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22 May 2024

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astro-ph/0610016 The Fundamental Properties of Galaxies and a New Galaxy Classification System
astro-ph/0610017 Jet radio emission in Cygnus X-1 and its orbital modulation
astro-ph/0610018 Broadband UBVRI Photometry of Horizontal-Branch and Metal-Poor Candidates from the HK and Hamburg/ESO Surveys. I
astro-ph/0610019 HST and FUSE Spectroscopy of the DAO-type Central Star LS V+4621
astro-ph/0610020 FUSE Spectroscopy of the DAO-type Central Star LS V+4621: Looking for the Photosphere in the Sea of Interstellar Absorption
astro-ph/0610021 Evolution of Ultramassive Stars
astro-ph/0610022 Relativistic Reference Frames for Astrometry and Navigation in the Solar System
astro-ph/0610023 The Effect of Neutrino Radiation on Magnetorotational Instability in Proto-Neutron Stars
astro-ph/0610024 Suzaku Observation of Diffuse X-ray Emission from the Carina Nebula
astro-ph/0610025 Long-term evolution of the asteroid orbits at the 3:1 mean motion resonance with Jupiter (planar problem)
astro-ph/0610026 Reconstructing Dark Energy
astro-ph/0610027 Abundant dust found in intergalactic space
astro-ph/0610028 The secrets of T Pyx: I. UV observations
astro-ph/0610029 The data acquisition system for the ANTARES neutrino telescope
astro-ph/0610030 Dust coagulation in protoplanetary disks: porosity matters
astro-ph/0610031 A primer on hierarchical galaxy formation: the semi-analytical approach
astro-ph/0610032 Gamma rays from molecular clouds
astro-ph/0610033 Experimental Mg I oscillator strengths and radiative lifetimes for astrophysical applications on metal-poor stars - New data for the Mg I b triplet
astro-ph/0610034 Probing the nature of dark matter with Cosmic X-rays: Constraints from "Dark blobs" and grating spectra of galaxy clusters
astro-ph/0610035 Artificial variability in XMM-Newton observations of X-ray sources: M31 as a case study
astro-ph/0610036 Electromagnetic Excitation of Rotating Black Holes and Relativistic Jets
astro-ph/0610037 Warm SiO gas in molecular bullets associated with protostellar outflows
astro-ph/0610038 The dark matter halos of massive, relaxed galaxy clusters observed with Chandra
astro-ph/0610039 The minimum mass for star formation, and the origin of binary brown dwarfs
astro-ph/0610040 On the interactions of turbulent convection and rotation in RGB stars
astro-ph/0610041 Chemically Tagging the HR1614 Moving Group
astro-ph/0610042 Kinetically Dominated FRII Radio Sources
astro-ph/0610043 On the Redshift Distribution of Gamma Ray Bursts in the Swift Era
astro-ph/0610044 The Extinction and Distance of Maffei 2 and a New View of the IC 342/Maffei Group
astro-ph/0610045 Diffuse stellar component in galaxy clusters and the evolution of the most massive galaxies at z<~1
astro-ph/0610046 Discovery of Radio Emission from the Tight M8 Binary: LP 349-25
astro-ph/0610047 Tidal Dwarf Galaxies as Laboratories of Star Formation and Cosmology
astro-ph/0610048 Detection of HCO+ Emission toward the Planetary Nebula K 3-35
astro-ph/0610049 CZT in Space Based Hard-X-ray Astronomy
astro-ph/0610050 Near-infrared polarimetry and modelling of the dusty young PN IRAS 19306+1407
astro-ph/0610051 Fundamental differences between SPH and grid methods
astro-ph/0610052 Solar abundances and helioseismology: fine structure spacings and separation ratios of low-degree p modes
astro-ph/0610053 Origin of the Black Hole Mass - Bulge Velocity Dispersion Relation: A Critical Surface Density For Disk Accretion
astro-ph/0610054 Higher Order Contributions to the 21 cm Power Spectrum
astro-ph/0610055 [Ne V] Imaging of N49 in the Large Magellanic Cloud
astro-ph/0610056 Constraining TeVeS Gravity as Effective Dark Matter and Dark Energy
astro-ph/0610057 Star Formation in a Cosmological Simulation of Reionization
astro-ph/0610058 GQ Lup B Visible & Near-Infrared Photometric Analysis
astro-ph/0610059 A general solution to the E-B mixing problem
astro-ph/0610060 Discovery of Water Maser Emission in Five AGN and a Possible Correlation Between Water Maser and Nuclear 2-10 keV Luminosities
astro-ph/0610061 A New Survey for Giant Arcs
astro-ph/0610062 DUNE: The Dark Universe Explorer
astro-ph/0610063 Whether can the decision of the orthopositronium problem to stimulate studying the problem of a dark matter in the Universe?
astro-ph/0610064 Nonlinear perturbations of cosmological scalar fields
astro-ph/0610065 The chemical composition of the Galactic regions M8 and M17. A revision based on deep VLT echelle spectrophotometry
astro-ph/0610066 A Polarimetric Study of the B[e] star HD 45677
astro-ph/0610067 The prompt emission & peculiar break of GRB 060124
astro-ph/0610068 Empirical strong-line oxygen abundance calibrations from galaxies with electron temperature measurements
astro-ph/0610069 Magnetic confinement of the solar tachocline
astro-ph/0610070 First Results from the XMM-Newton Slew Survey
astro-ph/0610071 Soft Gamma Repeaters and Short Gamma Ray Bursts: making magnetars from WD-WD mergers
astro-ph/0610072 Simulations of core convection in rotating A-type stars: Magnetic dynamo action
astro-ph/0610073 Global-Scale Turbulent Convection and Magnetic Dynamo Action in the Solar Envelope
astro-ph/0610074 Constraining hybrid inflation models with WMAP three-year results
astro-ph/0610075 Midplane sedimentation of large solid bodies in turbulent protoplanetary discs
astro-ph/0610076 Constraining population synthesis models via observations of compact-object binaries and supernovae
astro-ph/0610077 New Abundances for Old Stars - Atomic Diffusion at Work in NGC 6397
astro-ph/0610078 The iron K feature in Narrow Line Seyfert 1’s: evidence for a P Cygni profile?
astro-ph/0610079 The Mass Distribution of the Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae in the Large Magellanic Cloud
astro-ph/0610080 Molecular gas in Arp 94: Implications for intergalactic star formation
astro-ph/0610081 Discovery of Carbon/Oxygen depleted Blue Straggler Stars in 47 Tucanae: the chemical signature of a mass-transfer formation process
astro-ph/0610082 Mean-motion resonances in satellite-disc interactions
astro-ph/0610083 Mapping molecular emission in Vela Molecular Ridge Cloud D
astro-ph/0610084 Late Light Curves of Normal Type Ia Supernovae
astro-ph/0610085 Massive binaries in high-mass star-forming regions: A multi-epoch radial velocity survey of embedded O-stars
astro-ph/0610086 Detection of the Irradiated Donor in the LMXBs 4U 1636-536 (=V801 Ara) and 4U 1735-444 (=V926 Sco)
astro-ph/0610087 Jets and Disk-Winds from Pulsar Magnetospheres
astro-ph/0610088 Ram Pressure Stripping in Clusters and Groups
astro-ph/0610089 Ram Pressure Stripping in Groups: Comparing Theory and Observations
astro-ph/0610090 Evolution of Characteristic Quantities for Dark Matter Halo Density Profiles
astro-ph/0610091 Solar X-ray Flare Hazards on the Surface of Mars
astro-ph/0610092 Crossing the Phantom Divide: Theoretical Implications and Observational Status
astro-ph/0610093 The effect of Semi-Collisional Accretion on Planetary Spins
astro-ph/0610094 The Morphology of HII Regions during Reionization
astro-ph/0610095 Luminous Blue Variables as the progenitors of supernovae with quasi-periodic radio modulations
astro-ph/0610096 Optical Spectroscopy of 2MASS Color-Selected Ultracool Subdwarfs
astro-ph/0610097 Performance Modeling of a Wide Field Ground Layer Adaptive Optics System
astro-ph/0610098 Transiting extrasolar planetary candidates in the Galactic bulge
astro-ph/0610099 The dependence of dark halo clustering on the formation epoch and the concentration parameter
astro-ph/0610100 Is Gravity the Culprit for Volcanic Eruptions?
astro-ph/0610101 Spitzer Observations of GD 362 and Other Metal-Rich White Dwarfs
astro-ph/0610102 Transience of hot dust around sun-like stars
astro-ph/0610103 Polarimetry of near-infrared flares from Sagittarius A*
astro-ph/0610104 Near-infrared polarimetry setting constraints on the orbiting spot model for Sgr A* flares
astro-ph/0610105 WFCAM, Spitzer-IRAC and SCUBA observations of the massive star forming region DR21/W75: II. Stellar content and star formation
astro-ph/0610106 The coronal structure of Speedy Mic - II: Prominence masses and off-disc emission
astro-ph/0610107 Simulations of the interaction of cold gas with radio jets
astro-ph/0610108 Mass transfer during low mass X-ray transient decays
astro-ph/0610109 Galactic longitude dependent Galactic model parameters
astro-ph/0610110 CMB Anisotropies at Second-Order II: Analytical Approach
astro-ph/0610111 3-D hydrodynamic simulations of convection in A stars
astro-ph/0610112 Is the X-ray spectrum of the narrow emission line QSO PG1211+143 defined by its energetic outflow?
astro-ph/0610113 Secular Evolution of Disc Galaxies and of their Components
astro-ph/0610114 The Westerbork SINGS Survey: I. Overview and Image Atlas
astro-ph/0610115 Observations of High-Redshift X-Ray Selected Clusters with the Sunyaev-Zel’dovich Array
astro-ph/0610116 Small Scale Systems of Galaxies. III. X-ray detected E+S galaxy pairs in low density environments
astro-ph/0610117 Relativistic blue- and red-shifted absorption lines in AGNs
astro-ph/0610118 Monte-Carlo Simulator and Ancillary Response Generator of Suzaku XRT/XIS System for Spatially Extended Source Analysis
astro-ph/0610119 Photometric and kinematical study of nearby groups of galaxies around IC 65 and NGC 6962
astro-ph/0610120 In-situ acceleration of subrelativistic electrons in the Coma halo and the halo’s influence on the Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect
astro-ph/0610121 X-ray accretion signatures in the close CTTS binary V4046 Sgr
astro-ph/0610122 Radius and Structure models for the First Super-Earth Planet
astro-ph/0610123 Correction of SOHO CELIAS/SEM EUV Measurements saturated by extreme solar flare events
astro-ph/0610124 On the Environment of Powerful Radio Galaxies at z>0.5
astro-ph/0610125 The Cosmology of a Universe with Spontaneously-Broken Lorentz Symmetry
astro-ph/0610126 Present and future evidence for evolving dark energy
astro-ph/0610127 Optimal Surveys for Weak Lensing Tomography
astro-ph/0610128 Influence of atomic polarization and horizontal illumination on the Stokes profiles of the He I 10830 multiplet
astro-ph/0610129 Bayesian Single-Epoch Photometric Classification of Supernovae
astro-ph/0610130 Coexistence of Self-Organized Criticality and Intermittent Turbulence in the Solar Corona
astro-ph/0610131 Extremely violent optical microvariability in blazars: fact or fiction?
astro-ph/0610132 Influence of random fluctuations in the Lambda-effect on meridional flow and differential rotation
astro-ph/0610133 Transport of toroidal magnetic field by the meridional flow at the base of the solar convection zone
astro-ph/0610134 Probing the Dark Matter and Gas Fraction in Relaxed Galaxy Groups with X-ray observations from Chandra and XMM
astro-ph/0610135 The X-Ray Concentration-Virial Mass Relation
astro-ph/0610136 Time-dependence Effects in Photospheric-Phase Type II Supernova Spectra
astro-ph/0610137 VLBA Observations of G5.89-0.39: OH masers and magnetic field structure
astro-ph/0610138 Searching for the first galaxies through gravitational lenses
astro-ph/0610139 Hadronic model for radio-to-TeV gamma-ray emission from PSR B1259-63
astro-ph/0610140 New brown dwarfs in Upper Sco using UKIDSS Galactic Cluster Survey science verification data
astro-ph/0610141 Fermi acceleration in astrophysical jets
astro-ph/0610142 The host galaxies of radio-quiet quasars at 0.5<z<1.0
astro-ph/0610143 Type Ia SNe along redshift: the R(Si II) ratio and the expansion velocities in intermediate z supernovae
astro-ph/0610144 Anisotropy of Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence and Polarization of the Spectral Lines of Molecules
astro-ph/0610145 SDSS J160531.84+174826.1: A Dwarf Disk Galaxy With An Intermediate-Mass Black Hole
astro-ph/0610146 A systematic survey for infrared star clusters with b <20deg using 2MASS
astro-ph/0610147 K-band polarimetry of an Sgr A* flare with a clear sub-flare structure
astro-ph/0610148 Spectropolarimetric Study on Circumstellar Structure of Microquasar LS I +61deg 303
astro-ph/0610149 Tests of stellar model atmospheres by optical interferometry III: NPOI and VINCI interferometry of the M0 giant gamma Sge covering 0.5 - 2.2 microns
astro-ph/0610150 Tests of stellar model atmospheres by optical interferometry IV: VINCI interferometry and UVES spectroscopy of Menkar
astro-ph/0610151 Statistics of relativistically broadened Fe K-alpha lines in AGN
astro-ph/0610152 A New Population of Planetary Nebulae Discovered in the Large Magellanic Cloud (II): Complete PN Catalogue
astro-ph/0610153 Velocity Distributions from Nonextensive Thermodynamics
astro-ph/0610154 XMM-Newton observation of the NLS1 Galaxy Ark 564: I. Spectral analysis of the time-average spectrum
astro-ph/0610155 Angular power spectrum of gamma-ray sources for GLAST: blazars and clusters of galaxies
astro-ph/0610156 The role of reconnection in the pulsar magnetosphere
astro-ph/0610157 X-ray Flashes or soft Gamma-ray Bursts? The case of the likely distant XRF 040912
astro-ph/0610158 A new symbiotic low mass X-ray binary system: 4U 1954+319
astro-ph/0610159 A limit on the presence of Earth-mass planets around a Sun-like star
astro-ph/0610160 Anisotropy studies around the galactic center
astro-ph/0610161 A Survey of Compact Star Clusters in the South-West Field of the M31 Disk. UBVRI Photometry
astro-ph/0610162 Cosmic Microwave Background anisotropies: the power spectrum and beyond
astro-ph/0610163 A Comparison of the Published Stellar Photometry Data in the South-West Field of the Galaxy M31 Disk
astro-ph/0610164 A Large Mass of H2 in the Brightest Cluster Galaxy in Zwicky 3146
astro-ph/0610165 Non-grey hydrogen burning evolution of sub-Solar mass Population III stars
astro-ph/0610166 Dust Destruction in Fast Shocks of Core-Collapse Supernova Remnants in the Large Magellanic Cloud
astro-ph/0610167 INTEGRAL observation of the accreting pulsar GX 1+4
astro-ph/0610168 On the Evolution of Thermonuclear Flames on Large Scales
astro-ph/0610169 The evolutionary status of the white dwarf companion of the binary pulsar PSR J1713+0747
astro-ph/0610170 Some statistical issues regarding the estimation of $fnl$ in CMB non-Gaussianity
astro-ph/0610171 Galaxy Colour, Morphology, and Environment in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
astro-ph/0610172 Why does the clustering of haloes depend on their formation history
astro-ph/0610173 Theory Challenges of the Accelerating Universe
astro-ph/0610174 The first generation of stars in LCDM cosmology
astro-ph/0610175 Features of the Acoustic Mechanism of Core-Collapse Supernova Explosions
astro-ph/0610176 The 2dF BL Lac Survey II
astro-ph/0610177 GRB Radiative Efficiencies Derived from the Swift Data: GRBs vs. XRFs, Long vs. Short
astro-ph/0610178 On the Size of Structures in the Solar Corona
astro-ph/0610179 A Long-Period Jupiter-Mass Planet Orbiting the Nearby M Dwarf GJ849
astro-ph/0610180 Isotopic Abundances of Carbon and Oxygen in Oxygen-Rich Giant Stars
astro-ph/0610181 Evidence for the importance of resonance scattering in X-ray emission line profiles of the O star $zeta$~Puppis
astro-ph/0610182 Axisymmetric oscillations of magnetic neutron stars
astro-ph/0610183 Asymmetry Function of Interstellar Scintillations of Pulsars
astro-ph/0610184 Virialization of cosmological structures in models with time varying equation of state
astro-ph/0610185 Suzaku Observation of Two Ultraluminous X-Ray Sources in NGC 1313
astro-ph/0610186 WFCAM, Spitzer-IRAC and SCUBA observations of the massive star forming region DR21/W75: I. The collimated molecular jets
astro-ph/0610187 A microscopic analysis of shear acceleration
astro-ph/0610188 Energy release associated with a first-order phase transition in a rotating neutron star core
astro-ph/0610189 Low-excitation blobs in the Magellanic Clouds
astro-ph/0610190 Determining the evolutionary history of galaxies by astrocladistics : some results on close galaxies
astro-ph/0610191 The UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey First Data Release
astro-ph/0610192 Modelling the dynamics of superfluid neutron stars
astro-ph/0610193 A Method to Constrain the Total Mass of Galaxy Groups
astro-ph/0610194 Discovery of $delta$ Scuti pulsation in the Herbig Ae star VV Ser
astro-ph/0610195 High-Energy Cosmology: gamma rays and neutrinos from beyond the galaxy
astro-ph/0610196 3D Studies of Neutral and Ionised Gas and Stars in Seyfert and Inactive Galaxies
astro-ph/0610197 Dynamics of perturbations in Gurzadyan-Xue cosmological models
astro-ph/0610198 On the H$alpha$ emission from the $eta$ Cephei system
astro-ph/0610199 Three-dimensional Modeling of Type Ia Supernova Explosions
astro-ph/0610200 Resolving the inner dust disks surrounding LkCa 15 and MWC 480 at mm wavelengths
astro-ph/0610201 The role of the energy equation in the fragmentation of protostellar discs during stellar encounters
astro-ph/0610202 Observational studies of early-type binary stars: VV Orionis
astro-ph/0610203 Star Formation and Molecular Gas in AGN
astro-ph/0610204 Dark Energy From Vacuum Fluctuations
astro-ph/0610205 Proper Motions of Faint UV-Bright Sources in the Sandage Two-color Survey of the Galactic Plane
astro-ph/0610206 Planetary nebulae as probes of the chemical impact of AGB stars
astro-ph/0610207 Atmospheric coherence times in interferometry: definition and measurement
astro-ph/0610208 Upper Limits to Fluxes of Neutrinos and Gamma-Rays from Starburst Galaxies
astro-ph/0610209 Rethinking the N(H2)/I(CO) Conversion Factor
astro-ph/0610210 The inflationary trispectrum
astro-ph/0610211 Information content in the halo-model dark-matter power spectrum II: Multiple cosmological parameters
astro-ph/0610212 The Nature of the Variable Galactic Center Source GCIRS 16SW Revisited: A Massive Eclipsing Binary
astro-ph/0610213 The nonlinear matter power spectrum
astro-ph/0610214 3.6-7.9 um Photometry of L and T Dwarfs and the Prevalence of Vertical Mixing in their Atmospheres
astro-ph/0610215 Triggering and Tempering Star Formation in Colliding Galaxies
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