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16 September 2021
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Results 1 to 20 of 162 for query "V.A. Tkachenko". (0.04 sec.)

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Quantum corrections to the conductivity and Hall coefficient of a two-dimensional electron gas in a dirty AlGaAs/GaAs/AlGaAs quantum well: from the diffusive to the ballistic regime
V.T. Renard; I.V. Gornyi; O.A. Tkachenko; V.A. Tkachenko; Z.D. Kvon; E.B. Olshanetsky; A.I. Toropov; J.-C. Portal;
19 May 2005
- - -
Can the conductance of an adiabatic ballistic constriction be lower than $2e^2/h$?
C.-T. Liang; O.A. Tkachenko; V.A. Tkachenko; D.G. Baksheyev; M.Y. Simmons; D.A. Ritchie; M. Pepper;
17 Mar 2005   /  Phys. Rev. B 70, 195324 (2004) DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.70.195324
- - -
With a little help of DNA: Morphological diversity of colloidal self-assembly
Alexei V. Tkachenko;
21 Jun 2001
- - -
Giant terahertz photoconductance of tunneling point contacts
M. Otteneder; Z. D. Kvon; O. A. Tkachenko; V. A. Tkachenko; A. S. Jaroshevich; E. E. Rodyakina; A. V. Latyshev; S. D. Ganichev;
21 Dec 2017
- - -
Multiple-quantum resonant reflection of ballistic electrons from a high-frequency potential step
O A Tkachenko; V A Tkachenko; D G Baksheyev;
15 Feb 1996   /  Phys Rev B, 53 (8), 4672-4675
- - -
Effects of Coulomb screening and disorder on artificial graphene based on nanopatterned semiconductor
O. A. Tkachenko; V. A. Tkachenko; I. S. Terekhov; O. P. Sushkov;
27 Nov 2014
- - -
Boundary-mediated electron-electron interactions in quantum point contacts
Vincent Thomas Francois Renard; O. A. Tkachenko; V.A. Tkachenko; T. Ota; N. Kumada; J.-C. Portal; Y. Hirayama;
25 Mar 2008
- - -
Temperature Dependence of Conductance and Thermopower Anomalies of Quantum Point Contacts
O.A. Tkachenko; V.A. Tkachenko;
17 Feb 2013
- - -
Coulomb Charging Effects in an Open Quantum Dot
O. A. Tkachenko; V. A. Tkachenko; D. G. Baksheyev; C.-T. Liang; M. Y. Simmons; C. G. Smith; D. A. Ritchie; Gil-Ho Kim; M. Pepper;
2 Mar 2000
- - -
Spin wave spectrum of a magnonic crystal with an isolated defect
V.V. Kruglyak; M.L. Sokolovskii; V.S. Tkachenko; A.N. Kuchko;
11 Nov 2005
- - -
HD 181068: A Red Giant in a Triply-Eclipsing Compact Hierarchical Triple System
A. Derekas; L. L. Kiss; T. Borkovits; D. Huber; H. Lehmann; J. Southworth; T. R. Bedding; D. Balam; M. Hartmann; M. Hrudkova; M. J. Ireland; J. Kovacs; Gy. Mezo; A. Moor; E. Niemczura; G. E. Sarty; Gy. M. Szabo; R. Szabo; J.H. Telting; A. Tkachenko; K. Uytterhoeven; J. M. Benko; S. T. Bryson; V. Maestro; A. E. Simon; D. Stello; G. Schaefer; C. Aerts; T. A. ten Brummelaar; P. De Cat; H. A. McAlister; C. Maceroni; A. Merand; M. Still; J. Sturmann; L. Sturmann; N. Turner; P. G. Tuthill; J. Christensen-Dalsgaard; R. L. Gilliland; H. Kjeldsen; E. V. Quintana; P. Tenenbaum; J. D. Twicken;
10 Feb 2012
- - -
The Kepler characterization of the variability amongst A- and F-type stars. I. General overview
K. Uytterhoeven; A. Moya; A. Grigahcene; J.A. Guzik; J. Gutierrez-Soto; B. Smalley; G. Handler; L.A. Balona; E. Niemczura; L. Fox Machado; S. Benatti; E. Chapellier; A. Tkachenko; R. Szabo; J.C. Suarez; V. Ripepi; J. Pascual; P. Mathias; S. Martin-Ruiz; H. Lehmann; J. Jackiewicz; S. Hekker; M. Gruberbauer; R.A. Garcia; X. Dumusque; D. Diaz-Fraile; P. Bradley; V. Antoci; M. Roth; B. Leroy; S.J. Murphy; P. De Cat; J. Cuypers; H. Kjeldsen; J. Christensen-Dalsgaard; M. Breger; A. Pigulski; L.L. Kiss; M. Still; S.E. Thompson; J. Van Cleve;
1 Jul 2011
- - -
Kepler's first view of O-star variability: K2 data of five O stars in Campaign 0 as a proof-of-concept for O-star asteroseismology
B. Buysschaert; C. Aerts; S. Bloemen; J. Debosscher; C. Neiner; M. Briquet; J. Vos; P. Papics; R. Manick; V. Schmid; H. Van Winkel; A. Tkachenko;
11 Jul 2015
- - -
Asteroseismic fingerprints of rotation and mixing in the slowly pulsating B8 V star KIC 7760680
P. I. Pápics; A. Tkachenko; C. Aerts; T. Van Reeth; K. De Smedt; M. Hillen; R. Oestensen; E. Moravveji;
2 Apr 2015
- - -
Gravity-mode period spacings as seismic diagnostic for a sample of gamma Doradus stars from Kepler space photometry and high-resolution ground-based spectroscopy
T. Van Reeth; A. Tkachenko; C. Aerts; P. I. Papics; S. A. Triana; K. Zwintz; P. Degroote; J. Debosscher; S. Bloemen; V. S. Schmid; K. De Smedt; Y. Fremat; A. S. Fuentes; W. Homan; M. Hrudkova; R. Karjalainen; R. Lombaert; P. Nemeth; R. Oestensen; G. Van De Steene; J. Vos; G. Raskin; H. Van Winckel;
8 Apr 2015
- - -
IGR J16547-1916/1RXS J165443.5-191620 -- a New Intermediate Polar from the INTEGRAL Galactic Survey
A. Lutovinov; R. Burenin; M. Revnivtsev; V. Suleimanov; A. Tkachenko;
4 Nov 2010
- - -
A comprehensive study of young B stars in NGC 2264: I. Space photometry and asteroseismology
K. Zwintz; E. Moravveji; P. I. Papics; A. Tkachenko; N. Przybilla; M.-F. Nieva; R. Kuschnig; V. Antoci; D. Lorenz; N. Themessl; L. Fossati; T. G. Barnes;
19 Mar 2017
- - -
Stellar modelling of Spica, a high-mass spectroscopic binary with a beta Cep variable primary component
A. Tkachenko; J. M. Matthews; C. Aerts; K. Pavlovski; P. I. Papics; K. Zwintz; C. Cameron; G. A. H. Walker; R. Kuschnig; P. Degroote; J. Debosscher; E. Moravveji; V. Kolbas; D. B. Guenther; A. F. J. Moffat; J. F. Rowe; S. M. Rucinski; D. Sasselov; W. W. Weiss;
29 Jan 2016
- - -
The magnetic field of zeta Orionis A
A. Blazère; C. Neiner; A. Tkachenko; J.-C. Bouret; Th. Rivinius; MiMeS collaboration;
9 Sep 2015
- - -
Vortices ans Polynomials: Nonuniqueness of the Adler-Moser polynomials for the Tkachenko equation
Maria V. Demina; Nikolay A. Kudryashov;
19 Dec 2011
- - -

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