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22 May 2024

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1001.0003 A landscape of non-supersymmetric AdS vacua on coset manifolds
1001.0014 Jet Shapes and Jet Algorithms in SCET
1001.0015 A Comprehensive Analysis of Uncertainties Affecting the Stellar Mass - Halo Mass Relation for 0<z<4
1001.0016 Exact Results and Holography of Wilson Loops in N=2 Superconformal (Quiver) Gauge Theories
1001.0017 An efficient test for product states
1001.0022 Mu-Tau Production at Hadron Colliders
1001.0034 New identities involving q-Euler polynomials of higher order
1001.0043 Strong Constraints to the Putative Planet Candidate around VB 10 using Doppler spectroscopy
1001.0057 Arrested phase separation in reproducing bacteria: a generic route to pattern formation?
1001.0061 Euclid Imaging Consortium Science Book
1001.0068 Bayesian Methods and Universal Darwinism
1001.0070 News on PHOTOS Monte Carlo: gamma^* -> pi^+ pi^-(gamma) and K^pm -> pi^+ pi^- e^pm nu (gamma)
1001.0073 Nonmeasurability in Banach spaces
1001.0091 Rigid Symmetries and Conservation Laws in Non-Lagrangian Field Theory
1001.0100 The quadratic character of 1+sqrt{2} and an elliptic curve
1001.0117 Collapsing and Separating Completeness Notions under Average-Case and Worst-Case Hypotheses
1001.0118 Chiral Algebras of (0,2) Models
1001.0119 Topological properties of punctual Hilbert schemes of almost-complex fourfolds (II)
1001.0122 Stark effect, polarizability and electroabsorption in silicon nanocrystals
1001.0134 The spectrum of Cosmic Rays escaping from relativistic shocks
1001.0154 Isomorphisms between quantum groups $U_q(mathfrak{sl}_{n+1})$ and $U_p(mathfrak{sl}_{n+1})$
1001.0156 Entanglement evolution of continuous variable quantum states
1001.0158 Domain-valued maxitive maps and their representations
1001.0165 Search for gravitational-wave inspiral signals associated with short Gamma-Ray Bursts during LIGO’s fifth and Virgo’s first science run
1001.0174 An intrinsic approach to polynomial invariants for links in 3-manifolds
1001.0176 A note on the Schur multiplier of a nilpotent Lie algebra
1001.0181 The entropy and mean separation between energy levels of black hole
1001.0186 On the Square Peg Problem and some Relatives
1001.0190 Kepler-7b: A Transiting Planet with Unusually Low Density
1001.0191 Group gradings on restricted Cartan type Lie algebras
1001.0192 Finding the Instability Strip for Accreting Pulsating White Dwarfs from HST and Optical Observations
1001.0193 A Note on Masspartitions by Hyperplanes
1001.0194 A coloring theorem for succesors of singular cardinal
1001.0195 On refined Young inequalities
1001.0196 A distributed file system for a wide-area high performance computing infrastructure
1001.0197 Pointing the SOFIA Telescope
1001.0198 Features of gravitational waves in higher dimensions
1001.0199 Planning and Executing Airborne Astronomy Missions for SOFIA
1001.0200 How many Laplace transforms of probability measures are there?
1001.0201 The Full Pythagorean Theorem
1001.0202 Causal geometries and third-order ordinary differential equations
1001.0203 On the generalized Feynman-Kac transformation for nearly symmetric Markov processes
1001.0204 Extensive near infrared monitoring of millimeter-wave / gamma-ray bright blazars
1001.0205 Dipole trap model for the metallic state in gated silicon-inversion layers
1001.0206 Stochastic control under progressive enlargement of filtrations and applications to multiple defaults risk management
1001.0207 On a Generalization of the Frobenius Number
1001.0208 Intrinsic Universality in Self-Assembly
1001.0209 Exponential Energy Decay for Damped Klein-Gordon Equation with Nonlinearities of Arbitrary Growth
1001.0210 Achieving the Secrecy Capacity of Wiretap Channels Using Polar Codes
1001.0211 Optimal control with moderation incentives
1001.0212 Quasi-isometric classification of non-geometric 3-manifold groups
1001.0213 Testing Relativistic Gravity and Detecting Gravitational Waves in Space
1001.0214 The Tsallis entropy in finite $N$-unit nonextensive systems: the ordinary average and $q$-average
1001.0215 Can the excess in the FeXXVI Ly gamma line from the Galactic Center provide evidence for 17 keV sterile neutrinos?
1001.0216 Instrument Performance in Kepler’s First Months
1001.0217 Local minimality of the volume-product at the simplex
1001.0218 Origin of Fermi Pocket and Pseudogap
1001.0219 The gauging of BV algebras
1001.0220 Reconstruction of k-essence model
1001.0221 Triple-Top Signal of New Physics at the LHC
1001.0222 Casimir Energy of the Universe and New Regularization of Higher Dimensional Quantum Field Theories
1001.0223 Combinatorial cubic surfaces and reconstruction theorems
1001.0224 Algebraic analysis of minimal representations
1001.0225 Restricted Thermalization for Two Interacting Atoms in a Multimode Harmonic Waveguide
1001.0226 Derivation of Gell-Mann-Nishijima formula from the electromagnetic field modes of a hadron
1001.0227 Analysis of the $Lambda_{b} ar Lambda ell^+ell^- $ decay in QCD
1001.0228 Symmetric monoidal structure on Non-commutative motives
1001.0229 Solar-like oscillations in low-luminosity red giants: first results from Kepler
1001.0230 Cubic rings and their ideals
1001.0231 Large Tau and Tau Neutrino Electric Dipole Moments in Models with Vector Like Multiplets
1001.0232 The Spectral Mapping Theorem
1001.0233 A Trotter Product Formula for quantum stochastic flows
1001.0234 Ionized gas outflow in the isolated S0 galaxy NGC 4460
1001.0235 Spectral simplicity and asymptotic separation of variables
1001.0236 The Traveling Salesman Problem Under Squared Euclidean Distances
1001.0237 Tropical types and associated cellular resolutions
1001.0238 A Raman-type optical frequency comb adiabatically generated in an enhancement cavity
1001.0239 Completions of symplectic reflection algebras
1001.0240 Fundamental representations and algebraic properties of biquaternions or complexified quaternions
1001.0241 On the Origin of Gauge Symmetries and Fundamental Constants
1001.0242 Genus-Zero Mirror Principle For Two Marked Points
1001.0243 Magnetic Response in Mesoscopic Rings and Moebius Strips: A Theoretical Study
1001.0244 All-Optical Arithmetic and Combinatorial Logic Circuits with High-Q Bacteriorhodopsin Coated Microcavities
1001.0245 Bayesian nonparametric analysis for a species sampling model with finitely many types
1001.0246 Imaging an off-plane shear wave source with two-dimensional phononic-crystal lens
1001.0247 Dihadron Azimuthal Correlation from Collins Effect in Unpolarized Hadron Collisions
1001.0248 On Apery’s Constant and Catalan’s Constant
1001.0249 On Taylor series expansion of $(1+ z)^{A}$ for $|z|>1$
1001.0250 Morlet wavelets in quantum mechanics
1001.0251 Ultimate Traces of Cellular Automata
1001.0252 Blended General Linear Methods based on Boundary Value Methods in the GBDF family
1001.0253 Revisiting the Rice Theorem of Cellular Automata
1001.0254 Spin flexoelectricity in multiferroics
1001.0255 Potentials of homotopy cyclic $AI$-algebras
1001.0256 Initial Characteristics of Kepler Long Cadence Data For Detecting Transiting Planets
1001.0257 On the maximal monotonicity of the sum of a maximal monotone linear relation and the subdifferential operator of a sublinear function
1001.0258 Overview of the Kepler Science Processing Pipeline
1001.0259 Cosmic perturbations with running G and Lambda
1001.0260 A Lower Bound on the Waist of Unit Spheres of Uniformly Convex Normed Spaces
1001.0261 The Inclination of the Soft X-ray Transient A0620--00 and the Mass of its Black Hole
1001.0262 The No-Boundary Measure in the Regime of Eternal Inflation
1001.0263 Short paths for symmetric norms in the unitary group
1001.0264 Multiscaling for Systems with a Broad Continuum of Characteristic Lengths and Times: Structural Transitions in Nanocomposites
1001.0265 Diagnosis and Prediction of Tipping Points in Financial Markets: Crashes and Rebounds
1001.0266 Realization of the Exactly Solvable Kitaev Honeycomb Lattice Model in a Spin Rotation Invariant System
1001.0267 A Particle Method for a Collisionless Plasma with Infinite Mass
1001.0268 Kepler Mission Design, Realized Photometric Performance, and Early Science
1001.0269 The Kirchhoff equation in $R^N$ with a Berestycki-Lions nonlinearity
1001.0270 Nematic, vector-multipole, and plateau-liquid states in the classical O(3) pyrochlore antiferromagnet with biquadratic interactions in applied magnetic field
1001.0271 Liquid-Crystal Transitions: A First Principles Multiscale Approach
1001.0272 Strong interaction studies with PANDA
1001.0273 Demographic Fluctuations versus Spatial Variation in the Competition between Fast and Slow Dispersers
1001.0274 Bosons, fermions and anyons in the plane, and supersymmetry
1001.0275 Dirac--Sobolev Spaces and Sobolev Spaces
1001.0276 The galaxy-wide distributions of mean electron density in the HII regions of M51 and NGC 4449
1001.0277 Thermomagnetic instability in hot discs
1001.0278 How to retrieve priced data
1001.0279 Regularization for Matrix Completion
1001.0280 Symmetric chains, Gelfand-Tsetlin chains, and the Terwilliger algebra of the binary Hamming scheme
1001.0281 Proof of the determinantal form of the spontaneous magnetization of the superintegrable chiral Potts model
1001.0282 Robust Image Watermarking in the Wavelet Domain for Copyright Protection
1001.0283 Reply to the comments of Karami on the Interacting holographic dark energy model and generalized second law of thermodynamics in a non-flat universe
1001.0284 Evidence of Conformational Changes in Adsorbed Lysozyme Molecule on Silver Colloids
1001.0285 Interaction of (-)-epigallocatechin gallate with silver nanoparticles
1001.0286 Model Independent Methods of Describing GRB Spectra Using BATSE MER Data
1001.0287 Upper bounds for the rainbow connection numbers of line graphs
1001.0288 Dynamical Horizon Entropy Bound Conjecture in Loop Quantum Cosmology
1001.0289 On Construction of locally standard Z_2-torus actions on Manifolds
1001.0290 Quasi-conformal deformations of nonlinearizable germs
1001.0291 Triply-resonant Optical Parametric Oscillator by Four-wave Mixing with Rubidium Vapor inside an Optical Cavity
1001.0292 A Simple Form for the Ground State Rotational Band of even-even Actinide nuclei
1001.0293 The Aligned two-Higgs Doublet model
1001.0294 UV and EUV Instruments
1001.0295 Distinguishing quantum channels via magic squares game
1001.0296 Periodically Correlated-Locally Stationary Processes
1001.0297 Towards a more exact value of deflection of light due to static gravitational mass
1001.0298 Surface magnetic states of Ni nanochains modified by using different organic surfactants
1001.0299 The solutions of four $q$-functional equations
1001.0300 Stability of Multipole-mode Solitons in Thermal Nonlinear Media
1001.0301 Pathway of D$^{+}$ in Sequential Double Ionization of D$_2$ in an Intense Laser Pulse
1001.0302 Interaction of linear waves and moving Josephson vortex lattices in layered superconductors
1001.0303 The Ideal Intersection Property for Groupoid Graded Rings
1001.0304 A Complete Method for Checking Hurwitz Stability of a Polytope of Matrices
1001.0305 Preliminary Astrometric Results from Kepler
1001.0306 Thermodynamics properties of the dark energy in loop quantum cosmology
1001.0307 Exploration of decaying dark matter in a left-right symmetric model
1001.0308 One-dimensional universe of free particles: classical and quantum correspondence
1001.0309 Ternary Social Networks: Dynamic Balance and Self-Organized Criticality
1001.0310 UV Emission line shifts of symbiotic binaries
1001.0311 Exact solutions of a particle in a box with a delta function potential: The factorization method
1001.0312 The Method of Combinatorial Telescoping
1001.0313 Erdos-Ko-Rado theorems for simplicial complexes
1001.0314 Orbits for products of maps
1001.0315 Computation of the coefficients for $p^6$ order anomalous chiral Lagrangian
1001.0316 Dark Matter: The evidence from astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology
1001.0317 Pseudorandomness in Central Force Optimization
1001.0318 Schmidt’s game, fractals, and orbits of toral endomorphisms
1001.0319 Efficient PML for the wave equation
1001.0320 Anomalous photon diffusion in atomic vapors
1001.0321 On the Cartan matrix of Mackey algebras
1001.0322 A Brianc{c}on-Skoda type result for a non-reduced analytic space
1001.0323 On Jordan-H"older series of some locally analytic representations
1001.0324 Some Siegel threefolds with a Calabi-Yau model II
1001.0325 A Bers-like proof of the existence of train tracks for free group automorphisms
1001.0326 Herz-Schur Multipliers and Non-Uniformly Bounded Representations of Locally Compact Groups
1001.0327 Is chiral symmetry manifested in nuclear structure?
1001.0328 How should one formulate, extract, and interpret ’non-observables’ for nuclei?
1001.0329 Co-Stone residuated lattices
1001.0330 A note on dilation coefficient, plane-width, and resolution coefficient of graphs
1001.0331 The Kepler Pixel Response Function
1001.0332 Fluctuating Twistor-Beam Solutions and Holographic Pre-Quantum Kerr-Schild Geometry
1001.0333 A Transiting Hot Jupiter Orbiting a Metal-Rich Star
1001.0334 Formaldehyde Anti-Inversion at z=0.68 in the Gravitational Lens B0218+357
1001.0335 Wave communication across regular lattices
1001.0336 Search for sterile neutrino mixing in the MINOS long baseline experiment
1001.0337 The nature of gas and stars in the circumnuclear regions of AGN: a chemical approach
1001.0338 Optimal Homologous Cycles, Total Unimodularity, and Linear Programming
1001.0339 Tight oracle bounds for low-rank matrix recovery from a minimal number of random measurements
1001.0340 Computing the Least Fixed Point of Positive Polynomial Systems
1001.0341 On Weight Matrix and Free Energy Models for Sequence Motif Detection
1001.0342 Quantum Fluctuations Contribution to the Random Walk of a Single Molecule and New Estimate of the Planck Constant
1001.0343 Entanglement and symmetry in permutation symmetric states
1001.0344 Topological quantum order: stability under local perturbations
1001.0345 Isotropic magnetometry with simultaneous excitation of orientation and alignment CPT resonances
1001.0346 Protocol design and stability/delay analysis of half-duplex buffered cognitive relay systems
1001.0347 Decomposition of splitting invariants in split real groups
1001.0348 On harmonic numbers and Lucas sequences
1001.0349 Selection, Prioritization, and Characteristics of Kepler Target Stars
1001.0350 Note on the positiveness of magnetic energy stored in the Wire-SRR metamaterial
1001.0351 Imaging Young Planets From Ground and Space
1001.0352 The Kepler Follow-up Observation Program
1001.0353 Nuclear limits on properties of pulsars and gravitational waves
1001.0354 Topological Quantum Information, Khovanov Homology and the Jones Polynomial
1001.0355 Entropy of random walk range on uniformly transient and on uniformly recurrent graphs
1001.0356 Suzaku Monitoring of the Iron K Emission Line in the Type 1 AGN NGC 5548
1001.0357 Orthogonal vs Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access with Finite Input Alphabet and Finite Bandwidth
1001.0358 Finiteness of rank invariants of multidimensional persistent homology groups
1001.0359 ISCOs in Extremal Reissner Nordstrom Spacetimes
1001.0360 An equivalence between the set of graph-knots and the set of homotopy classes of looped graphs
1001.0361 Self-Selected or Mandated, Open Access Increases Citation Impact for Higher Quality Research
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