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08 July 2020
  » arxiv » astro-ph/0006343

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Resolving the Structure of Cold Dark Matter Halos II
Anatoly Klypin ; Andrey V. Kravtsov ; James Bullock ; Joel Primack ;
Date 24 Jun 2000
Subject astro-ph
AffiliationNMSU), Andrey V. Kravtsov (Ohio State), James Bullock (Ohio State), and Joel Primack (UCSC
AbstractWe study the effects of mass and force resolution on the density profiles of galaxy-size Cold Dark Matter (CDM) halos in a flat, low-density cosmological model with vacuum energy. We show thatalthough increasing the mass and force resolution allows us to probe deeper into the inner halo regions, it does not lead to steeper inner density profiles. Instead, the halo profiles converge at scales larger than four times the formal resolution or the radius containing more than 200 particles, whichever is larger. In the simulations presented in this paper, we are able to probe density profile of a relaxed isolated galaxy-size halo at scales r=(0.005-1)r_vir. We find that the density distribution can be well approximated by the profile suggested by Moore etal (1998): rho= x^{-1.5}(1+x^{1.5})^-1, where x=r/r_s and r_s is the characteristic radius. The analytical profile proposed by Navarro et al. (1996) rho= x^{-1}(1+x)^-2, also provides a good fit, with the same relative errors of about 10% for radii larger than 1% of the virial radius. Both analytical profiles fit equally well because for high-concentration galaxy-size halos the differences between these profiles become significant only at scales well below 0.01r_vir. We also find that halos of similar mass may have somewhat different parameters (characteristic radius, maximum rotation velocity, etc.) and shapes of their density profiles. We associate this scatter in properties with differences in halo merger histories and the amount of substructure present in the analyzed halos.
Source arXiv, astro-ph/0006343
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