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11 April 2021

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pmid11662936 The "slippery slope" of science
pmid11662948 Sterilization regulations: debate not quelled by HEW document
pmid11663153 Behaviour modification in the limelight
pmid11663243 Protection of human subjects
pmid17738956 Mangroves, Isopods, and the Ecosystem
pmid17738957 Underground Coal Gasification
pmid17738958 Unemployed Biologists
pmid17738959 Air Pollutants Study
pmid17738960 Letter to the Editor
pmid17738961 Paleoclimatic Inferences from Long Tree-Ring Records: Intersite comparison shows climatic anomalies that may be linked to features of the general circulation
pmid17738962 The Economics of Resource Recovery from Municipal Solid Waste
pmid17738963 Velikovsky: AAAS Forum for a Mild Collision
pmid17738964 Problems of Forbidden Knowledge
pmid17738965 National Nutrition
pmid17738966 Floating Nuclear Plants: Power from the Assembly Line
pmid17738967 Viral Carcinogenesis: Role of DNA Viruses
pmid17738968 Cancer Vaccine Prospects: Not Soon
pmid17738969 What Is Cancer? What Forms Does It Take? How Does It Kill?
pmid17738970 Nitrification in Paleocene Shale
pmid17738971 Monolayers and Microbial Dispersal
pmid17738972 Host-Specific Phytotoxic Polysaccharide from Apple Tissue Infected by Erwinia amylovora
pmid17738973 Radiocarbon Dates for Earliest Domesticated Animals from Europe and the Near East
pmid17756734 Energy and the Environment
pmid17756735 Letter to the Editor
pmid17756736 Grant Administration
pmid17756737 Letter to the Editor
pmid17756738 The University Department
pmid17756739 Letter to the Editor
pmid17756740 Ignorance as the Driving Force
pmid17756741 Atmospheric Effects of Pollutan: Pollutants which affect clouds are most likely to produce modifications in weather and climate
pmid17756742 What Happened at Hawthorne?: New evidence suggests the Hawthorne effect resulted from operant reinforcement contingencies
pmid17756743 U.S.-U.S.S.R. Exchange: Americans Split on Schizophrenia Program
pmid17756744 Insurance Dominates Health Message
pmid17756745 ORV’s in California Desert Inspire Court Suit
pmid17756746 Pentagon’s R & D Clients Include MIT, El-Azhar
pmid17756747 Salk Worth $2.4 Million to March of Dimes
pmid17756748 Institute Scrubs Three Committees
pmid17756749 The Presidential Prize Caper
pmid17756750 Chemical Carcinogenesis: A Long-Neglected Field Blossoms
pmid17756751 Can Potential Carcinogens Be Detected More Quickly?
pmid17756752 Auroral Photography from a Satellite
pmid17756753 Low-Loss Niobium-Tin Compound for Superconducting Alternating-Current Power Transmission Applications
pmid17756754 Melting Relations of the Aliende Meteorite
pmid17756755 Light Flashes Observed by Astronauts on Apollo 11 through Apollo 17
pmid17756756 Eustatic Sea Level 120,000 Years Ago on Oahu, Hawaii
pmid17756757 Calcification on an Unstable Substrate: Marginal Growth in the Moilusk Pecten diegensis
pmid17756758 Disruption of Gypsy Moth Mating with Microencapsulated Disparlure
pmid17756759 Sex Pheromone of the Codling Moth
pmid17756760 Gordon Research Conferences
pmid17756761 Spectrophotometer
pmid17756762 Viscometer for Polymers
pmid17756763 Salinometer-Conductivity Meter
pmid17756764 Display and Scan Generator
pmid17756765 Piezoelectric Chromatograph
pmid17756766 Metallographic Specimen Polisher
pmid17756767 Literature
pmid17780757 FDR’s Science Policy
pmid17780758 History of Life Sciences
pmid17780759 Optical Brighteners
pmid17780760 Prospectus for Science Advising
pmid17780761 Host-Guest Chemistry: Complexes between organic compounds simulate the substrate selectivity of enzymes
pmid17780762 Prevention of Food-Processing Wastes: Processes can be changed to reduce wastes, maintain product quality, and improve product yield
pmid17780763 NIH: Who Is Running the Show-Scientists or Politicians?
pmid17780764 Edwards Strikes Back in the Post
pmid17780765 On Reading the Federal Budget
pmid17780766 World Population: U.N. on the Move but Grounds for Optimism Are Scant
pmid17780767 Plutonium and the "Hot Particle Problem": Environmental Group Proposes a Draconian Answer
pmid17780768 Electron-Hole Droplets: A Unique Form of Matter
pmid17780769 Combinatorics: Steps toward a Unified Theory
pmid17780770 Wind Tunnel Simulations of Light and Dark Streaks on Mars
pmid17780771 Predictive Simulation of the Subsidence of Venice
pmid17780772 Site of Biosynthesis of Galactolipids in Spinach Chloroplasts
pmid17780773 Mammalian Pheromone: Identification of Active Component in the Subauricular Scent of the Male Pronghorn
pmid17780774 On the "Square" Model of Maya Territorial Organization
pmid17780775 Rubey Conference on Crustal Evolution
pmid17780776 Radiation Chemistry of Condensed Phases: Report of a Joint Japan-United States Seminar
pmid17789202 Operations Research
pmid17789203 OMB Approach to Management
pmid17789204 Drug Education Conference
pmid17789205 Letter to the Editor
pmid17789206 Exchanges with China
pmid17789207 Letter to the Editor
pmid17789208 Pathologic Evaluation and the Blind Technique
pmid17789209 Humidifiers and Energy Conservation
pmid17789210 The Confusion over Bacteriophage [unknown]X-74
pmid17789211 Global Science Policy
pmid17789212 Long Journey into Tunneling
pmid17789213 Optimization in Ecology: Natural selection produces optimal results unless constrained by history or by competing goals
pmid17789214 Should the History of Science Be Rated X?: The way scientists behave (according to historians) might not be a good model for students
pmid17789215 Uranium Enrichment: Rumors of Israeli Progress with Lasers
pmid17789216 U.S.-U.S.S.R. Detente: Bumpy Progress on the Agricultural Front
pmid17789217 Land Use: Rules Panel and Nixon Leave House Bill in Limbo
pmid17789218 Herbicides: Academy Finds Damage in Vietnam after a Fight of Its Own
pmid17789219 Herbicide Study Assesses Effects on Health and Safety
pmid17789220 Lunar Surface: Identification of the Dark Mantling Material in the Apollo 17 Soil Samples
pmid17789221 Polarized Magnetic Field Fluctuations at the Apollo 15 Site: Possible Regional Influence on Lunar Induction
pmid17789222 Mercury: Does Its Atmosphere Contain Water?
pmid17789223 Carbon Fixation and Isotope Discrimination by a Crassulacean Plant: Dependence on the Photoperiod
pmid17789224 Redirection of Filial Attachments in Rhesus Monkeys: Dogs as Mother Surrogates
pmid17789225 "Very High Alumina Basalt": A Mixture and Not a Magma Type
pmid17789226 NOVA: Program Summaries of New Science TV Series
pmid17789227 Biotransformations and Fermentations
pmid17789228 Genetic Recombination: Genetic, Physical, and Biochemical Aspects
pmid17789229 Pharmacology and Toxicology Applied to the Treatment of Patients
pmid17789230 Literature
pmid17789231 Colony Counter
pmid17789232 Flow Direction Adaptor for Laser Doppler Anemometer
pmid17789233 Molecular Emission Cavity Analysis
pmid17789234 Electrobalance
pmid17791353 Publishing Ethics
pmid17791354 Injuries Related to Cosmetics
pmid17791355 Energy and Environmental Costs
pmid17791356 Definition of the Meter
pmid17791357 Rabies Shots
pmid17791358 Academic Science and Industry
pmid17791359 Electron Tunneling and Superconductivity
pmid17791360 Student-Faculty Evaluation
pmid17791361 Uranium Enrichment: U.S. "One Ups" European Centrifuge Effort
pmid17791362 South Africa’s Process May Not Be So New After All
pmid17791363 Medical Education: Institute Puts a Price on Doctors’ Heads
pmid17791364 Journals: Photocopying Is Not the Only Problem
pmid17791365 Well-Being of Americans Measured by OMB Study
pmid17791366 AEC on Impact of "Breeder Economy"
pmid17791367 House Science Committee: Staking Out a Broader Claim
pmid17791368 Mariner 10 Venus Encounter
pmid17791369 Preliminary Infrared Radiometry of Venus from Mariner 10
pmid17791370 Observations at Venus Encounter by the Plasma Science Experiment on Mariner 10
pmid17791371 Venus: Mass, Gravity Field, Atmosphere, and Ionosphere as Measured by the Mariner 10 Dual-Frequency Radio System
pmid17791372 Magnetic Field Observations near Venus: Preliminary Results from Mariner 10
pmid17791373 Venus: Atmospheric Motion and Structure from Mariner 10 Pictures
pmid17791374 Ultraviolet Observations of Venus from Mariner 10: Preliminary Results
pmid17791375 Search by Mariner 10 for Electrons and Protons Accelerated in Association with Venus
pmid17791376 Seasonal Changes in Goldfish Learning?
pmid4129806 Human DNA polymerase 3 (R-DNA polymerase): distinction from DNA polymerase I and reverse transcriptase
pmid4129807 Immunoglobulin structure: amino terminal sequences of mouse myeloma proteins that bind phosphorylcholine
pmid4130125 Autoimmune encephalomyelitis: activation of thymus lymphocytes against syngeneic brain antigens in vitro
pmid4131937 Infectious C-type virus isolated from a baboon placenta
pmid4131938 New selective Giemsa technique for human chromosomes, Cd staining
pmid4131939 Relationship between DNA content of polytene chromosome bands and heterochromatisation in Drosophila
pmid4131940 Narcotic receptor sites in morphine-dependent rats
pmid4131941 Histochemical study of an inhibitor of fibrinolysis in the human arterial wall
pmid4132041 Detection and radioassay of soluble circulating immune complexes using guinea pig peritoneal exudate cells
pmid4132042 Amino acid sequence change associated with genetic marker Inv(2) of human immunoglobulin
pmid4132100 Activity of DNA templates during cell division and cell differentiation
pmid4150456 Sulphur-methylene isosterism in the development of metiamide, a new histamine H2-receptor antagonist
pmid4204206 Mapping human autosomes: evidence supporting assignment of rhesus to the short arm of chromosome No. 1
pmid4204581 Ecto-enzyme of granulocytes: 5’-nucleotidase
pmid4206555 Temperature-sensitive mutations affecting the regenerative sodium channel in Drosophila melanogaster
pmid4206605 Explanation of degree of correlation of sibling generation times in animal cells
pmid4206606 Autosomal recessive mutation in sugar response of Drosophila
pmid4206649 Associative learning of Drosophila melanogaster
pmid4207316 Remote nerve fibre bundle alterations in the retina as caused by argon laser photocoagulation
pmid4207317 Bioconvection patterns in swimming microorganism cultures as an example of Rayleigh-Taylor instability
pmid4207318 Decrease of polysomes in Tetrahymena after synchronisation shocks
pmid4207319 Progress of a breeding project for non-human primates in Colombia
pmid4272645 Septal tryptophan-5-hydroxylase: divergent response to raphe lesions and parachlorophenylalanine
pmid4274220 DNA repair monitored by an enzymatic assay in multinucleate xeroderma pigmentosum cells after fusion
pmid4274221 Correlations between (Na + K)-ATPase, Ca-ATPase and cellular potassium concentration in cattle red cells
pmid4274244 2-Phenylethylamine as a possible mediator for delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol-induced stimulation
pmid4274273 Depression of morphine-seeking behaviour by dopamine inhibition
pmid4274304 Calcium does not uncouple oxidative phosphorylation in tightly-coupled mitochondria from Ehrlich ascites tumour cells
pmid4359338 Nonhistone chromosomal proteins and gene regulation
pmid4359339 Amorphous semiconductor switching in melanins
pmid4359340 Hormonal control of neutrophil lysosomal enzyme release: effect of epinephrine on adenosine 3’,5’-monophosphate
pmid4359815 Persistence of cadmium-induced metabolic changes in liver and kidney
pmid4360868 Biochemistry of cancer cells: focus on the cell surface
pmid4361995 Morphine-like drugs inhibit the stimulation of E prostaglandins of cyclic AMP formation by rat brain homogenate
pmid4361996 Inhibitor of vesicular stomatitis virus transcriptase in purified virions
pmid4361997 Light-regulated guanosine 3’,5’-monophosphate phosphodiesterase of bovine retina
pmid4361998 Similarity in the sequence of Escherichia coli dihydrofolate reductase with other pyridine nucleotide-requiring enzymes
pmid4361999 Growth hormone releasing factor of microbial origin
pmid4362000 Augmentation of cytotoxic drug action by antibodies directed at cell surface
pmid4362085 Possible involvement of cyclic GMP in growth control of cultured mouse cells
pmid4362086 Dramatic early increase in uterine eosinophils after oestrogen administration
pmid4362087 Thymine-labelled deoxyoligonucleotide involved in DNA chain growth in Bacillus subtilis
pmid4362088 Protease inhibitors do not block transformed cells in the G1 phase of the cell cycle
pmid4362089 Detection by DNA polymerase I of breaks produced in rat liver chromatin in vivo by alklating agents
pmid4362090 Viroids and viral hepatitis in marmosets
pmid4362155 Effect of camptothecin on simian virus 40 DNA
pmid4362156 Antibody response and virus survival in cats vaccinated against feline leukaemia
pmid4362157 Cyclic GMP response in vivo to cholinergic stimulation of gastric mucosa
pmid4362158 Colchicine and vinblastine inhibit fibroblast aggregation
pmid4362186 Hepatoma--foetal Phe-tRNA also present in normal rat liver
pmid4362187 Stimulation of calcitonin synthesis and release in vitro by calcium and dibutyryl cyclic AMP
pmid4362188 Response of mouse melanoma cells to melanocyte stimulating hormone
pmid4363019 Changes in a surface-labelled galactoprotein and in glycolipid concentrations in cells transformed by a temperature-sensitive polyoma virus mutant
pmid4363020 Androgen receptors in a Syrian hamster ductus deferens tumour cell line
pmid4363021 Serotonin and pituitary-adrenal function
pmid4544847 Extracellular currents from frog photoreceptors
pmid4545077 Is terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase a somatic mutagen in lymphocytes?
pmid4589900 Autogenous regulation of gene expression
pmid4589901 Leprosy in the armadillo: new model for biomedical research
pmid4589902 Penetration of somatic mammalian cells by sperm
pmid4589903 HL-A antigens in mummified pre-Columbian tissues
pmid4594440 Three-dimensional structure of yeast phenylalanine transfer RNA at 3.0angstroms resolution
pmid4594441 Structural homology of the glutamine amidotransferase subunits of the anthranilate synthetases of Escherichia coli, Salmonella typhimurium and Serratia marcescens
pmid4594442 Measurement of defects in ultraviolet-irradiated DNA by the kinetic formaldehyde method
pmid4594528 Specialised transformation in Escherichia coli K12
pmid4594529 Second naturally occurring beta-galactosidase in E. coli
pmid4594530 Intensity fluctuation spectroscopy of motile microorganisms
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