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08 August 2020
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Measurements of spin rotation parameter A in pion-proton elastic scattering at 1.62 GeV/c
I.G. Alekseev; P.E. Budkovsky; V.P. Kanavets; L.I. Koroleva; B.V. Morozov; V.M. Nesterov; V.V. Ryltsov; D.N. Svirida; A.D. Sulimov; V.V. Zhurkin; Yu.A. Beloglazov; A.I. Kovalev; S.P. Kruglov; D.V. Novinsky; V.A. Shchedrov; V.V. Sumachev; V.Yu. Trautman; N.A. Bazhanov; E.I. Bunyatova;
25 Apr 2000   /  Phys.Lett. B485 (2000) 32-36
- - -
Measurement of the Spin Rotation Parameter A in the Elastic Pion-proton Scattering at 1.43 GeV/c
I. G. Alekseev; N. A. Bazhanov; P. E. Budkovsky; E. I. Bunyatova; V. P. Kanavets; A. I. Kovalev; L. I. Koroleva; S. P. Kruglov; B. V. Morozov; V. M. Nesterov; D. V. Novinsky; V. V. Ryltsov; V. A. Shchedrov; A. D. Sulimov; V. V. Sumachev; D. N. Svirida; V. Yu. Trautman; V. V. Zhurkin;
4 Oct 2005   /  Eur.Phys.J. C45 (2006) 383-386
- - -
Nucleotide sequence analysis of the spacer regions flanking the rat rRNA transcription unit and identification of repetitive elements.
Yavachev, L P; Georgiev, O I; Braga, E A; Avdonina, T A; Bogomolova, A E; Zhurkin, V B; Nosikov, V V; Hadjiolov, A A;
- - -
Interaction of discrete breathers with primary lattice defects in bcc Fe
Dmitry A. Terentyev; Andrii V. Dubinko; Volodmyr I. Dubinko; Sergey V. Dmitriev; Evgeny E. Zhurkin; Mikhail V. Sorokin;
11 Jun 2015
- - -
Torsional flexibility of B-DNA as revealed by conformational analysis.
Zhurkin, V B; Lysov, Y P; Florentiev, V L; Ivanov, V I;
- - -
Anisotropic flexibility of DNA and the nucleosomal structure.
Zhurkin, V B; Lysov, Y P; Ivanov, V I;
- - -
DNA bending and "structural" waters in major and minor grooves of A-tracts. Monte Carlo computer simulations
Alexander V. Teplukhin; Valery I. Poltev; Victor B. Zhurkin;
13 Feb 2012
- - -
Static and statistical bending of DNA evaluated by Monte Carlo simulations.
Zhurkin, V B; Ulyanov, N B; Gorin, A A; Jernigan, R L;
- - -
Periodicity in DNA primary structure is defined by secondary structure of the coded protein.
Zhurkin, V B;
- - -
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