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30 May 2020
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Orbital Symmetry and Electron Correlation in Na_{x}CoO_2
W. B. Wu; D. J. Huang; J. Okamoto; A. Tanaka; H.-J. Lin; F. C. Chou; A. Fujimori; C. T. Chen;
21 Aug 2004
- - -
Cooper Pairing and Phase Coherence in Iron Superconductor Fe1+x(Te,Se)
J. -X. Yin; Zheng Wu; X. Huang; J. -H. Wang; Z. -Y. Ye; Rui Wu; X. -X. Wu; X. -J. Liang; H. -Q. Mao; Jian Li; Y. -Y. Zhao; C. -S. Ting; J. -P. Hu; Z. Q. Wang; P. -H. Hor; H. Ding; S. H. Pan;
16 Feb 2016
- - -
Measurement of the Target-Normal Single-Spin Asymmetry in Deep-Inelastic Scattering from the Reaction $^{3}mathrm{He}^{uparrow}(e,e')X$
J. Katich; X. Qian; Y. X. Zhao; K. Allada; K. Aniol; J. R. M. Annand; T. Averett; F. Benmokhtar; W. Bertozzi; P.C. Bradshaw; P. Bosted; A. Camsonne; M. Canan; G. D. Cates; C. Chen; J.-P. Chen; W. Chen; K. Chirapatpimol; E. Chudakov; E. Cisbani; J.C. Cornejo; F. Cusanno; M. M. Dalton; W. Deconinck; C. W. de Jager; R. De Leo; X. Deng; A. Deur; H. Ding; P. A. M. Dolph; C. Dutta; D. Dutta; L. El Fassi; S. Frullani; H. Gao; F. Garibaldi; D. Gaskell; S. Gilad; R. Gilman; O. Glamazdin; S. Golge; L. Guo; D. Hamilton; O. Hansen; D. W. Higinbotham; T. Holmstrom; J. Huang; M. Huang; H. F. Ibrahim; M. Iodice; X. Jiang; G. Jin; M. K. Jones; A. Kelleher; W. Kim; A. Kolarkar; W. Korsch; J. J. LeRose; X. Li; Y. Li; R. Lindgren; N. Liyanage; E. Long; H.-J. Lu; D.J. Margaziotis; P. Markowitz; S. Marrone; D. McNulty; Z.-E. Meziani; R. Michaels; B. Moffit; C. Muńoz Camacho; S. Nanda; A. Narayan; V. Nelyubin; B. Norum; Y. Oh; M. Osipenko; D. Parno; J. C. Peng; S. K. Phillips; M. Posik; A. J. R. Puckett; Y. Qiang; A. Rakhman; R. D. Ransome; S. Riordan; A. Saha; B. Sawatzky; E. Schulte; A. Shahinyan; M. H. Shabestari; S. Širca; S. Stepanyan; R. Subedi; V. Sulkosky; L.-G. Tang; A. Tobias; G. M. Urciuoli; I. Vilardi; K. Wang; Y. Wang; B. Wojtsekhowski; X. Yan; H. Yao; Y. Ye; Z. Ye; L. Yuan; X. Zhan; Y. Zhang; Y.-W. Zhang; B. Zhao; X. Zheng; L. Zhu; X. Zhu; X. Zong;
1 Nov 2013
- - -
Nature of Orbital Ordering in La_0.5Sr_1.5MnO_4 is Studied by Soft X-ray Linear Dichroism
D. J. Huang; W. B. Wu; G. Y. Guo; H-J Lin; T. Y. Hou; C. F. Chang; C. T. Chen; A. Fujimori; Kimura; H. B. Huang; A. Tanaka; T. Jo;
30 Dec 2003
- - -
Clusters of galaxies among ROSAT blank field sources
I. Cagnoni; M. Elvis; D.-W. Kim; P. Mazzotta; J.-S. Huang; A. Celotti;
24 May 2001
- - -
A Possible Evolutionary Connection between AGN and Starburst in LINERs
S.J. Lei; J.H. Huang; W. Zheng; L. Ji; Q.S.Gu;
22 Sep 2000
- - -
Studies of h/e Aharonov-Bohm Photovoltaic Oscillations in Mesoscopic Au Rings
R.E. Bartolo; N. Giordano; X. Huang; G.H. Bernstein;
20 Sep 1996
- - -
Correlation of the Superconducting Critical Temperature with Spin and Orbital Excitation Energies In (Ca{x}La{1-x})(Ba{1.75-x}La{0.25+x})Cu{3}O{y} as Measured by Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering
David Shai Ellis; Yao-Bo Huang; Paul Olalde-Velasco; Marcus Dantz; Jonanthan Pelliciari; Gil Drachuck; Rinat Ofer; Galina Bazalitsky; Jorge Berger; Thorsten Schmitt; Amit Keren;
9 Aug 2015
- - -
The cleavage surface of the BaFe_(2-x)Co_(x)As_(2) and Fe_(y)Se_(1-x)Te_(x) superconductors: from diversity to simplicity
F. Massee; S. de Jong; Y. Huang; J. Kaas; E. van Heumen; J.B. Goedkoop; M.S. Golden;
31 Jul 2009
- - -
X-ray flares: late internal and late external shocks
X. F. Wu; Z. G. Dai; X. Y. Wang; Y. F. Huang; L. L. Feng; T. Lu;
22 Dec 2005
- - -
Investigation of superconducting and normal-state properties of the filled-skutterudite system PrPt$_{4}$Ge$_{12-x}$Sb$_{x}$
I. Jeon; K. Huang; D. Yazici; N. Kanchanavatee; B. D. White; P.-C. Ho; S. Jang; N. Pouse; M. B. Maple;
8 Mar 2016
- - -
Photoemission and X-ray Absorption Studies of the Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor Ba$_{1-y}$K$_{y}$(Zn$_{1-x}$Mn$_{x}$)$_{2}$As$_{2}$ Isostructural to Fe-based Superconductors
H. Suzuki; K. Zhao; G. Shibata; Y. Takahashi; S. Sakamoto; K. Yoshimatsu; B. J. Chen; H. Kumigashira; F.-H. Chang; H.-J. Lin; D. J. Huang; C. T. Chen; Bo Gu; S. Maekawa; Y. J. Uemura; C. Q. Jin; A. Fujimori;
9 Oct 2014
- - -
Superconducting and non-superconducting stripe phases in hole-doped Ca{2-x}Na{x}CuO{2}Cl{2} (x=1/8,1/16,1/4) superconductor
Xiuqing Huang;
26 May 2008
- - -
Superconducting Order from Disorder in 2H-TaSe$_{2-x}$S$_{x}$ (0$leq$x$leq$2)
Lijun Li; A. M. Milinda Abeykoon; Xiaoyu Deng; E. Dooryhee; A. Tomic; Yanan Huang; J. B. Warren; E. S. Bozin; S. J .L. Billinge; Y. P. Sun; G. Kotliar; C. Petrovic;
22 Aug 2016
- - -
Existence, character and origin of surface-related bands in the high temperature iron pnictide superconductor BaFe_{2-x}Co_{x}As_{2}
Erik van Heumen; Johannes Vuorinen; Klaus Koepernik; Freek Massee; Yingkai Huang; Ming Shi; Jesse Klei; Jeroen Goedkoop; Matti Lindroos; Jeroen van den Brink; Mark S. Golden;
17 Sep 2010
- - -
Possible link of a structurally driven spin flip transition and the insulator-metal transition in the perovskite La$_{1-x}$Ba$_{x}$CoO$_{3}$
Peng Tong; Juan Yu; Qingzhen Huang; Kazuyoshi Yamada; Despina Louca;
25 Mar 2010
- - -
Pairing Mechanism and Charge Stripes in La$_{2-x}$Sr$_{x}$CuO$_{4}$: A Real Space Approach
X. Q. Huang;
7 Jun 2006
- - -
Thermoelectric power of Bi and Bi(1-x)Te(x), x=0.0014,in porous Vycor glass
T.E. Huber; A. Nikolaeva; A. Gitsu; D. Konopko; M. J. Graf; J. Huang;
5 Nov 2003
- - -
Electronic structure of single-crystalline Mg(x)Al(1-x)B(2)
S. Schuppler; E. Pellegrin; N. Nuecker; T. Mizokawa; M. Merz; D. A. Arena; J. Dvorak; Y. U. Idzerda; D.-J. Huang; C.-F. Cheng; K.-P. Bohnen; R. Heid; P. Schweiss; Th. Wolf;
11 May 2002
- - -
Effect of disorder in the charge-density-wave compounds LaTe$_{1.95}$ and CeTe$_{1.95-x}$Se$_x$ (x=0 and 0.16) as revealed by optical spectroscopy
Y. Huang; B. F. Hu; T. Dong; A. F. Fang; P. Zheng; N. L. Wang;
8 Nov 2012
- - -
Structure modulation and superconductivity in Se deficient FeSe_{x} single crystals
C. L. Chen; S. M. Rao; C. L. Dong; J. L. Chen; T. W. Huang; B. H. Mok; M. C. Ling; W. C. Wang; C. L. Chang; T. S. Chan; J. F. Lee; J.-H. Guo; M. K. Wu;
5 May 2010
- - -
Electronic structure of Ga$_{1-x}$Cr$_{x}$N and Si-doping effects studied by photoemission and X-ray absorption spectroscopy
G. S. Song; M. Kobayashi; J. I. Hwang; T. Kataoka; M. Takizawa; A. Fujimori; T. Ohkouchi; Y. Takeda; T. Okane; Y. Saitoh; H. Yamagami; F.-H. Chang; L. Lee; H.-J. Lin; D. J. Huang; C. T. Chen; S. Kimura; M. Funakoshi; S. Hasegawa; H. Asahi;
21 May 2008
- - -
Quantum criticality in a partially geometrically frustrated heavy-fermion system: CePd(1-x)Ni(x)Al
V. Fritsch; N. Bagrets; G. Goll; W. Kittler; M. J. Wolf; K. Grube; C.-L. Huang; H. v. Löhneysen;
25 Jan 2013
- - -
Antiferromagnetic order and superlattice structure in nonsuperconducting and superconducting RbyFe(1.6+x)Se2
Meng Wang; Miaoyin Wang; G.N.Li; Q.Huang; C.H.Li; G.T.Tan; C.L.Zhang; Huibo Cao; Wei Tian; Yang Zhao; Y.C.Chen; X.Y.Lu; Bin Sheng; H.Q.Luo; S.L.Li; M.H.Fang; J.L.Zarestky; W.Ratcliff; M.D.Lumsden; J.W.Lynn; Pengcheng Dai;
14 Aug 2011
- - -
Lattice distortion and magnetic quantum phase transition in CeFeAs(1-x)P(x)O
Clarina de la Cruz; W. Z. Hu; Shiliang Li; Q. Huang; J. W. Lynn; M. A. Green; G. F. Chen; N. L. Wang; H. A. Mook; Qimiao Si; Pengcheng Dai;
16 Jul 2009
- - -
Low temperature heat capacity of Fe_{1-x}Ga_{x} alloys with large magneostriction
J. M. Hill; R. J. McQueeney; Ruqian Wu; K. Dennis; R. W. McCallum; M. Huang; T. A. Lograsso;
10 Aug 2007
- - -
Quantum oscillations of the topological surface states in low carrier concentration crystals of Bi$_{2-x}$Sb$_{x}$Te$_{3-y}$Se$_{y}$
Y. Pan; A. M. Nikitin; D. Wu; Y. K. Huang; A. Puri; S. Wiedmann; U. Zeitler; E. Frantzeskakis; E. van Heumen; M. S. Golden; A. de Visser;
25 Nov 2015
- - -
Low carrier concentration crystals of the topological insulator Bi$_{2-x}$Sb$_{x}$Te$_{3-y}$Se$_{y}$: a magnetotransport study
Y. Pan; D. Wu; J.R. Angevaare; H. Luigjes; E. Frantzeskakis; N. de Jong; E. van Heumen; B. Zwartsenberg; Y.K. Huang; M. Snelder; A. Brinkman; M.S. Golden; A. de Visser;
10 Nov 2014
- - -
Pseudogap-less high T$_{c}$ superconductivity in BaCo$_{x}$Fe$_{2-x}$As$_{2}$
F. Massee; Y. K. Huang; J. Kaas; E. van Heumen; S. de Jong; R. Huisman; H. Luigjes; J. B. Goedkoop; M. S. Golden;
24 Sep 2010
- - -
Determination of Superconducting Gap of SmFeAsFxO1-x Superconductors by Andreev Reflection Spectroscopy
T. Y. Chen; S. X. Huang; Z. Tesanovic; R. H. Liu; X. H. Chen; C. L. Chien;
23 Feb 2009
- - -

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