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03 July 2022
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Results 1 to 5 of 5 for query "William Fedus". (0.00 sec.)

Revisiting Fundamentals of Experience Replay
William Fedus; Prajit Ramachandran; Rishabh Agarwal; Yoshua Bengio; Hugo Larochelle; Mark Rowland; Will Dabney;
13 Jul 2020
- - -
Benchmarking Bonus-Based Exploration Methods on the Arcade Learning Environment
Adrien Ali Taïga; William Fedus; Marlos C. Machado; Aaron Courville; Marc G. Bellemare;
7 Aug 2019
- - -
Language GANs Falling Short
Massimo Caccia; Lucas Caccia; William Fedus; Hugo Larochelle; Joelle Pineau; Laurent Charlin;
8 Nov 2018
- - -
Disentangling the independently controllable factors of variation by interacting with the world
Valentin Thomas; Emmanuel Bengio; William Fedus; Jules Pondard; Philippe Beaudoin; Hugo Larochelle; Joelle Pineau; Doina Precup; Yoshua Bengio;
26 Feb 2018
- - -
First Dark Matter Search Results from a Surface Run of the 10-L DMTPC Directional Dark Matter Detector
Steven Ahlen; James B. R. Battat; Thomas Caldwell; Cosmin Deaconu; Denis Dujmic; William Fedus; Peter Fisher; Frank Golub; Shawn Henderson; Andrew Inglis; Asher Kaboth; Gordon Kohse; Richard Lanza; Albert Lee; Jeremy Lopez; Jocelyn Monroe; Timur Sahin; Gabriella Sciolla; Nikolai Skvorodnev; Hidefumi Tomita; Hermann Wellenstein; Ian Wolfe; Richard Yamamoto; Hayk Yegoryan;
15 Jun 2010
- - -
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