; L. T. Maud; G. Moellenbrock; B. Svoboda; Y. Watanabe; T. Sakai; F. Ménard; Y. Aikawa; F. Alves; N. Balucani; M. Bouvier; P. Caselli; E. Caux; S. Charnley; S. Choudhury; M. De Simone; F. Dulieu; A. Durán; L. Evans; C. Favre; D. Fedele; S. Feng; F. Fontani; L. Francis; T. Hama; T. Hanawa; E. Herbst; T. Hirota; M. Imai; A. Isella; I. Jiménez-Serra; D. Johnstone; C. Kahane; B. Lefloch; L. Loinard; M. J. Maureira; S. Mercimek; A. Miotello; S. Mori; R. Nakatani; H. Nomura; Y. Oba; S. Ohashi; Y. Okoda; J. Ospina-Zamudio; Y. Oya; J. Pineda; L. Podio; A. Rimola; D. Segura Cox; Y. Shirley; V. Taquet; L. Testi; C. Vastel; S. Viti; N. Watanabe; A. Witzel; C. Xue; Y. Zhang; B. Zhao; S. Yamamoto;
20 Jul 2020
- - -
Seeds of Life in Space (SOLIS). X. Interstellar Complex Organic Molecules in the NGC 1333 IRAS 4A outflows
M. De Simone; C. Codella; C. Ceccarelli; A. López-Sepulcre; A. Witzel; R. Neri; N. Balucani; P. Caselli; C. Favre; F. Fontani; B. Lefloch; J. Ospina-Zamudio; J. E. Pineda; V. Taquet;
17 Jun 2020
- - -
Complex organic molecules in low-mass protostars on solar system scales -- I. Oxygen-bearing species
M. L. van Gelder; B. Tabone; Ł. Tychoniec; E. F. van Dishoeck; H. Beuther; A. C. A. Boogert; A. Caratti o Garatti; P. D. Klaassen; H. Linnartz; H. S. P. Müller; V. Taquet;
14 May 2020
- - -
Seeds of Life in Space (SOLIS).VII. Discovery of a cold dense methanol blob toward the L1521F VeLLO system
C. Favre; C. Vastel; I. Jimenez-Serra; D. Quénard; P. Caselli; C. Ceccarelli; A. Chacón-Tanarro; F. Fontani; J. Holdship; Y. Oya; A. Punanova; N. Sakai; S. Spezzano; S. Yamamoto; R. Neri; A. López-Sepulcre; F. Alves; R. Bachiller; N. Balucani; E. Bianchi; L. Bizzocchi; C. Codella; E. Caux; M. De Simone; J. Enrique Romero; F. Dulieu; S. Feng; A. Jaber Al-Edhari; B. Lefloch; J. Ospina-Zamudio; J. Pineda; L. Podio; A. Rimola; D. Segura-Cox; I. R. Sims; V. Taquet; L. Testi; P. Theulé; P. Ugliengo; A.I. Vasyunin; F. Vazart; S. Viti; A. Witzel;
17 Feb 2020
- - -
Formation of interstellar propanal and 1-propanol ice: a pathway involving solid-state CO hydrogenation
D. Qasim; G. Fedoseev; K.-J. Chuang; V. Taquet; T. Lamberts; J. He; S. Ioppolo; E. F. van Dishoeck; H. Linnartz;
19 May 2019
- - -
The ALMA-PILS survey: The first detection of doubly-deuterated methyl formate (CHD2OCHO) in the ISM
S. Manigand; H. Calcutt; J. K. Jørgensen; V. Taquet; H. S. P. Müller; A. Coutens; S. F. Wampfler; N. F. W. Ligterink; M. N. Drozdovskaya; L. E. Kristensen; M. H. D. van der Wiel; T. L. Bourke;
22 Nov 2018
- - -
SOLIS II. Carbon-chain growth in the Solar-type protocluster OMC2-FIR4
F. Fontani; C. Ceccarelli; C. Favre; P. Caselli; R. Neri; I.R. Sims; C. Kahane; F. Alves; N. Balucani; E. Bianchi; E. Caux; A. Jaber Al-Edhari; A. Lopez-Sepulcre; J.E. Pineda; R. Bachiller; L. Bizzocchi; S. Bottinelli; A. Chacon-Tanarro; R. Choudhury; C. Codella; A. Coutens; F. Dulieu; S. Feng; A. Rimola; P. Hily-Blant; J. Holdship; I. Jimenez-Serra; J. Laas; B. Lefloch; Y. Oya; L. Podio; A. Pon; A. Punanova; D. Quenard; N. Sakai; S. Spezzano; V. Taquet; L. Testi; P. Theulé; P. Ugliengo; C. Vastel; A.I. Vasyunin; S. Viti; S. Yamamoto; L. Wiesenfeld;
5 Jul 2017
- - -
Decrease of the organic deuteration during the evolution of Sun-like protostars: the case of SVS13-A
E. Bianchi; C. Codella; C. Ceccarelli; F. Fontani; L. Testi; R. Bachiller; B. Lefloch; L. Podio; V. Taquet;
30 Jan 2017
- - -
Water delivery from cores to disks: deuteration as a probe of the prestellar inheritance of H2O
K. Furuya; M. N. Drozdovskaya; R. Visser; E. F. van Dishoeck; C. Walsh; D. Harsono; U. Hincelin; V. Taquet;
24 Oct 2016
- - -
The effect of multilayer ice chemistry on gas-phase deuteration in starless cores
O. Sipilä; P. Caselli; V. Taquet;
18 Apr 2016
- - -
Deuterated water in the solar-type protostars NGC 1333 IRAS 4A and IRAS 4B
A. Coutens; C. Vastel; S. Cabrit; C. Codella; L. E. Kristensen; C. Ceccarelli; E. F. van Dishoeck; A. C. A. Boogert; S. Bottinelli; A. Castets; E. Caux; C. Comito; K. Demyk; F. Herpin; B. Lefloch; C. McCoey; J. C. Mottram; B. Parise; V. Taquet; F. F. S. van der Tak; R. Visser; U. A. Yildiz;
28 Oct 2013
- - -
High angular resolution observations towards OMC-2 FIR 4: Dissecting an intermediate-mass protocluster
A. López-Sepulcre; V. Taquet; Á. Sánchez-Monge; C. Ceccarelli; C. Dominik; M. Kama; E. Caux; F. Fontani; A. Fuente; P.T.P. Ho; R. Neri; Y. Shimajiri;
16 Apr 2013
- - -
Seeds of Life in Space (SOLIS). VI. Chemical evolution of sulfuretted species along the outflows driven by the low-mass protostellar binary NGC1333-IRAS4A
Vianney Taquet; Claudio Codella; Marta de Simone; Ana López-Sepulcre; Jaime E. Pineda; Dominique Segura-Cox; Cecilia Ceccarelli; Paola Caselli; Antoine Gusdorf; Magnus V. Persson; SOLIS team;
13 Feb 2020
- - -
Molecular complexity on disk-scales uncovered by ALMA: The chemical composition of the high-mass protostar AFGL 4176
Eva G. Bøgelund; Andrew G. Barr; Vianney Taquet; Niels F. W. Ligterink; Magnus V. Persson; Michiel R. Hogerheijde; Ewine F. van Dishoeck;
14 Jun 2019
- - -
Imaging the water snowline in a protostellar envelope with H$^{13}$CO$^+$
Merel L.R. van 't Hoff; Magnus V. Persson; Daniel Harsono; Vianney Taquet; Jes K. Jørgensen; Ruud Visser; Edwin A. Bergin; Ewine F. van Dishoeck;
8 Jan 2018
- - -
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