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22 May 2024

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1007.0038 Spitzer MIPS 24 and 70 micron Imaging near the South Ecliptic Pole: Maps and Source Catalogs
1007.0039 Electron and Photon Interactions in the Regime of Strong LPM Suppression
1007.0040 Understanding critical levels of sheared flow on microinstabilities
1007.0041 Local quenches in frustrated quantum spin chains: global vs. subsystem equilibration
1007.0042 A Mapping Survey of Dense Clumps Associated with Embedded Clusters II : Can Clump-Clump Collisions Induce Stellar Clusters?
1007.0043 Higgs Mass Constraints on a Fourth Family: Upper and Lower Limits on CKM Mixing
1007.0044 Instantons on Gravitons
1007.0045 Dark Discrete Gauge Symmetries
1007.0046 An alternate theoretical approach to diffusion bonding
1007.0047 Comment on "Unconventional s-wave superconductivity in Fe(Se,Te)"
1007.0048 Regge’s Einstein-Hilbert Functional on the Double Tetrahedron
1007.0049 Classical phase-space approach for coherent matter waves
1007.0050 Cloud Scheduler: a resource manager for distributed compute clouds
1007.0051 Vacuum Polarization on the Schwarzschild Metric with a Cosmic String
1007.0052 Ternary cubic forms having bounded invariants, and the existence of a positive proportion of elliptic curves having rank 0
1007.0053 A categorification of Morelli’s theorem
1007.0054 On excitable beta-skeletons
1007.0055 KLT and New Relations for N=8 SUGRA and N=4 SYM
1007.0056 Sideways displacement of penumbral fibrils by the solar flare on 2006 December 13
1007.0057 Comments on Five Smart Card Based Password Authentication Protocols
1007.0058 Infinite divisibility and a non-commutative Boolean-to-free Bercovici-Pata bijection
1007.0059 Suppression of collisional shifts in a strongly interacting lattice clock
1007.0060 Cryptanalysis on Four Two-Party Authentication Protocols
1007.0061 Photo-induced insulator-metal transition of a spin-electron coupled system
1007.0062 Calendars of India
1007.0063 Partially hyperbolic sets with positive measure and $ACIP$ for partially hyperbolic systems
1007.0064 Self-diffusion in two-dimensional hard ellipsoid suspensions
1007.0065 A novel approach for structure analysis of two-dimensional membrane protein crystals using x-ray powder diffraction data
1007.0066 A Taxonomy and Survey of Energy-Efficient Data Centers and Cloud Computing Systems
1007.0067 Hexad Preons and Emergent Gravity in 3-dimensional Complex Spacetime
1007.0068 Residual effect on robustness of multiqubit entanglement
1007.0069 The KO*-rings of BT^m, the Davis-Januszkiewicz Spaces and certain toric manifolds
1007.0070 Monotonicity of the Lozi Family and Zero Entropy Locus
1007.0071 Discontinuity of Topological Entropy for the Lozi Maps
1007.0072 The relation between Hardy’s non-locality and violation of Bell inequality
1007.0073 Particle creation in Bose--Einstein condensates: Theoretical formulation based on conserving gapless mean field theory
1007.0074 Biomolecular imaging and electronic damage using X-ray free-electron lasers
1007.0075 Bound-state effects on kinematical distributions of top quarks at hadron colliders
1007.0076 Viscosity solutions to degenerate Complex Monge-Amp’ere equations
1007.0077 Finite time stabilization of Schrodinger equation
1007.0078 Perfect imaging: they don’t do it with mirrors
1007.0079 Smoothed Affine Wigner Transform
1007.0080 Spin dynamics at the singlet-triplet crossings in double quantum dot
1007.0081 Transition to turbulence in duct flow
1007.0082 An optimal path to transition in a duct
1007.0083 Four-wave interaction in gas and vacuum: definition of a third-order nonlinear effective susceptibility in vacuum: $chi$ vacuum(3)
1007.0084 On the leptonic partial widths of the excited psi states
1007.0085 Survey of Nearest Neighbor Techniques
1007.0086 Soliton Trap in Strained Graphene Nanoribbons
1007.0087 A Novel Approach towards Cost Effective Region-Based Group Key Agreement Protocol for Secure Group Communication
1007.0088 Heavy quark potential and QCD beta function from a deformed $AdS_5$ model
1007.0089 The Computational Complexity of Estimating Convergence Time
1007.0090 Directed motion of domain walls in biaxial ferromagnets under the influence of periodic external magnetic fields
1007.0091 Electric-Field-control of spin rotation in bilayer graphene
1007.0092 Modular framization of the BMW algebra
1007.0093 Total transmission and total reflection by zero index materials
1007.0094 Dynamic Model for Formation of Twinned Martensite Crystals
1007.0095 Optical Probe of Quantum Shot Noise Reduction at a Single-Atom Contact
1007.0096 A Group-Pertmutation Algorithm to Solve the Generalized SUDOKU
1007.0097 On Pairs of $f$-divergences and their Joint Range
1007.0098 Exactly solvable model of Ising-Heisenberg diamond-chain with S=1 XXZ vertical dimers with additional biquadratic interactions and single-ion anisotropy
1007.0099 Multiferroicity and hydrogen-bond ordering in (C2H5NH3)2CuCl4 featuring dominant ferromagnetic interactions
1007.0100 Decoherence effects in Bose-Einstein condensate interferometry. I General Theory
1007.0101 In situ studies of evolution of microstructure with temperature in heavily deformed Ti-modified austenitic stainless steel by X-ray Diffraction technique
1007.0102 Synchronization of time delay systems using variable delay with reset for enhanced security in communication
1007.0103 On the consistency of warm inflation in the presence of viscosity
1007.0104 Search for Stimulated Photon-Photon Scattering in Vacuum
1007.0105 Mid-infrared spectroscopy of high-redshift 3CRR sources
1007.0106 Non-unitarity of the leptonic mixing matrix in the TeV-scale type-I seesaw model
1007.0107 First Smart Spaces
1007.0108 Jacob’s ladders and the $ ilde{Z}^2$-transformation of the orthogonal system of trigonometric functions
1007.0109 Universality in one dimensional Hierarchical Coalescence Processes
1007.0110 Analytical calculation of permittivity tensors for invisibility devices using general relativity
1007.0111 Quantum state engineering with flux-biased Josephson phase qubits by Stark-chirped rapid adiabatic passages
1007.0112 Stability of Cloud Orbits in the Broad Line Region of Active Galactic Nuclei
1007.0113 Hilbert Modules - Square Roots of Positive Maps
1007.0114 Quantization of Lyapunov functions
1007.0115 The groups of points on abelian surfaces over finite fields
1007.0116 Cavity QED with an ultracold ensemble on a chip: observing strong magnetic coupling at finite temperatures
1007.0117 Three Problems of "Distinction"
1007.0118 Channel Assortment Strategy for Reliable Communication in Multi-Hop Cognitive Radio Networks
1007.0119 Experimental and theoretical investigations on ThGeO4 at high pressure
1007.0120 Acyclic Solos and Differential Interaction Nets
1007.0121 Projective and injective objects in symmetric categorical groups
1007.0122 Asymptotic behavior of support points for planar curves
1007.0123 Adaptive and occupancy-based channel selection for unreliable cognitive radio networks
1007.0124 Radiative cascade from quantum dot metastable spin-blockaded biexciton
1007.0125 Cyclical Changes in the Timing Residuals from the Pulsar B0919+06
1007.0126 A Cognitive Radio Based Internet Access Framework for Disaster Response Network Deployment
1007.0127 Plaquette valence-bond ordering in J_1-J_2 Heisenberg antiferromagnet on the honeycomb lattice
1007.0128 Toward Reliable Contention-aware Data Dissemination in Multi-hop Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks
1007.0129 Meson-production experiments at COSY-Juelich
1007.0130 Highly-anisotropic and strongly-dissipative hydrodynamics for early stages of relativistic heavy-ion collisions
1007.0131 V4332 Sagittarii: A circumstellar disc obscuring the main object
1007.0132 On the commutator length of a Dehn twist
1007.0133 A quantum analogue of Kostant’s theorem for the general linear group
1007.0134 Detecting Inconsistencies in Large Biological Networks with Answer Set Programming
1007.0135 Potts spin glasses with 3, 4 and 5 states near $T=T_c$: expanding around the replica symmetric solution
1007.0136 Weyl-Titchmarsh Theory for Schroedinger Operators with Strongly Singular Potentials
1007.0137 Hadronic resonance gas and charged particle’s $p_T$ spectra and elliptic flow in $sqrt{s}$=200 GeV Au+Au collisions
1007.0138 Rounding of Phase Transitions in Cylindrical Pores
1007.0139 On the duality theorem on an analytic variety
1007.0140 Einstein Gravitation Theory: Experimental Tests
1007.0141 Comment on "Applications of Two-Body Dirac Equations to the Meson Spectrum with Three versus Two Covariant Interactions, SU(3) Mixing, and Comparison to a Quasipotential Approach’’ by H. W. Crater and J. Schiermeyer
1007.0142 Effect of a mobility-limited ion flow on ion plasma waves
1007.0143 From matrix interpretations over the rationals to matrix interpretations over the naturals
1007.0144 An Optimization and Control Theoretic Approach to Noncooperative Game Design
1007.0145 On the rotational behavior of parent stars of extrasolar planets
1007.0146 Circuit Design Methods for Quantum Separator (QS) and Systems to Use Its Output
1007.0147 Performance test of wavelength-shifting acrylic plastic Cherenkov detector
1007.0148 Superconductivity and fluctuating magnetism in quasi two-dimensional kappa-(BEDT-TTF)2Cu[N(CN)2]Br probed with implanted muons
1007.0149 Water production in comet 81P/Wild 2 as determined by Herschel/HIFI
1007.0150 Enhanced Electronic Correlations and Spin Effects in Asymmetric Quantum Point Contacts
1007.0151 Cycle dependence of the longitudinal-latitudinal sunspot motion correlations
1007.0153 Simulating pasta phases by molecular dynamics and cold atoms --- Formation in supernovae and superfluid neutrons in neutron stars
1007.0154 Supercritical Nonlinear Schr"odinger Equations II: Almost Global Existence
1007.0155 Convergence of the all-time supremum of a L’evy process in the heavy-traffic regime
1007.0156 Supercritical Nonlinear Schr"odinger equations I: Quasi-Periodic Solutions
1007.0157 Order separability of free product of free groups with cyclic amalgamation
1007.0158 Spin 3 cubic vertices in a frame-like formalism
1007.0159 Empowering Collections with Swarm Behavior
1007.0160 Structure and physical properties of the noncentrosymmetric superconductor Mo3Al2C
1007.0161 Properties of Vacancy Formation in He-4 hcp Crystals at Zero Temperature and Fixed Pressure
1007.0162 Weakly convex sets and modulus of nonconvexity
1007.0163 Local unitary invariants for multipartite quantum systems
1007.0164 Statistical mechanics of Fofonoff flows in an oceanic basin
1007.0165 A measure of the violation of the ’detailed balance’ criterion: a possible definition of a ’distance’ from equilibrium
1007.0166 QND measurement of a superconducting qubit in the weakly projective regime
1007.0167 Quasi-invariant flow generated by Stratonovich SDE with BV drift coefficients
1007.0168 Can Environmental Decoherence be Reversed for an Open Quantum System in a Magnetic field ?
1007.0169 The structure of gravitationally unstable gas-rich disk galaxies
1007.0170 Normal Forms of Hypersurface Singularities in Positive Characteristic
1007.0171 Poisson approximation for the number of visits to balls in nonuniformly hyperbolic dynamical systems
1007.0172 Probing the local temperature of a 2DEG microdomain with a quantum dot: measurement of electron-phonon interaction
1007.0173 Massive Three-Dimensional Supergravity From R+R^2 Action in Six Dimensions
1007.0174 Two-points problem for an evolutional first order equation in Banach space
1007.0175 Shielding of a moving test charge in a quantum plasma
1007.0176 Generalized Polya-szego Inequality
1007.0177 Antiferromagnetic I-Mn-V semiconductors
1007.0178 Strong 3p -T1u Hybridization in Ar@C60
1007.0179 The semiparametric Bernstein-Von Mises theorem
1007.0180 Blazar synchrotron emission of instantaneously power-law injected electrons under linear synchrotron, non-linear SSC, and combined synchrotron-SSC cooling
1007.0181 Higher congruence companion forms
1007.0182 Superconductivity-Induced Distortions of Phonon Lineshapes in Niobium
1007.0183 Observation of post-soliton expansion following laser propagation through an underdense plasma
1007.0184 Isotropization of non-diagonal Bianchi I-symmetric spacetimes with collisionless matter at late times assuming small data
1007.0185 Model Independent Signatures of New Physics in the Inflationary Power Spectrum
1007.0186 Neutrosophic Bilinear Algebras and their Generalizations
1007.0187 Linear transport in stochastic media. Application to neutral transport in turbulent plasmas
1007.0188 Emulsification in binary liquids containing colloidal particles: a structure-factor analysis
1007.0189 Regionally proximal relation of order d is an equivalence one for minimal systems and a combinatorial consequence
1007.0190 Shock creation and particle acceleration driven by plasma expansion into a rarefied medium
1007.0191 Dynamical Fermion Masses Under the Influence of Kaluza-Klein Fermions and a Bulk Abelian Gauge Field
1007.0192 Determinental equations for secant varieties and the Eisenbud-Koh-Stillman conjecture
1007.0193 Exact and explicit probability densities for one-sided Levy stable distributions
1007.0194 A Tree-Loop Duality Relation at Two Loops and Beyond
1007.0195 A Direct Proof of BCFW Recursion for Twistor-Strings
1007.0196 Density functional study of the magnetic properties of $Bi_{4}Mn$ clusters: Discrepancy between theory and experiment
1007.0197 Phase behavior and structure of colloidal bowl-shaped particles: simulations
1007.0198 Reconstruction of Bandlimited Functions from Unsigned Samples
1007.0199 Optimal Execution Strategy in the Presence of Price Impact
1007.0200 Identification of two bright z>3 submillimeter galaxy candidates in the COSMOS field
1007.0201 Ratios in Higher Order Statistics (RHOS) values of Seismograms for Improved Automatic P-Phase Arrival Detection
1007.0202 Single photon emitters based on Ni/Si related defects in single crystalline diamond
1007.0203 Heterotic MSSM on a Resolved Orbifold
1007.0204 Detecting the Cold Spot as a Void with the Non-Diagonal Two-Point Function
1007.0205 10 + 1 to 3 + 1 in an Early Universe with mutually BPS Intersecting Branes
1007.0206 Predicting Supersymmetry
1007.0207 A spectroscopic survey of faint, high-Galactic-latitude red clump stars. I. The high resolution sample
1007.0208 Soft gluon resummation in the infrared region and the Froissart bound
1007.0209 The Geometry and Ionization Structure of the Wind in the Eclipsing Nova-like Variables RW Tri and UX UMa
1007.0210 Supplement: The uncertainty principle of measurement in vision
1007.0211 First tests of "bulk" MICROMEGAS with resistive cathode mesh
1007.0212 Boron Synthesis in Type Ic Supernovae
1007.0213 Towards a Loop-Tree Duality at Two Loops and Beyond
1007.0214 Directional Dependence and Diurnal Modulation in Dark Matter Detectors
1007.0215 CMB Constraints on Principal Components of the Inflaton Potential
1007.0216 Magnetic dynamics of simple collective modes in a two-sphere plasma model
1007.0217 A Bound on the Sum of Weighted Pairwise Distances of Points Constrained to Balls
1007.0218 Surface critical behaviour of the Interacting Self-Avoiding Trail on the square lattice
1007.0219 Structures de poids ’a la Bondarko sur les motifs de Beilinson
1007.0220 Consecutive Minors for Dyson’s Brownian Motions
1007.0221 Regular Labelings and Geometric Structures
1007.0222 Scattering from isospectral quantum graphs
1007.0223 Continuity of homomorphisms on pro-nilpotent algebras
1007.0224 Algebraic cobordism of varieties with G-bundles
1007.0225 Do Longer Delays Matter? The Effect of Prolonging Delay in CTL Activation
1007.0226 On the motion of high-energy wave packets and the transition radiation by "half-bare’’ electron
1007.0227 On pointed Hopf algebras over dihedral groups
1007.0228 Entanglement irreversibility from quantum discord and quantum deficit
1007.0229 A model for the emergence of geopolitical division
1007.0230 Neumann spectral cluster estimates outside convex obstacles
1007.0231 Concentration of eigenfunctions on 2-manifolds outside convex obstacles
1007.0232 Wall emission in circumbinary disks: the case of CoKu Tau/4
1007.0233 The Larmor clock and anomalous spin dephasing in silicon
1007.0234 Detection of a Moving Rigid Solid in a Perfect Fluid
1007.0235 On Polynomial Solvability of the Hamiltonian Cycle Problem for Graphs of Degree Less Than or Equal To 3
1007.0236 Heterotic compactifications on nearly K"ahler manifolds
1007.0237 Exponential suppression with four legs and an infinity of loops
1007.0238 A new lifetime model with decreasing failure rate
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