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12 April 2021

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pmid11662148 Molecular biology and metaphysics
pmid17734616 Hepatitis Research
pmid17734617 How Much Is Enough?
pmid17734618 Appeal for Mars Data
pmid17734619 Assessing the Demand for Scientists and Engineers
pmid17734620 Stratospheric Ozone Depletion and Solar Ultraviolet Radiation on Earth
pmid17734621 Presidential Science Advising
pmid17734622 Biomedical Research: Would Special Presidential Advisers Help?
pmid17734623 Biomedical Research Is Good for the Economy
pmid17734624 Bottle-Feeding: Adverse Effects of a Western Technology
pmid17734625 DOD Said to Admit to Weather War
pmid17734626 Metrication: Craft Unions Seek to Block Conversion Bill
pmid17734627 Academy Sued on Closed Meetings
pmid17734628 House, Senate Differ on Solar Energy
pmid17734629 Theoretical Physics: Speculations on Abnormal Nuclear Matter
pmid17734630 Lac System: New Research on How a Protein Binds to DNA
pmid17734631 Barrier Island Forest Ecosystem: Role of Meteorologic Nutrient Inputs
pmid17734632 Radiohalos in a Radiochronological and Cosmological Perspective
pmid17734633 Respiration of Benthopelagic Fishes: In situ Measurements at 1230 Meters
pmid17734634 North Carolina Glacier: Evidence Disputed
pmid17734635 Structure of Silica Glass
pmid17736502 A Scientific Idealist
pmid17736503 Schizophrenia Exchange Program
pmid17736504 Equal Opportunity in Biomedical Research
pmid17736505 Virus Research
pmid17736506 Labor-Intensive Production
pmid17736507 International Science Education
pmid17736508 The Oblateness of the Sun and Relativity
pmid17736509 Metabolism and Function of Alkaloids in Plants
pmid17736510 Energy Reorganization: Progress in the Offing
pmid17736511 The Politics of Biology: Young Academicians Becoming Involved
pmid17736512 NAE Elects 78 New Members
pmid17736513 Crib Death: Foremost Baby Killer Long Ignored by Medical Research
pmid17736514 Medical Education: Those Sexist Putdowns May Be Illegal
pmid17736515 Population Genetics: Reevaluation of Genetic Variation
pmid17736516 Mariner 10 Pictures of Mercury: First Results
pmid17736517 Cretaceous Drowning of Reefs on Mid-Pacific and Japanese Guyots
pmid17736518 Heavy Metal Concentrations in Museum Fish Specimens: Effects of Preservatives and Time
pmid17736519 PRODUCTS and MATERIALS
pmid17791424 Medical Research Funding
pmid17791425 Cigarette Advertising
pmid17791426 Boll Weevil Eradication
pmid17791427 Conserving Renewable Resources
pmid17791428 Occam’s razor and the Watergate Tapes
pmid17791429 Birth Order, Family Size, and Intelligence
pmid17791430 Letters to the Editor
pmid17791431 Letters to the Editor
pmid17791432 End of the Oil Embargo
pmid17791433 Effect of Large-Scale Irrigation on Climate in the Columbia Basin
pmid17791434 Food-Related Energy Requirements
pmid17791435 Russell E. Train: Speaking Out at EPA
pmid17791436 Strategic Arms: Ambiguous Prospect for SALT Phase Two
pmid17791437 Zero Energy Growth: Ford Study Says It’s Feasible
pmid17791438 Virus Cancer Program: Review Panel Stands By Criticism
pmid17791439 Science Advising: New Setup Has More Resources, Less Visibility
pmid17791440 "Astronauts’ Doctor" Leaves NASA
pmid17791441 Fetal Antigens: A Biochemical Assay for Cancer?
pmid17791442 Jupiter’s Ionosphere: Prospects for Pioneer 10
pmid17791443 Hydrogen Evolution by Nitrogen-Fixing Anabaena cylindrica Cultures
pmid17791444 Cleaning Symbiosis Provides a Positive Reinforcer for Fish
pmid17791445 Quartz Cleavage and Quick Clays
pmid17791446 Nutrition and New Food Technology
pmid17791447 Environmental Mutagens
pmid17791448 Enzyme Engineering
pmid17791449 PRODUCTS and MATERIALS
pmid17792543 Gasoline
pmid17792544 Low-Cost, Abundant Energy: Paradise Lost?
pmid17792545 The Social System and the Energy Crisis
pmid17792546 Evolution of Public Response to the Energy Crisis
pmid17792547 Conservation in Industry
pmid17792548 Energy Conservation at an Industrial Research Center
pmid17792549 What Can the Academic Community Do?
pmid17792550 Energy Outlook for the Universities: Large Increases in Basic Research and a New Role in Advanced Development
pmid17792551 Individual Self-Sufficiency in Energy
pmid17792552 Multiple Failures of Public and Private Institutions
pmid17792553 The Executive: William E. Simon
pmid17792554 The Congress: Sen. Henry M. Jackson
pmid17792555 An Integrated National Energy Research and Development Program
pmid17792556 Florida: An Energy Policy Emerges in a Growth State
pmid17792557 Economic Strategy for Import-Export Controls on Energy Materials
pmid17792558 Oil Money and World Money: Conflict or Confluence?
pmid17792559 Applications of Input-Output Analysis to Energy Problems
pmid17792560 Prognosis for Expanded U.S. Production of Crude Oil
pmid17792561 Problems of Expanding Coal Production
pmid17792562 Clean Fuels from Coal Gasification
pmid17792563 High-Sulfur Coal for Generating Electricity
pmid17792564 Nuclear Eclectic Power
pmid17792565 Energy Choices That Europe Faces: A European View of Energy
pmid17792566 A Timetable for Expanded Energy Availability
pmid17792567 Geothermal Electricity Production
pmid17792568 Solar Energy by Photosynthesis
pmid17792569 Solar Energy Utilization by Physical Methods
pmid17792570 Science Bibliography of Energy
pmid4131281 Modulation of inflammation and immunity by cyclic AMP
pmid4131282 Myelin basic protein: location of multiple independent antigenic regions
pmid4131378 Polymorphism of the somatic antigen of yeast
pmid4131379 Human chromosome banding by Feulgen stain aids in localizing classes of chromatin
pmid4132102 Heterocytolysis by macrophages activated by bacillus Calmette-Guérin: lysosome exocytosis into tumor cells
pmid4132853 Left-handed subunit helix in flagellar microtubules
pmid4133807 Restriction of in vitro T cell-mediated cytotoxicity in lymphocytic choriomeningitis within a syngeneic or semiallogeneic system
pmid4133808 The alpha1-acute phase protein response in rats as a possible indicator of the relative smoking risks of different cigaretts
pmid4150025 Gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase in brain capillaries: possible site of a blood-brain barrier for amino acids
pmid4150105 Norepinephrine-sensitive adenylate cyclases in rat brain: relation to behavior and tyrosine hydroxylase
pmid4150951 Anti-muscarinic properties of neuroleptics and drug-induced Parkinsonism
pmid4150965 Effects of beta adrenergic blockade on plasma catecholamines in exercise
pmid4151498 Learning impairment in rats after 6-hydroxydopamine-induced depletion of brain catecholamines
pmid4207378 Gene dosage compensation in metafemales (3X;2A) of Drosophila
pmid4207379 Non-specific "pairing" of DNA molecules by recombination enzyme of Bacillus subtilis
pmid4207411 Depression of polymorph counts by various scrapie agents
pmid4207412 Enhancement of cerebral noradrenaline turnover by thyrotropin-releasing hormone
pmid4208483 The induction of tumour immunity in mice using glutaraldehyde-treated tumor cells
pmid4208484 Immunological detection of antigen(s) associated with rat colon carcinoma
pmid4209027 Novel human serum protein from fibroblast plasma membrane
pmid4274306 Lymphocyte antigenicity loss with retention of responsiveness
pmid4274736 Multigenic control of ribosomal properties associated with cycloheximide sensitivity in Neurospora crassa
pmid4274737 Inheritance of a recombinant HL-A haplotype and genetics of the HL-1 region in man
pmid4275348 Dietary regulation of brain tryptophan metabolism by plasma ratio of free tryptophan and neutral amino acids in humans
pmid4360954 Enzyme polymorphism and metabolism
pmid4360955 Prolactin receptors in estrogen receptor-deficient mammary carcinoma
pmid4361099 Dexamethasone stimulation of murine mammary tumor virus expression: a tissue culture source of virus
pmid4361100 Metabolic differences between normal and neoplastic cells: effects of aminonucleoside on cytoplasmic messenger RNA
pmid4363085 Zinc ions inhibit replication of rhinoviruses
pmid4363086 Genetic evidence for SV40 gene function in enhancement of replication of human adenovirus in simian cells
pmid4363087 No crossing over between closely linked tumour virus loci in the heterogametic sex of fowl
pmid4363168 Virus productive transformation of marsupial cells by Schmidt-Ruppin strain of RSV
pmid4363169 DNA synthesis in "nuclear monolayers" from BSC-1 cells infected with herpes virus
pmid4363170 Oestradiol inhibition of collagenase role in uterine involution
pmid4364433 Presence of a large poly(rC) tract within the RNA of encephalomyocarditis virus
pmid4364434 Fucosylglycolipids in cells transformed by a temperature-sensitive mutant of murine sarcoma virus
pmid4364435 Carbohydrate groups in the major glycoprotein of Rous sarcoma virus
pmid4365049 Properties of afferent nerve impulses originating from a neuroma
pmid4365465 Composition drift in the cytochrome c cistron
pmid4522910 Rosette formation of human erythrocytes on cultured cells of tumour origin and activation of complement by cell membrane
pmid4524580 Defective rRNA synthesis in human leukaemic blast cells?
pmid4524926 Molecular biology and metaphysics
pmid4544474 Biogenic amines and control of melanophore stimulating hormone release
pmid4544541 Letter: Inhibition of cell metabolism
pmid4545414 Activation of human T and B lymphocytes by polyclonal mitogens
pmid4594711 Somatostatin: hypothalamic inhibitor of the endocrine pancreas
pmid4596119 Pattern reconstitution in abdominal segment of Leucophaea maderae (Blattaria)
pmid4596120 Cell movement during pattern regulation in Oncopeltus
pmid4596121 Cell migration during pattern reconstitution in the insect segment (Dysdercus intermedius Dist., Heteroptera)
pmid4596182 Implications of rigescent integuments as a new structural feature of some algal chloroplasts
pmid4596183 Antibody coated erythrocytes as a manifold probe for antigens
pmid4596184 Trichodermin resistance--mutation affecting eukaryotic ribosomes
pmid4598152 Fluctuations and distribution of measles virus antigens in chronically infected cells
pmid4599080 Molecular structure of nucleic acids: a structure for deoxyribose nucleic acid. J.D. Watson and F.H.C. Crick. Published in Nature, number 4356 April 25, 1953
pmid4599081 The double helix: a personal view
pmid4599082 Molecular basis of biological specificity
pmid4599083 Building the tower of Babble
pmid4599084 DNA before Watson--Crick
pmid4599085 Rosalind Franklin and the double helix
pmid4599086 Differential survival of skin and heart allografts in radiation chimaeras provides further evidence for Sk histocompatibility antigen
pmid4815284 Regulation of amino acid transport in kidney cortex of newborn rats
pmid4815285 Electron diffraction of wet biological membranes
pmid4815286 Spermidine in hormone-dependent differentiation of mammary gland in vitro
pmid4815287 5-methylcytidylic acid: absence from mitochondrial DNA of frogs and HeLa cells
pmid4815288 Prostaglandins stimulate thyroid function in pregnant women
pmid4815289 Identification of a ventral scent marking pheromone in the male Mongolian gerbil (Meriones unguiculatus)
pmid4815719 Sulfuric acid-ammonium sulfate aerosol: optical detection in the St. Louis region
pmid4815720 Neonatal thymectomy increases the incidence of spontaneous and methylcholanthrene-enhanced thyroiditis in rats
pmid4815721 Pineal gland: 24-hour rhythm in norepinephrine turnover
pmid4815722 Erythrocyte deformation in human muscular dystrophy
pmid4815723 Parathyroid secretion: discovery of a major calcium-dependent protein
pmid4815724 Benzo(a)pyrene metabolites: efficient and rapid separation by high-pressure liquid chromatography
pmid4815725 Orientation of homing pigeons altered by a change in the direction of an applied magnetic field
pmid4815726 Basic research is necessary: remarks on the lectures of Lehninger and Kornberg
pmid4816130 Energy use in the U.S. food system
pmid4819676 Rethinking primate origins
pmid4819677 Liquid chromatographic assay of warfarin: similarity of warfarin half-lives in human subjects
pmid4819678 Lectin binding saccharides on a parasitic protozoan
pmid4819679 Fate of alpha-bungarotoxin bound to acetylcholine receptors of normal and denervated muscle
pmid4819680 Mycoplasma contamination of cultured amniotic fluid cells: potential hazard to prenatal chromosomal diagnosis
pmid4819681 Vagotomy: effect on electrically elicited eating and self-stimulation in the lateral hypothalamus
pmid4824025 Chimaera mouse study shows absence of disease in genetically dystrophic muscle
pmid4824026 Scrapie in sheep selectively bred for high susceptibility
pmid4824027 Lectin purification using formalinised erythrocytes as a general affinity adsorbant
pmid4824028 Autoradiography of intravenously injected 14C-nicotine indicates long-term retention in the respiratory tract
pmid4824029 Effect of thiocyanate on nitrosation of amines
pmid4824030 Thymidylate concentration in megaloblastic anaemia
pmid4824031 Catecholamine transport through a lipid barrier
pmid4824032 The contribution of activation processes to the length-tension relation of cardiac muscle
pmid4824033 Suppressor cells in normal immunisation as a basic homeostatic phenomenon
pmid4824034 Pyrrolizidine ester alkaloid in danaid butterflies
pmid4824035 Population estimates from recapture studies in which no recaptures have been made
pmid4824036 Restoration of libido in castrated red deer stag (Cervus elaphus) with oestradiol-17beta
pmid4824037 Letter: Small membrane-labels do not unambiguously reveal membrane ’sidedness’
pmid4824345 Relative positions of the "repetitive", "unique" and poly(A) fragments of mRNA
pmid4824346 Can energy generated by sugar efflux be used for ATP synthesis in Chlorella?
pmid4824347 Molecular conformation of deoxyguanosine 5’-phosphate
pmid4824348 Initiation of protein synthesis during lymphocyte stimulation
pmid4824349 Temperature dependence of cation permeability of dog red cells
pmid4824350 Deficiency of two enzymes of galactose metabolism in kangaroos
pmid4824351 Mammotropic effect of prolactin enhanced by thyroidectomy
pmid4824352 Multiquantal release of acetylcholine in mammalian ganglia
pmid4824353 Glutamate antagonists at a crayfish neuromuscular junction
pmid4833264 Fortification of foods with amino acids
pmid4833265 Nutritional lessons from the Ethiopian drought
pmid4833266 Further evidence of Lower Pleistocene hominids from East Rudolf, North Kenya, 1973
pmid4833267 Repression of RNA transciption during the development of analgesic tolerance to morphine
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