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12 April 2021

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pmid11661048 NIH backing for NAS ban
pmid11661080 Potential biohazards of recombinant DNA molecules
pmid11661081 Genetic manipulation: temporary embargo proposed on research
pmid11664375 Foetal research aborted in United States
pmid17779269 Letters to the Editor
pmid17779270 Medical School Recommendations
pmid17779271 Unfettered Mother
pmid17779272 Breeder Reactor Debate
pmid17779273 Letters to the Editor
pmid17779274 Cancer Detection
pmid17779275 Should We Ban Nuclear Testing Now?
pmid17779276 Mineral Resources, Economic Growth, and World Populatic
pmid17779277 Resource Partitioning in Ecological Communities
pmid17779278 Killian Committee: Report Urges Advisory Council in White House
pmid17779279 Science Policy Hearings: Phase II
pmid17779280 Malcolm R. Currie: World’s Largest R & D Manager
pmid17779281 Middle East Studies: Funding Wilts as Arab--U.S. Friendship Flowers
pmid17779282 The Energy Bureaucracy: The Pieces Fall into Place
pmid17779283 POINT OF VIEW
pmid17779284 Methadone: Court Ruling Threatens FDA Regulations
pmid17779285 Soviet Seminar Visas Denied: Moscow Organizers Arrested
pmid17779286 Federation of Scientists Plans "Great Leap Forward"
pmid17779287 What Is Leukemia?
pmid17779288 Choice in Free-Ranging Wild Pigeons
pmid17794291 Letters to the Editor
pmid17794292 Computer Music
pmid17794293 Humane "Weapons"
pmid17794294 Letters to the Editor
pmid17794295 The Deteriorating Energy Position
pmid17794296 Thermochemical Hydrogen Generation
pmid17794297 Socioeconomic Achievements of U.S. Men, 1962 to 1972
pmid17794298 Advising the White House: NSF Says the New System Works
pmid17794299 Law of the Sea: Fisheries Plight Poses Dilemma for United States
pmid17794300 Bisplinghoff to Resign
pmid17794301 Plate Tectonics: Do the Hot Spots Really Stand Still?
pmid17794302 Watergate: 1972 Campaigners Tried to Use R & D Agencies
pmid17794303 Water and Carbon in Rusty Lunar Rock 66095
pmid17794304 Scatological Origin of Microvertebrate Fossil Accumulations
pmid17794305 Stellar Motion Survey by Automation
pmid17794306 Biological Suppression of Weeds: Evidence for Allelopathy in Accessions of Cucumber
pmid17794307 A Chondrule: Evidence of Energetic Impact Unlikely
pmid17794308 PRODUCTS and MATERIALS
pmid17810484 Letters to the Editor
pmid17810485 Raw Materials: Energy and Environmental Constraints
pmid17810486 Cancer Chemotherapy
pmid17810487 "Facile Humanists"
pmid17810488 Osmotic Power Plant
pmid17810489 Letters to the Editor
pmid17810490 Solar Energy Absorption
pmid17810491 Wind, Waves, and Women
pmid17810492 Letters to the Editor
pmid17810493 Letters to the Editor
pmid17810494 Interaction of Sperm with Somatic Cells
pmid17810495 AAAS: Retrospect and Prospect
pmid17810496 The Long Search for Stable Transition Metal Alkyls
pmid17810497 Prehistoric Intensive Agriculture in the Mayan Lowlands
pmid17810498 Watergate: 1972 Campaigners Tried to Use R & D Agencies
pmid17810499 Oil and Gas Resources: Did USGS Gush Too High?
pmid17810500 Beagles: Army under Attack for Research at Edgewood
pmid17810501 Nitrogen Fixation: Research Efforts Intensify
pmid17810502 Mercury: More Surprises in the Second Assessment
pmid17810503 Nitrogen Fertilizer
pmid17810504 Human Biogeography: Similarities between Man and Beast
pmid17810505 Mariner 10 Mercury Encounter
pmid17810506 Preliminary Infrared Radiometry of the Night Side of Mercury from Mariner 10
pmid17810507 Observations at Mercury Encounter by the Plasma Science Experiment on Mariner 10
pmid17810508 Magnetic Field Observations near Mercury: Preliminary Results from Mariner 10
pmid17810509 Electrons and Protons Accelerated in Mercury’s Magnetic Field
pmid17810510 Mercury’s Atmosphere from Mariner 10: Preliminary Results
pmid17810511 Mercury’s Surface: Preliminary Description and Interpretation from Mariner 10 Pictures
pmid17810512 Mercury: Results on Mass, Radius, Ionosphere, and Atmosphere from Mariner 10 Dual-Frequency Radio Signals
pmid17810513 PRODUCTS and MATERIALS
pmid17812038 Metrication as Cultural Adaptation
pmid17812039 Targets
pmid17812040 Superconductivity: Large-Scale Applications
pmid17812041 Sahelian Drought: No Victory for Western Aid
pmid17812042 U.S.--Soviet Summit: Make Science, Not War
pmid17812043 Maryland Scientists’ Hunger Strike Averted
pmid17812044 Moscow Scientists Protest with Hunger Strike, Seminar
pmid17812045 NAS Denies Photo to Columbia Journalism Review
pmid17812046 Agriculture: FDA Seeks to Regulate Genetic Manipulation of Food Crops
pmid17812047 New Blood for National Science Board
pmid17812048 Stereology: Promise of a More Quantitative Microscopy
pmid17812049 Undersea Storms: Experiment in the Atlantic
pmid17812050 Physical Oceanography: Big Science, New Technology
pmid17812051 Helicoidal Crack Propagation in Aluminous Orthoamphiboles
pmid17812052 Surface Electronic Properties of Tungsten, Tungsten Carbide, and Platinum
pmid17812053 Silurian Trilete Spores and Spore Tetrads from Gotland: Their Implications for Land Plant Evolution
pmid17812054 Lectins: A Possible Basis for Specificity in the Rhizobium--Legume Root Nodule Symbiosis
pmid17812055 Second Cat Conference
pmid4134390 Convergent morphological evolution detected by studying proteins of tree frogs in the Hyla eximia species group
pmid4134970 Localization of sister chromatid exchanges in human chromosomes
pmid4135224 Inhibition of cell-dependent cytotoxicity as an assay for mouse alloantibody
pmid4135322 Immunotherapeutic suppression in transplantable solid tumours
pmid4135581 Restoration of specific immunological virginity
pmid4135582 Stimulatory capacity of human T and B lymphocytes in the mixed leukocyte culture
pmid4135583 Reduced axoplasmic transport of choline acetyltransferase activity in dystrophic mice
pmid4136532 Antibodies recognise specific structures of triple-helical polynucleotides built on poly(A) or poly(dA)
pmid4136688 Effect of beta 2 microglobulin antibody on effector function of T-cell mediated cytotoxicity
pmid4151754 Failure of beta-adrenergic receptor blockade to prevent arrhythmias induced by sympathetic nerve stimulation
pmid4151812 Octopamine: presence in single neurons of Aplysia suggests neurotransmitter function
pmid4152308 Some new concepts in immunological phylogeny
pmid4152309 Dissociation between effects of nerve growth factor on tyrosine hydrolase and tubulin synthesis in sympathetic ganglia
pmid4152851 Effect of protein-free diet on mitotic activity of transplanted splenic lymphocytes
pmid4152948 Manipulation of sexual physiology by brain stimulation in insects
pmid4209193 Woodruffia metabolica: an exception to the rule of desmodexy
pmid4209261 Chemistry and enzymology of kcat inhibitors
pmid4209271 Thyrotropin-releasing hormone: regional distribution in rat brain
pmid4209272 Thyrotropin-releasing hormone in specific nuclei of rat brain
pmid4210169 Computer-aided three-dimensional reconstruction and quantitative analysis of cells from serial electron microscopic montages of foetal monkey brain
pmid4210500 Is chiasma determination sequential?
pmid4210501 Haemocyanin synthesis and the branchial gland of Octopus
pmid4211812 Antibody to bovine choline acetyltransferase and immunofluorescent localisation of the enzyme in neurones
pmid4211848 Carcinogenicity of bracken and shikimic acid
pmid4211906 Demonstration of indolaminergic fibres in the media eminence of the duck, rat and monkey
pmid4212086 Infantile obesity and later weight control in the baboon
pmid4212206 Nuclear segregation in Bacillus subtilis
pmid4276197 Brain catechol synthesis: control by train tyrosine concentration
pmid4276247 Swamp cancer
pmid4277586 Muscle membrane protein kinase in myotonic muscular dystrophy
pmid4365401 Cation dependence of high-affinity angiotensin II binding to adrenal cortex receptors
pmid4366052 Expression of the familial hypercholesterolemia gene in heterozygotes: mechanism for a dominant disorder in man
pmid4366491 Increased sensitivity of cell-free protein synthesis to double-stranded RNA after interferon treatment
pmid4366797 Cyclic AMP, ATP and cell contact
pmid4366798 Correlations between plasma ACTH concentrations and breathing movements in foetal sheep
pmid4367127 Transformation of chick embryo neuroretinal cells by Rous sarcoma virus in vitro: induction of cell proliferation
pmid4367210 Three dimensional structure of adenyl kinase
pmid4367211 Comparison of predicted and experimentally determined secondary structure of adenyl kinase
pmid4367212 Topological comparison of adenyl kinase with other proteins
pmid4367213 Food vacuole membrane in nutrient uptake by Tetrahymena
pmid4368479 Cell transformation mutants are not susceptible to growth activation by fibroblast growth factor at permissive temperatures
pmid4368490 Chemical and biological evolution of nucleotide-binding protein
pmid4368645 Effects of dopamine-like drugs on rat striatal adenyl cyclase have implications for CNS dopamine receptor topography
pmid4368653 Effects of succinyl-con A on the growth of normal and transformed cells
pmid4368841 Introduction of mouse L cell nucleus into heterologous mammalian cells
pmid4368985 Origin of asymmetry in biomolecules
pmid4546261 Difference in the cellular cholesterol to phospholipid ratio in normal lymphocytes and lymphocytic leukaemic cells
pmid4546874 New alloantigen genetically linked to the major histocompatibility locus of the mouse
pmid4599425 Brain cells in culture: morphological transformation by a protein
pmid4599426 Malignant melanoma: specific immunity induced by bacillus Calmette-Guérin in BALB-c mice
pmid4599635 Visual fields of cats with cortical and tectal lesions
pmid4600381 Letter: Potential biohazards of recombinant DNA molecules
pmid4601455 Mutant of bacteriophage T4D affecting expression of many early genes
pmid4601456 Suppression of phage nonsense and temperature-sensitive mutants by an suA mutant E. coli
pmid4601914 Brave new world?
pmid4602028 Decreased antibody formation in mice exposed to lead
pmid4604592 In vitro transcription of three adjacent E. coli transfer RNA genes
pmid4604676 Letter: ABO matching in kidney graft survival
pmid4605053 Resistance of mitotic B lymphocytes to cytotoxic effects of anti-Ig serum
pmid4605155 Structure of yeast phosphoglycerate mutase
pmid4605421 Uptake of Escherichia coli DNA into HeLa cells enhanced by amphotericin B
pmid4605454 Yeast-mycelial conversion induced by N-acetyl-D-glucosamine in Candida albicans
pmid4833823 Herbicides in Vietnam
pmid4833824 Physical-chemical basis of lipid deposition in atherosclerosis
pmid4833825 Analogy as a source of knowledge
pmid4833826 Long-lived chemiluminescence in cigarette smoke
pmid4833827 Microwave hearing: evidence for thermoacoustic auditory stimulation by pulsed microwaves
pmid4833828 Lassa virus isolation from Mastomys natalensis rodents during an epidemic in Sierra Leone
pmid4833829 Microbodies (peroxisomes) containing catalase in myocardium: morphological and biochemical evidence
pmid4833830 Noise-induced reduction of inner-ear microphonic response: dependence on body temperature
pmid4833831 Gelation of sickle cell hemoglobin: effects of hybrid tetramer formation in hemoglobin mixtures
pmid4833832 Adrenergic innervation of the parasympathetic ciliary ganglion in the chick
pmid4833833 Ethnic classification of Mexican-Americans
pmid4834219 Physicochemical correlates of olfactory quality
pmid4834220 Motor pattern production in reciprocally inhibitory neurons exhibiting postinhibitory rebound
pmid4834364 Cyclization of the phosphate side chain of adenosine triphosphate: formation of monoadenosine 5’-trimetaphosphate
pmid4834365 Assembly of chick brain tubulin onto isolated basal bodies of Chlamydomonas reinhardi
pmid4834366 Immediate hypersensitivity responses in flatfish
pmid4834367 Ocular hazard from picosecond pulses of Nd: YAG laser radiation
pmid4834368 Neuronal analysis of wave form in the time domain: midbrain units in electric fish during social behavior
pmid4834369 Platelet and plasma fibrinogens are identical gene products
pmid4834370 Sodium: stimulus for puddling behavior by tiger swallowtail butterflies, Papilio glaucus
pmid4834371 Ecological genetics and natural selection in mollusks
pmid4834372 Evolution of anuran life cycles
pmid4836081 Ethology and stress diseases
pmid4836082 Leukemia: much is known, but the picture is still confused
pmid4836083 Auditory membrane vibrations: measurements at sub-angstrom levels by optical heterodyne spectroscopy
pmid4836084 Photochemical activity of single chloroplasts recorded by the use of nuclear track emulsion
pmid4836085 Testosterone induces "splitting" of circadian locomotor activity rhythms in birds
pmid4836086 Chloride spike: a third type of action potential in tissue-cultured skeletal muscle cells from the chick
pmid4841158 Inhibition and reversal of capping by cytochalasin B, vinblastine and colchicine
pmid4841159 Inhibition of surface capping of macromolecules by local anaesthetics and tranquillisers
pmid4841160 Excess males among siblings of Australian antigen carriers
pmid4841161 Adenyl cyclase stimulation by aspirin in rat gastric mucosa
pmid4841162 Dynamics and function of vitamin A compounds in rat retina after a small bleach of rhodopsin
pmid4841163 Quantum conductance changes in lipid bilayer membranes associated with incorporation of acetylcholine receptors
pmid4841164 Opiate agonist-antagonist effects on Renshaw cells and spinal interneurones
pmid4841165 Lithium and the monoamine neurotransmitters in the rat hippocampus
pmid4841166 Temperature effects on hearing in two species of Amphisbaenia
pmid4841167 Pentamerism and the ancestral echinoderm
pmid4841168 Fertilisation of sheep ova following their transfer to goats
pmid4841587 Alpha- and beta-retinyl acetate reverse metaplasias of vitamin A deficiency in hamster trachea in organ culture
pmid4841588 Redistribution of endogenous gibberellins in geotropically stimulated roots
pmid4841589 Batesian mimicry without distastefulness?
pmid4841590 Green cones of the piñon pine stimulate late summer breeding in the piñon jay
pmid4841617 Beveling of fine micropipette electrodes by a rapid precision method
pmid4843133 Health costs associated with the mining, transport and combustion of coal in the steam-electric industry
pmid4843134 Successful construction of chimaeric rabbit
pmid4843135 Secretion-dependent uptake of extracellular fluid by the rat neurohypophysis
pmid4843136 Aerosol particles on tobacco trichomes
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