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24 January 2021
  » arxiv » cond-mat/0404397

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Non-Markovian Effects on the Two-Dimensional Magnetotransport: Low-field Anomaly in Magnetoresistance
Vadim V. Cheianov ; A.P. Dmitriev ; V.Yu. Kachorovskii ;
Date 16 Apr 2004
Subject Mesoscopic Systems and Quantum Hall Effect | cond-mat.mes-hall
AbstractWe discuss classical magnetotransport in a two-dimensional system with strong scatterers. Even in the limit of very low field, when $omega_c au ll 1$ ($omega_c$ is the cyclotron frequency, $ au$ is the scattering time) such a system demonstrates strong negative magnetoresistance caused by non-Markovian memory effects. A regular method for the calculation of non-Markovian corrections to the Drude conductivity is presented. A quantitative theory of the recently discovered anomalous low-field magnetoresistance is developed for the system of two-dimensional electrons scattered by hard disks of radius $a,$ randomly distributed with concentration $n.$ For small magnetic fields the magentoresistance is found to be parabolic and inversely proportional to the gas parameter, $ delta ho_{xx}/ ho sim - (omega_c au)^2 / n a^2.$ In some interval of magnetic fields the magnetoresistance is shown to be linear $delta ho_{xx}/ ho sim - omega_c au $ in a good agreement with the experiment and numerical simulations. Magnetoresistance saturates for $omega_c au gg na^2$, when the anomalous memory effects are totally destroyed by the magnetic field. We also discuss magnetotransport at very low fields and show that at such fields magnetoresistance is determined by the trajectories having a long Lyapunov region.
Source arXiv, cond-mat/0404397
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