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28 September 2021
  » arxiv » hep-th/9907202

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T-Duality in the Green-Schwarz Formalism, and the Massless/Massive IIA Duality Map
M. Cvetic ; H. Lu ; C.N. Pope ; K.S. Stelle ;
Date 28 Jul 1999
Journal Nucl.Phys. B573 (2000) 149-176
Subject hep-th
AbstractWe derive a component-field expansion of the Green-Schwarz action for the type IIA string, in an arbitrary background of massless NS-NS and R-R bosonic fields, up to quadratic order in the fermionic coordinates heta. Using this action, we extend the usual derivation of Buscher T-duality rules to include not only NS-NS, but also R-R fields. Our implementation of the T-duality transformation rules makes use of adapted background-field parametrizations, which provide a more geometrically natural and elegant description for the duality maps than the ones previously presented. These T-duality rules allow us to derive the Green-Schwarz action for the type IIB string in an arbitrary background of massless NS-NS and R-R bosonic fields, up to O( heta^2). Implemention of another T-duality transformation on this type IIB action then allows us also to derive the Green-Schwarz action for the massive IIA string. By further considering T-duality transformations for backgrounds with the two U(1) isometries of a 2-torus, we give a string-theoretic derivation of the direct T-duality relation between the massless and massive type IIA strings. In addition, we give an explicit construction of the D=8 SL(3,R)xSL(2,R) invariant supergravity with two mass parameters that form a doublet under the SL(2,R) factor.
Source arXiv, hep-th/9907202
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