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14 June 2024
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 Informations and FAQ about Science-advisor Scientific Search Engine and Online Forum

> is a free search engine addressed to researchers and students.

> is a scientific database where researchers or students can search for scientific literature, and at the same time can freely and anonymously discuss and review research articles. The search engine uses also metadata harvested following the open archives initiative protocol.

> Get alerted when an article is publishe in your field of interest.

> You can search and download all articles of (physics, mathematics, computer science), PubMedCentral (biology, medicine) and some important contributions from PubMed.

> is online since september 2005.



 * Access to relevant information: the quantity of research reports and articles has been increasing enormously during the last decades. Hence, there is a need to help researchers to find scientific articles that are interesting for their work.

 * A working tool: each article has its own forum or discussion page.

 * Daily Alerts: receive alerts when a new article or preprint is downloaded.

 * Fast search : performance the search engine is very high and allow complex queries.


Who can use

 * Everybody has free and anonymous access to You only need to register in order to post messages.



 * Avoid to open several user accounts at the same time.

 * It is forbidden to comment your own articles.

 * Undiscriminated download from this site is not permitted.

 * Rankings are not absolute! It is only possible to compare similar articles in the same research area. It is often preferable to consider ranking as an indicator rather than an absolute measure of the quality. For example, a review cannot have the maximum rank since it rarely reports new facts. However, there are excellent reviews!



 * All personal data are confidential and will never be transmitted to anyone outside Science-advisor.

 * Passwords of users are encrypted with sha1 keys of 160 bits.

 * If you choose to display your email, it will be protected against spammers.
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