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24 September 2021
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On the Insignificance of Photochemical Hydrocarbon Aerosols in the Atmospheres of Close-in Extrasolar Giant Planets
Mao-Chang Liang; Sara Seager; Christopher D. Parkinson; Anthony Y.-T . Lee; Yuk L. Yung;
25 Feb 2004   /  Astrophys.J. 605 (2004) L61-L64
- - -
Structure and Composition of Pluto's atmosphere from the New Horizons Solar Ultraviolet Occultation
Leslie A. Young; Joshua A. Kammer; Andrew J. Steffl; G. Randall Gladstone; Michael E. Summers; Darrell F. Strobel; David P. Hinson; S. Alan Stern; Harold A. Weaver; Catherine B. Olkin; Kimberly Ennico; David J. McComas; Andrew F. Cheng; Peter Gao; Panayotis Lavvas; Ivan R. Linscott; Michael L. Wong; Yuk L. Yung; Nathanial Cunningham; Michael Davis; Joel Wm. Parker; Eric Schindhelm; Oswald H.W. Siegmund; John Stone; Kurt Retherford; Maarten Versteeg;
5 Apr 2017
- - -
Constraints on the Microphysics of Pluto's Photochemical Haze from New Horizons Observations
Peter Gao; Siteng Fan; Michael L. Wong; Mao-Chang Liang; Run-Lie Shia; Joshua A. Kammer; Yuk L. Yung; Michael E. Summers; G. Randall Gladstone; Leslie A. Young; Catherine B. Olkin; Kimberly Ennico; Harold A. Weaver; S. Alan Stern; New Horizons Science Team;
6 Oct 2016
- - -
The Atmosphere of Pluto as Observed by New Horizons
G. Randall Gladstone; S. Alan Stern; Kimberly Ennico; Catherine B. Olkin; Harold A. Weaver; Leslie A. Young; Michael E. Summers; Darrell F. Strobel; David P. Hinson; Joshua A. Kammer; Alex H. Parker; Andrew J. Steffl; Ivan R. Linscott; Joel Wm. Parker; Andrew F. Cheng; David C. Slater; Maarten H. Versteeg; Thomas K. Greathouse; Kurt D. Retherford; Henry Throop; Nathaniel J. Cunningham; William W. Woods; Kelsi N. Singer; Constantine C. C. Tsang; Eric Schindhelm; Carey M. Lisse; Michael L. Wong; Yuk L. Yung; Xun Zhu; Werner Curdt; Panayotis Lavvas; Eliot F. Young; G. Leonard Tyler; New Horizons Science Team;
18 Apr 2016
- - -
Tracing the fate of carbon and the atmospheric evolution of Mars
Renyu Hu; David M. Kass; Bethany L. Ehlmann; Yuk L. Yung;
2 Dec 2015
- - -
The Improvement of the Air Quality due to Traffic Halting in Los Angeles and Potential Health Care Risk during the COVID-19 Outbreak
Jiani Yang; Yuan Wang; Joseph Pinto; Le Kuai; King-Fai Li; Stanley P Sander; Yuk L Yung;
2 Nov 2020
- - -
Remote sensing of angular scattering effect of aerosols in a North American megacity
Zhao-Cheng Zeng; Feng Xu; Vijay Natraj; Thomas J. Pongetti; Run-Lie Shia; Qiong Zhang; Stanley P. Sander; Yuk L. Yung;
18 Jul 2019
- - -
Retrieval of Chemical Abundances in Titan's Upper Atmosphere from Cassini UVIS Observations with Pointing Motion
Siteng Fan; Donald E. Shemansky; Cheng Li; Peter Gao; Linfeng Wan; Yuk L. Yung;
5 Jun 2019
- - -
A Multiple Scattering Polarized Radiative Transfer Model: Application to HD 189733b
Pushkar Kopparla; Vijay Natraj; Xi Zhang; Mark R. Swain; Sloane J. Wiktorowicz; Yuk L. Yung;
8 Dec 2015
- - -
Reflected Light Curves, Spherical and Bond Albedos of Jupiter- and Saturn-like Exoplanets
Ulyana Dyudina; Xi Zhang; Liming Li; Pushkar Kopparla; Yuk L. Yung; Andrew P. Ingersoll; Luke Dones;
10 Nov 2015
- - -
Helium Atmospheres on Warm Neptune- and Sub-Neptune-Sized Exoplanets and Applications to GJ 436 b
Renyu Hu; Sara Seager; Yuk L. Yung;
9 May 2015
- - -
Stabilization of CO2 Atmospheres on Exoplanets around M Dwarf Stars
Peter Gao; Renyu Hu; Tyler D. Robinson; Cheng Li; Yuk L. Yung;
27 Jan 2015
- - -
Thermochemistry and Photochemistry in Cooler Hydrogen Dominated Extrasolar Planets: The Case of GJ436b
Michael R Line; Gautam Vasisht; Pin Chen; D. Angerhausen; Yuk. L. Yung;
16 Apr 2011
- - -
High Temperature Photochemistry in the Atmosphere of HD189733b
Michael R. Line; Mao-Chang Liang; Yuk L. Yung;
23 Apr 2010
- - -
Catalytic Processes in the Atmospheres of Earth and Venus
W B Demore; Yuk L Yung;
24 Sep 1982   /  Science, 217 (4566), 1209-1213
- - -
Ethane Ocean on Titan
Jonathan I Lunine; David J Stevenson; Yuk L Yung;
16 Dec 1983   /  Science, 222 (4629), 1229-1230
- - -
Acetylene on Titan
Jonathan I Lunine; David J Stevenson; Yuk L Yung;
16 Mar 1984   /  Science, 223 (4641), 1131
- - -
Ultraviolet imaging spectroscopy shows an active saturnian system
Larry W Esposito; Joshua E Colwell; Kristopher Larsen; William E McClintock; A Ian F Stewart; Janet Tew Hallett; Donald E Shemansky; Joseph M Ajello; Candice J Hansen; Amanda R Hendrix; Robert A West; H Uwe Keller; Axel Korth; Wayne R Pryor; Ralf Reulke; Yuk L Yung;
25 Feb 2005   /  Science, 307 (5713), 1251-5
- - -
Photolytically generated aerosols in the mesosphere and thermosphere of Titan
Mao-Chang Liang; Yuk L. Yung; Donald E. Shemansky;
1 May 2007
- - -
Meridional Transport in the Stratosphere of Jupiter
Mao-Chang Liang; Run-Lie Shia; Anthony Y.-T. Lee; Mark Allen; A. James Friedson; Yuk L. Yung;
2 Dec 2005   /  Astrophys.J. 635 (2005) L177-L180
- - -

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