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10 July 2020
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The Sucrose Transporter StSUT1 Localizes to Sieve Elements in Potato Tuber Phloem and Influences Tuber Physiology and Development1[w]
Kühn, Christina; Hajirezaei, Mohammad-Reza; Fernie, Alisdair R.; Roessner-Tunali, Ute; Czechowski, Tomasz; Hirner, Brigitte; Frommer, Wolf B.;
- - -
Rho^0 meson production in the pp ->pppi+pi- reaction at 3.67 GeV/c
F. Balestra; Y. Bedfer; R. Bertini; L.C. Bland; A. Brenschede; F. Brochard; M.P. Bussa; Seonho Choi; M.L. Colanton; R. Dressler; M. Dzemidzic; J.-Cl. Faivre; A. Ferrero; L. Ferrero; J. Foryciarz; I. Fröhlich; V. Frolov; R. Garfagnini; A. Grasso; S. Heinz; W.W. Jacobs; W. Kühn; A. Maggiora; M. Maggiora; A. Manara; D. Panzieri; H.-W. Pfaff; G. Piragino; A. Popov; J. Ritman; P. Salabura; V. Tchalyshev; F. Tosello; S.E. Vigdor; G. Zosi;
3 Sep 2002   /  Phys.Rev.Lett. 89 (2002) 092001
- - -
Functional Equations and the Generalised Elliptic Genus
H.W. Braden; K.E. Feldman;
5 Dec 2004
- - -
Four-Loop QCD Corrections to the Rho Parameter
K.G. Chetyrkin; M. Faisst; J.H. Kühn; P. Maierhoefer; C. Sturm;
18 May 2006
- - -
Molecular control of vertebrate iron metabolism: mRNA-based regulatory circuits operated by iron, nitric oxide, and oxidative stress.
Hentze, M W; Kühn, L C;
- - -
The mRNA-binding protein which controls ferritin and transferrin receptor expression is conserved during evolution.
Rothenberger, S; Müllner, E W; Kühn, L C;
- - -
Phosphodiesterase activation by photoexcited rhodopsin is quenched when rhodopsin is phosphorylated and binds the intrinsic 48-kDa protein of rod outer segments.
Wilden, U; Hall, S W; Kühn, H;
- - -
Discovery of Two T Dwarf Companions with the Spitzer Space Telescope
K. L. Luhman; B. M. Patten; M. Marengo; M. T. Schuster; J. L. Hora; R. G. Ellis; J. R. Stauffer; S. M. Sonnett; E. Winston; R. A. Gutermuth; S. T. Megeath; D. E. Backman; T. J. Henry; M. W. Werner; G. G. Fazio;
16 Sep 2006
- - -
Spin-polarized angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy of the so-predicted Kondo topological insulator SmB6
Shigemasa Suga; Kazuyuki Sakamoto; Taichi Okuda; Koji Miyamoto; Kenta Kuroda; Akira Sekiyama; Junichi Yamaguchi; Hidenori Fujiwara; Akinori Irizawa; Takahiro Ito; Shinichi Kimura; T.Balashov; W. Wulfhekel; S. Yeo; Fumitoshi Iga; Shin Imada;
30 Sep 2013
- - -
2MASS~0213+3648~C: A wide T3 benchmark companion to an an active, old M dwarf binary
N.R. Deacon; E.A. Magnier; Michael C. Liu; Joshua E. Schlieder; Kimberly M. Aller; William M.J. Best; Brendan P. Bowler; W.S. Burgett; K.C. Chambers; P.W. Draper; H. Flewelling; K.W. Hodapp; N. Kaiser; N. Metcalfe; W.E. Sweeney; R.J. Wainscoat; C. Waters;
11 Jan 2017
- - -
Structure, expression and in vitro functional characterization of a novel RNA binding zinc finger protein from Xenopus.
Köster, M; Kühn, U; Bouwmeester, T; Nietfeld, W; el-Baradi, T; Knöchel, W; Pieler, T;
- - -
Identification of the endothelial cell binding site for factor IX.
Cheung, W F; van den Born, J; Kühn, K; Kjellén, L; Hudson, B G; Stafford, D W;
- - -
Enterocolitis and colon cancer in interleukin-10-deficient mice are associated with aberrant cytokine production and CD4(+) TH1-like responses.
Berg, D J; Davidson, N; Kühn, R; Müller, W; Menon, S; Holland, G; Thompson-Snipes, L; Leach, M W; Rennick, D;
- - -
Identification of herpes simplex virus type 1 glycoproteins interacting with the cell surface.
Kühn, J E; Kramer, M D; Willenbacher, W; Wieland, U; Lorentzen, E U; Braun, R W;
- - -
Conditional gene targeting.
Rajewsky, K; Gu, H; Kühn, R; Betz, U A; Müller, W; Roes, J; Schwenk, F;
- - -
Interleukin-10 is a central regulator of the response to LPS in murine models of endotoxic shock and the Shwartzman reaction but not endotoxin tolerance.
Berg, D J; Kühn, R; Rajewsky, K; Müller, W; Menon, S; Davidson, N; Grünig, G; Rennick, D;
- - -
Ferric rhizoferrin uptake into Morganella morganii: characterization of genes involved in the uptake of a polyhydroxycarboxylate siderophore.
Kühn, S; Braun, V; Köster, W;
- - -
The H+-Sucrose Cotransporter NtSUT1 Is Essential for Sugar Export from Tobacco Leaves1
Bürkle, Lukas; Hibberd, Julian M.; Quick, W. Paul; Kühn, Christina; Hirner, Brigitte; Frommer, Wolf B.;
- - -
Expanding expression of the 5-lipoxygenase pathway within the arterial wall during human atherogenesis
Spanbroek, Rainer; Gräbner, Rolf; Lötzer, Katharina; Hildner, Markus; Urbach, Anja; Rühling, Katharina; Moos, Michael P. W.; Kaiser, Brigitte; Cohnert, Tina U.; Wahlers, Thorsten; Zieske, Arthur; Plenz, Gabriele; Robenek, Horst; Salbach, Peter; Kühn, Hartmut; Rådmark, Olof; Samuelsson, Bengt; Habenicht, Andreas J. R.;
- - -
Evaluation of Rambach agar for detection of Salmonella subspecies I to VI.
Kühn, H; Wonde, B; Rabsch, W; Reissbrodt, R;
- - -
Functional interaction of paramyxovirus glycoproteins: identification of a domain in Sendai virus HN which promotes cell fusion.
Tanabayashi, K; Compans, R W;
- - -
Antiviral immune responses in mice deficient for both interleukin-2 and interleukin-4.
Bachmann, M F; Schorle, H; Kühn, R; Müller, W; Hengartner, H; Zinkernagel, R M; Horak, I;
- - -

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