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23 May 2022
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Results 1 to 4 of 4 for query "Van Griensven, Leo J. L. D.". (0.00 sec.)

Biomass and Biological Activity during the Production of Compost Used as a Substrate in Mushroom Cultivation
Derikx, Piet J. L.; Op Den Camp, Huub J. M.; van der Drift, Chris; Van Griensven, Leo J. L. D.; Vogels, Godfried D.;
- - -
Abr1, a Transposon-Like Element in the Genome of the Cultivated Mushroom Agaricus bisporus (Lange) Imbach
Sonnenberg, Anton S. M.; Baars, Johan J. P.; Mikosch, Thomas S. P.; Schaap, Peter J.; Van Griensven, Leo J. L. D.;
6 Jun 2005
- - -
Inoculation of Scytalidium thermophilum in Button Mushroom Compost and Its Effect on Yield
Straatsma, Gerben; Olijnsma, Tineke W.; Gerrits, Jan P. G.; Amsing, Jos G. M.; Op Den Camp, Huub J. M.; Van Griensven, Leo J. L. D.;
- - -
Ecology of Thermophilic Fungi in Mushroom Compost, with Emphasis on Scytalidium thermophilum and Growth Stimulation of Agaricus bisporus Mycelium
Straatsma, Gerben; Samson, Robert A.; Olijnsma, Tineke W.; Op Den Camp, Huub J. M.; Gerrits, Jan P. G.; Van Griensven, Leo J. L. D.;
- - -
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