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15 April 2021
  » » review 07100048

 Science-advisor review

SCIENCE-ADVISOR - review - "Important Factual Errors..." review 07100048 (1 reader)    * Rate this comment.
Article reference: Gravitational Forces in the Brane World.
Review title: Important Factual Errors
Reviewer: reviewer927
Date: 13 October 2007 at 16:02 GMT.
Read this article?: To learn... WHAT NOT TO DO!

Why would you assume that matter produces pterbation to the R-S vacuum metric?  Remember assumptions make an ASS out of U and ME.


I also have a problem with your idea of gravitational forces between point particles on the brains in a Randall-Sundrum two brain model.  I think in this type of medium you need to use proper and precise terminology and spelling, we are all scientists here so lets call a spade a spade and point particles on the brain "axons".  "Brain bending"? more like "Crazy"!


Also I think we can be relatively sure that any gravitation between brain particles will be small.  Real small.  Have you ever heard of "G = (M1 * M2)/d^2?  It is called highschool open a book you retard.




I believe you mean "$S^1/Y_2$ symmetry"

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Article rating: 1.16/5
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