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27 January 2021
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Results 1 to 20 of 111 for query "V.A. McBride". (0.06 sec.)

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SXP 323 - an unusual X-ray binary system in the Small Magellanic Cloud
M.J. Coe; I. Negueruela; V.A. McBride;
28 Jun 2005   /  Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc. 362 (2005) 952-956
- - -
A 0535+26 in the August/September 2005 outburst observed by RXTE and INTEGRAL
I. Caballero; P. Kretschmar; A. Santangelo; R. Staubert; D. Klochkov; A. Camero; C. Ferrigno; M. H. Finger; I. Kreykenbohm; V. A. McBride; K. Pottschmidt; R. E. Rothschild; G. Schoenherr; A. Segreto; S. Suchy; J .Wilms; C.A. Wilson;
20 Feb 2007
- - -
X-Ray and Optical Observations of A 0535+26
A. Camero-Arranz; M. H. Finger; C. A. Wilson-Hodge; P. Jenke; I. Steele; M. J. Coe; J. Gutierrez-Soto; P. Kretschmar; I. Caballero; G. Case; M. L. Cherry; J. Yan; J. Suso; J. Rodríguez; S. Guiriec; V. A. McBride;
19 Sep 2011
- - -
Discovery of a 30 day period in the supergiant fast X-ray transient SAX J1818.6-1703
A. J. Bird; A. Bazzano; A.B. Hill; V.A. McBride; V. Sguera; S.E. Shaw; H. J. Watkins;
31 Oct 2008
- - -
INTEGRAL and XMM-Newton observations of IGR J16418-4532: evidence of accretion regime transitions in a supergiant fast X-ray transient
S. P. Drave; A. J. Bird; L. Sidoli; V. Sguera; V. A. McBride; A. B. Hill; A. Bazzano; M. E. Goossens;
2 May 2013
- - -
A 0535+26: an X-ray/Optical Tour
A. Camero-Arranz; M.H. Finger; C.A. Wilson-Hodge; P. Jenke; M.J. Coe; I. Steele; I. Caballero; J. Gutierrez-Soto; P. Kretschmar; J. Suso; V.A. McBride; J. Rodriguez;
11 May 2011
- - -
The Magellanic Bridge: evidence for a population of X-ray binaries
V.A. McBride; A.J. Bird; M.J. Coe; L.J. Townsend; R.H.D. Corbet; F.Haberl;
15 Dec 2009
- - -
SXP 5.05 = IGR J00569-7226 : using X-rays to explore the structure of a Be stars circumstellar disk
M. J. Coe; E. S. Bartlett; A.J. Bird; F. Haberl; J. A. Kennea; V.A. McBride; L.J. Townsend; A. Udalski;
10 Dec 2014
- - -
A new determination of the INTEGRAL/IBIS point source location accuracy
S. Scaringi; A.J. Bird; A.B. Hill; D.J. Clark; V.A. McBride; A.J. Dean; A. Bazzano; L. Natalucci; J.B. Stephen;
2 Mar 2010
- - -
On the cyclotron line in Cep X-4
V.A. McBride; J. Wilms; I. Kreykenbohm; M.J. Coe; R.E. Rothschild; P. Kretschmar; K. Pottschmidt; J. Fisher; T. Hamson;
21 May 2007
- - -
A 0535+26: Back in business
M J Coe; P Reig; V A McBride; J L Galache; J Fabregat;
6 Feb 2006
- - -
Study of the cyclotron feature in MXB 0656-072
V.A. McBride; J. Wilms; M.J. Coe; I. Kreykenbohm; R.E. Rothschild; W. Coburn; J.L. Galache; P. Kretschmar; W.R.T. Edge; R. Staubert;
6 Feb 2006
- - -
Optical properties of SMC X-ray binaries
M.J.Coe; W.R.T.Edge; J.L.Galache; V.A.McBride;
4 Oct 2004   /  Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc. 356 (2005) 502-514
- - -
A MeerKAT Survey of Nearby Novalike Cataclysmic Variables
D. M. Hewitt; M. L. Pretorius; P. A. Woudt; E. Tremou; J. C. A. Miller-Jones; C. Knigge; N. Castro Segura; D. R. A. Williams; R. P. Fender; R. Armstrong; P. Groot; I. Heywood; A. Horesh; A. J. van der Horst; E. Koerding; V. A. McBride; K. P. Mooley; A. Rowlinson; B. Stappers; R.A.M.J. Wijers;
14 Jun 2020
- - -
The nature of the ASCA/INTEGRAL source AX J183039-1002: a new Compton-thick AGN?
L. Bassani; R. Landi; R. Campana; V. A. McBride; A. J. Dean; A. J. Bird; D. A. Green; P. Ubertini; A. De Rosa;
16 Jan 2009
- - -
Unveiling the nature of INTEGRAL objects through optical spectroscopy. VI. A multi-observatory identification campaign
N. Masetti; E. Mason; L. Morelli; S.A. Cellone; V.A. McBride; E. Palazzi; L. Bassani; A. Bazzano; A.J. Bird; P.A. Charles; A.J. Dean; G. Galaz; N. Gehrels; R. Landi; A. Malizia; D. Minniti; F. Panessa; G.E. Romero; J.B. Stephen; P. Ubertini; R. Walter;
7 Feb 2008
- - -
The Orbital Solution and Spectral Classification of the High-Mass X-Ray Binary IGR J01054-7253 in the Small Magellanic Cloud
L. J. Townsend; M. J. Coe; R. H. D. Corbet; V. A. McBride; A. B. Hill; A. J. Bird; M. P. E. Schurch; F. Haberl; R. Sturm; D. Pathak; B. van Soelen; E. S. Bartlett; S. P. Drave; A. Udalski;
19 Aug 2010
- - -
The nature of fifty Palermo Swift-BAT hard X-ray objects through optical spectroscopy
A.F. Rojas; N. Masetti; D. Minniti; E. Jiménez-Bailón; V. Chavushyan; G. Hau; V.A. McBride; L. Bassani; A. Bazzano; A.J. Bird; G. Galaz; I. Gavignaud; R. Landi; A. Malizia; L. Morelli; E. Palazzi; V. Patiño-Álvarez; J.B. Stephen; P. Ubertini;
6 Feb 2017
- - -
Discovery of the 51.47 day orbital period in the supergiant fast X-ray transient XTE J1739-302 with INTEGRAL
S. P. Drave; D. J. Clark; A. J. Bird; V. A. McBride; A. B. Hill; V. Sguera; S. Scaringi; A. Bazzano;
20 Jul 2010
- - -
X-ray Pulsations from the region of the Supergiant Fast X-ray Transient IGR J17544-2619
S. P. Drave; A. J. Bird; L. J. Townsend; A. B. Hill; V. A. McBride; V. Sguera; A. Bazzano; D. J. Clark;
11 Jan 2012
- - -

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