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22 May 2024

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1003.0001 Probing modifications of General Relativity using current cosmological observations
1003.0003 Galaxy Clusters Selected with the Sunyaev-Zel’dovich Effect from 2008 South Pole Telescope Observations
1003.0005 Optical Redshift and Richness Estimates for Galaxy Clusters Selected with the Sunyaev-Zel’dovich Effect from 2008 South Pole Telescope Observations
1003.0009 Emergent Gravity at a Lifshitz Point from a Bose Liquid on the Lattice
1003.0010 Quantum phase transitions in holographic models of magnetism and superconductors
1003.0014 Implications of CoGeNT and DAMA for Light WIMP Dark Matter
1003.0015 Internal Heating of Old Neutron Stars: Contrasting Different Mechanisms
1003.0029 On Classical de Sitter Vacua in String Theory
1003.0039 Two Lensed Lyman-alpha Emitting Galaxies at z~5
1003.0046 Experimental evidence for the occurrence of E8 in nature and the radii of the Gosset circles
1003.0051 Non-Weyl Resonance Asymptotics for Quantum Graphs
1003.0063 Radiation from sub-Larmor scale magnetic fields
1003.0100 Momentum-Resolved Landau-Level Spectroscopy of Dirac Surface State in Bi2Se3
1003.0103 Twopartite, combinatorial approach to partial k-separability problem for general multipartite states
1003.0113 The cross-spectrum experimental method
1003.0124 Generalization of multifractal theory within quantum calculus
1003.0131 Light Engineering of the Polariton Landscape in Semiconductor Microcavities
1003.0137 Dynamical supersymmetry of spin particle-magnetic field interaction
1003.0164 Rare decays / B_s CPV measurements at Tevatron
1003.0165 Upper Limit on the Size of Galactic Halo via Hamiltonian Approach
1003.0170 The qubit states decoherence in antiferromagnet-based nuclear spin model of quantum register
1003.0177 A proof of Hamilton’s conjecture
1003.0195 On thermal force from holographic action
1003.0196 Total and diffractive cross sections in enhanced Pomeron scheme
1003.0198 Asymmetric Beams and CMB Statistical Anisotropy
1003.0209 Supersymmetric Extension of GCA in 2d
1003.0217 Nonlinear phase-dynamics in a driven Bosonic Josephson junction
1003.0218 Generalized N = 2 Super Landau Models
1003.0219 Sequential Compressed Sensing
1003.0220 Dense subgraphs in the H-free process
1003.0221 Central Force Optimization Applied to the PBM Suite of Antenna Benchmarks
1003.0222 Ordering dynamics of snow under isothermal conditions
1003.0223 Ion-dependent dynamics of DNA ejections for bacteriophage lambda
1003.0224 Measurement of W-Boson Polarization in Top-quark Decay in ppbar Collisions at sqrt(s) = 1.96 TeV
1003.0225 The Magnetic Tower of Hanoi
1003.0226 Compactly packaged superconducting nanowire single-photon detector with an optical cavity for multichannel system
1003.0227 Superconducting nanowire single photon detectors for quantum information and communications
1003.0228 Brownian motion with variable drift can be space-filling
1003.0229 The lag-luminosity relation in the gamma-ray burst source-frame
1003.0230 Note on Light-like Tachyon Condensation
1003.0231 Renormalon Subtraction from the Average Plaquette and the Gluon Condensate
1003.0232 Chameleon-Photon Mixing in a Primordial Magnetic Field
1003.0233 Exhaustive Generation of Orthomodular Lattices with Exactly One Non-Quantum State
1003.0234 B-L Cosmic Strings in Heterotic Standard Models
1003.0235 On the Quantized Relativistic Mean Field Theory for Nuclear Matter
1003.0236 Observing the Dimensionality of Our Parent Vacuum
1003.0237 A $_3$-orbifold theory of lattice vertex operator algebra and $_3$-orbifold constructions
1003.0238 Closure of Steinberg fibers and affine Deligne-Lusztig varieties
1003.0239 A Numerical Study of Boson Star Binaries
1003.0240 AlGaAs/GaAs single electron transistors fabricated without modulation doping
1003.0241 Ramanujan-Type congruences for cubic partition functions
1003.0242 Peak to Average Power Ratio Reduction for Space-Time Codes That Achieve Diversity-Multiplexing Gain Tradeoff
1003.0243 Perfect simulation using dominated coupling from the past with application to area-interaction point processes and wavelet thresholding
1003.0244 Directional properties of sets definable in o-minimal structures
1003.0245 Moment polytopes, semigroup of representations and Kazarnovskii’s theorem
1003.0246 Density-matrix formalism with three-body ground-state correlations
1003.0247 Nonlinear Quantum Wave Equation of Radiation Electron and Dissipative Systems
1003.0248 Outage Probability of General Ad Hoc Networks in the High-Reliability Regime
1003.0249 Conserved supercurrents and Fayet-Iliopoulos terms in supergravity
1003.0250 Diffractive Microlensing III: Astrometric Signatures
1003.0251 Sparse Legendre expansions via $ell_1$ minimization
1003.0252 Discreteness-Induced Slow Relaxation in Reversible Catalytic Reaction Networks
1003.0253 Another Look at Climate Sensitivity
1003.0254 Judging Model Reduction of Chaotic Systems via Optimal Shadowing Criteria
1003.0255 The Relativistic Dynamics of Photon Gas Two dynamic equations are established in photon gas, which is just the carrier or medium of electromagnetic waves
1003.0256 Incorporating particle creation and annihilation into Bohm’s Pilot Wave model
1003.0257 Hexaquarks in the coupled-channel formalism
1003.0258 Superfluid-Insulator transition of ultracold atoms in an optical lattice in the presence of a synthetic magnetic field
1003.0259 A New Family of Models for Spherical Stellar Systems
1003.0260 A Derivation Of The Scalar Propagator In A Planar Model In Curved Space
1003.0261 Covariate adjusted functional principal components analysis for longitudinal data
1003.0262 Magnetic field effect on Fe-induced magnetic order and electrical conductivity in Fe-doped Bi2201
1003.0263 Signal of quark deconfinement in thermal evolution neutron stars with deconfinement heating
1003.0264 A cdh approach to zero-cycles on singular varieties
1003.0265 Almost Cohen-Macaulay and almost regular algebras via almost flat extensions
1003.0266 Low noise amplication of an optically carried microwave signal: application to atom interferometry
1003.0267 Automorphism groups of Koras-Russell threefolds of the first kind
1003.0268 Spinor algebra and null solutions of the wave equation
1003.0269 Effective Mass Dirac-Morse Problem with any kappa-value
1003.0270 The AKARI/IRC Mid-Infrared All-Sky Survey
1003.0271 Isovector channel of relativistic and non-relativistic energy density functionals and its sensitive influence on the density dependence of symmetry energy
1003.0272 Statistics of the excursion sets in models with local primordial non-Gaussianity
1003.0273 Single step synthesis of NdFeAsO0.80F0.20 bulk superconductor with Tc at 50K
1003.0274 Fast minimum variance wavefront reconstruction for extremely large telescopes
1003.0275 Statistical inference for multidimensional time-changed L’evy processes based on low-frequency data
1003.0276 Magneto-electric photocurrent generated by direct inter-band transitions in InGaAs/InAlAs two-dimensional electron gas
1003.0277 The Extraterrestrial Life debate in different cultures
1003.0278 Localisation and colocalisation of KK-theory at sets of primes
1003.0279 Improved bounds in the metric cotype inequality for Banach spaces
1003.0280 The dynamical state of the Globular Cluster M10 (NGC 6254)
1003.0281 On the Characteristic Foliations of Metric Contact Pairs
1003.0282 Improved axisymmetric lattice Boltzmann scheme
1003.0283 Identification of the X-Ray Thermal Dominant State in an Ultraluminous X-Ray Source in M82
1003.0284 Observation of Geo-Neutrinos
1003.0285 Planck Scale Effect in the Entropic Force Law
1003.0286 A construction of Courant algebroids on foliated manifolds
1003.0287 Non-Hamiltonian generalizations of the dispersionless 2DTL hierarchy
1003.0288 Singular extremals for the time-optimal control of dissipative spin 1/2 particles
1003.0289 Phase Diagrams of Strongly Interacting Theories
1003.0290 High resolution study of the Lambda p final state interaction in the reaction p + p -> K+ + (Lambda p)
1003.0291 Astrophysical Black Holes in the Physical Universe
1003.0292 A finite element method for second order nonvariational elliptic problems
1003.0293 Strong entanglement causes low gate fidelity in inaccurate one-way quantum computation
1003.0294 Scattering on two Aharonov-Bohm vortices with opposite fluxes
1003.0295 Cosmic strings with positive $Lambda$
1003.0296 Kohn-Sham potential with discontinuity for band gap materials
1003.0297 Asymptotic sharpness of a Bernstein-type inequality for rational functions in H^{2}
1003.0298 Acceptor and donor impurities in GaN nanocrystals
1003.0299 The local B-polarization of the CMB: a very sensitive probe of cosmic defects
1003.0300 Crystal-field and Kondo scale investigation of CeMIn5 (M=Co, Ir and Rh): a combined x-ray absorption and inelastic neutron study
1003.0301 Stable determination of an immersed body in a stationary Stokes fluid
1003.0302 On the Correlations, Selberg Integral and Symmetry of Sieve Functions in Short Intervals, III
1003.0303 Non-uniformity of a planar polarizer as a reason of spin-transfer induced vortex oscillations at zero field
1003.0304 Nonlinear friction in quantum mechanics
1003.0305 Morse Theory of Attractors via Lyapunov Functions
1003.0306 Optical spin control in nanocrystalline magnetic nanoswitches
1003.0307 Generalized Parton Distributions from Deep Virtual Compton Scattering at CLAS
1003.0308 Time-energy correlations in solar flare occurrence
1003.0309 Interplay of Paramagnetic Depairing and Antiferromagnetic Fluctuation in Unconventional Superconductors
1003.0310 Unitarity Boomerang
1003.0311 Microscopic formulation of the Zimm-Bragg model for the helix-coil transition
1003.0312 Comment on "New constraints of a light CP-odd Higgs boson and related NMSSM Ideal Higgs Scenarios" by Dermisek and Gunion (arXiv:1002.1971 [hep-ph])
1003.0313 Thermal rectification in quantum graded mass systems
1003.0314 On effective actions of BPS branes and their higher derivative corrections
1003.0315 Kernel methods and minimum contrast estimators for empirical deconvolution
1003.0316 Efficient implementation of the GW approximation within the all-electron FLAPW method
1003.0317 Suzaku Observation of GRS 1915+105: Evolution of Accretion Disc Structure during Limit-Cycle Oscillation
1003.0318 Limits of Coalgebras, Bialgebras and Hopf Algebras
1003.0319 Further Exploration of the Dendritic Cell Algorithm: Antigen Multiplier and Time Windows
1003.0320 Ordered increasing k-trees: Introduction and analysis of a preferential attachment network model
1003.0321 Distance to the galaxy IC 342
1003.0322 Alignment of Brightest Cluster Galaxies with their Host Clusters
1003.0323 A new proof of the Alexander-Hirschowitz interpolation Theorem
1003.0324 Gauged B-L Leptogenesis
1003.0325 J-embeddable reducible surfaces (enlarged version)
1003.0326 Beam Dynamics in High Intensity Cyclotrons Including Neighboring Bunch Effects: Model, Implementation and Application
1003.0327 Frozen Orbits at high eccentricity and inclination: Application to Mercury orbiter
1003.0328 Symmetry properties of vibrational modes in graphene nanoribbons
1003.0329 Unconventional superfluidity of fermions in Bose-Fermi mixtures
1003.0330 The impact of sharp screening on the Coulomb scattering problem in three dimensions
1003.0331 Effect of vector--axial-vector mixing to dilepton spectrum
1003.0332 On the Optimal Number of Cooperative Base Stations in Network MIMO Systems
1003.0333 First-principles calculations of the magnetic properties of (Cd,Mn)Te nanocrystals
1003.0334 A lower bound on the critical parameter of interlacement percolation in high dimension
1003.0335 The effect of subfilter-scale physics on regularization models
1003.0336 Radio Halos From Simulations And Hadronic Models II: The Scaling Relations of Radio Halos
1003.0337 Change of word types to word tokens ratio in the course of translation (based on Russian translations of K. Vonnegut novels)
1003.0338 $r$-Stable Hypersurfaces in Conformally Stationary Spacetimes
1003.0339 libtissue - implementing innate immunity
1003.0340 Orbital period variations of hot-Jupiters caused by the Applegate effect
1003.0341 Unique Dynamic Correlation Length in Supercooled Liquids
1003.0342 Irrational Uq(sl2)-symmetries on the quantum plane
1003.0343 Existence of Hamiltonian Structure in 3D
1003.0344 Vacuum polarization of a massive scalar field in a wormhole spacetime
1003.0345 Kinematics of galaxies in Compact Groups. Studying the B-band Tully-Fisher relation
1003.0346 Inclusive b and b anti-b production with quasi-multi-Regge kinematics at the Tevatron
1003.0347 The small-scale solar surface dynamo
1003.0348 On the Stochastic Heat Equation with Spatially-Colored Random forcing
1003.0349 Weakly controlled Moran constructions and iterated functions systems in metric spaces
1003.0350 Inner and Outer Automorphisms of Free Metabelian Nilpotent Lie algebras
1003.0351 Debris Disks around Solar-Type Stars: Observations of the Pleiades with Spitzer Space Telescope
1003.0352 Towards inhomogeneous loop quantum cosmology: triangulating Bianchi IX with perturbations
1003.0353 Collapse and revival in inter-band oscillations of a two-band Bose-Hubbard model
1003.0354 On geometric properties of the functors of positively homogenous and semiadditive functionals
1003.0355 Isoparametric functions on exotic spheres
1003.0356 The number of graphs and a random graph with a given degree sequence
1003.0357 On the Abel-Jacobi maps of Fermat Jacobians
1003.0358 Deep Big Simple Neural Nets Excel on Handwritten Digit Recognition
1003.0359 Polymer-Fullerene Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells
1003.0360 Four Departures in Mathematics and Physics
1003.0361 Analysis of return distributions in the coherent noise model
1003.0362 High-resolution HST/ACS images of detached shells around carbon stars
1003.0363 Phase transitions and phase diagram of the ferroelectric perovskite NBT-BT by anelastic and dielectric measurements
1003.0364 Unitarized Chiral Perturbation Theory and the meson spectrum
1003.0365 Electronic structure and Jahn-Teller effect in GaN:Mn and ZnS:Cr
1003.0366 Nonlinear conductance and noise in boundary sine-Gordon and related models
1003.0367 Stopping Set Distributions of Some Linear Codes
1003.0368 The hidden geometry of ocean flows
1003.0369 Switchable Hardening of a Ferromagnet at Fixed Temperature
1003.0370 Optical initialization, readout and dynamics of a Mn spin in a quantum dot
1003.0371 Collective excitation frequencies and stationary states of trapped dipolar Bose-Einstein condensates in the Thomas-Fermi regime
1003.0372 Distance statistics in large toroidal maps
1003.0373 On Jacobi quasi-Nijenhuis algebroids and Courant-Jacobi algebroid morphisms
1003.0374 The characteristic polynomials of abelian varieties of dimensions 3 over finite fields
1003.0375 Reply to Comment on "Nonmagnetic Impurity Resonances as a Signature of Sign-Reversal Pairing in FeAs-based Superconductors"
1003.0376 Holographic superconductors in Horava-Lifshitz Gravity
1003.0377 The turnstile mechanism across the Kuroshio current: analysis of dynamics in altimeter velocity fields
1003.0378 Reentrant fractional quantum Hall states in bilayer graphene: Controllable, driven phase transitions
1003.0379 Modeling the gamma-ray emission produced by runaway cosmic rays in the environment of RX J1713.7-3946
1003.0380 A 2-dimensional Complex Kleinian Group With Infinite Lines in the Limit Set Lying in General Position
1003.0381 Modelling and Verification of Multiple UAV Mission Using SMV
1003.0382 Methods for calculating nonconcave entropies
1003.0383 Probing Local Variations of Superconductivity on the Surface of Ba(Fe1-xCox)2As2 Single Crystals
1003.0384 Random Walks Estimate Land Value
1003.0385 The gauge theory of dislocations: a nonuniformly moving screw dislocation
1003.0386 Core-mantle interactions for Mercury
1003.0387 Vortex dynamics in superconducting channels with periodic constrictions
1003.0388 Moduli Redefinitions and Moduli Stabilisation
1003.0389 B"acklund Transformations as exact integrable time-discretizations for the trigonometric Gaudin model
1003.0390 Binary spinning black hole Hamiltonian in canonical center-of-mass and rest-frame coordinates through higher post-Newtonian order
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