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11 April 2021

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pmid11643567 Guinea-pig charters
pmid11785520 Behavior modification
pmid11785521 Behavioral regulation of the milieu interne in man and rat
pmid11785522 Teratogens and the Delaney Clause
pmid11785523 Dalkon shield affair: a bad lesson in science and decision-making
pmid11785524 Language in man, monkeys, and machines
pmid17738229 "Wasted" Water
pmid17738230 Recombinant DNA Molecules
pmid17738231 Ely S. Parker
pmid17738232 Mushroom Poisoning
pmid17738233 References and Unreferences
pmid17738234 Two Digit Inflation
pmid17738235 Thermal Structure of the Lithosphere: A Petrologic Model
pmid17738236 Plutonium (I): Questions of Health in a New Industry
pmid17738237 On Inhaling Plutonium: One Man’s Long Story
pmid17738238 NSF Gets a Record $768 Million
pmid17738239 A "Giant Step" in Power Pricing
pmid17738240 Jury Selection: Social Scientists Gamble in an Already Loaded Game
pmid17738241 POINT OF VIEW
pmid17738242 Complex Environments: Effects on Brain Development
pmid17738243 Metrology: A More Accurate Value for Avogadro’s Number
pmid17738244 Secular Variations in the Abundances of Heavy Nuclei in Cosmic Rays
pmid17738245 Kerogen Recycling in the Ross Sea, Antarctica
pmid17738246 Earthquake Prediction: Absence of a Precursive Change in Seismic Velocities before a Tremor of Magnitude 3frac34
pmid17738247 Sea Otters: Their Role in Structuring Nearshore Communities
pmid17738248 Rapid Asymptotic Species Accumulation in Phytophagous Insect Communities: The Pests of Cacao
pmid17738249 Rhizoplane Fibrils in Wheat: Demonstration and Derivation
pmid17833683 Shadow of the Sun
pmid17833684 Watergate Tape Erasure
pmid17833685 The Tragedy of the Sahel Commons
pmid17833686 Letters to the Editor
pmid17833687 Scientific Methods in Ethology
pmid17833688 Confidentiality
pmid17833689 The Humility Factor
pmid17833690 University Isotope Separator at Oak Ridge: The UNISOR Consortium
pmid17833691 Nuclear Safety: Calculating the Odds of Disaster
pmid17833692 Fermi National Accelerator Lab: Making the Users More at Home
pmid17833693 For Particle Physics Postdocs, a School of Hard Knocks
pmid17833694 Green Revolution: Creators Still Quite Hopeful on World Food
pmid17833695 Niobium-Germanium: Becoming a Practical Superconductor
pmid17833696 Chemistry and Science: The Next Hundred Years
pmid17833697 Electrical Resistivity Variations Associated with Earthquakes on the San Andreas Fault
pmid17833698 Streamflow Greatly Reduced by Converting Deciduous Hardwood Stands to Pine
pmid17835449 Airships
pmid17835450 Sex Preselection
pmid17835451 Clean Air by 1975?
pmid17835452 Uranium Enrichment
pmid17835453 Letters to the Editor
pmid17835454 The Creative Process
pmid17835455 World Population: World Responsibility
pmid17835456 Classification: Purposes, Principles, Progress, Prospects
pmid17835457 Judgment under Uncertainty: Heuristics and Biases
pmid17835458 Safeguard: Disputed Weapon Nears Readiness on Plains of North Dakota
pmid17835459 Plutonium (II): Watching and Waiting for Adverse Effects
pmid17835460 Weather Mod Research Under a Cloud
pmid17835461 NAS Okays Auto Emission Standards
pmid17835462 Plutonium (I): Questions of Health in a New Industry
pmid17835463 UN Conferences: Topping Any Agenda Is the Question of Development
pmid17835464 Modeling the Climate: A New Sense of Urgency
pmid17835465 Skunks: On the Scent of a Myth
pmid17835466 Planetary Science: First Meeting on Moons of the Solar System
pmid17835467 Science and the Quality of Life
pmid17835468 Atomic Images by Electron-Wave Holography
pmid17835469 Stratospheric Ozone Destruction by Man-Made Chlorofluoromethanes
pmid17835470 Methane Production in the Interstitial Waters of Sulfate-Depleted Marine Sediments
pmid17835471 Nuclear Waste Disposal in the Oceans
pmid17835472 Subsidence of Venice: Predictive Difficulties
pmid17835473 PRODUCTS and MATERIALS
pmid17841759 Fishery Conservation
pmid17841760 Fetal Research
pmid17841761 Letters to the Editor
pmid17841762 Optical Brighteners and Social Responsibility
pmid17841763 The Problem of Urban Dogs
pmid17841764 Chiropractic: Healing or Hokum? HEW Is Looking for Answers
pmid17841765 Putting It Together for Science at the State Department
pmid17841766 Science and Its Critics: Must Rationality Be Rationed?
pmid17841767 Oceans Bills on Course
pmid17841768 Cancer Claim Retracted
pmid17841769 Cancer Cure Promised
pmid17841770 Trident: Lawsuit Challenges the Navy’s Billion-Dollar Baby
pmid17841771 Nerve Growth Factor: Regulatory Role Examined
pmid17841772 !Kung Hunter-Gatherers: Feminism, Diet, and Birth Control
pmid17841773 Salt Fingers Observed in the Mediterranean Outflow
pmid17841774 Attempt to Date Early South African Hominids by Using Fission Tracks in Calcite
pmid17841775 Toxicity in Sponges and Holothurians: A Geographic Pattern
pmid17841776 Strategies for Study of Synaptic Organization
pmid17841777 RECEINT DEATHS
pmid17841778 PRODUCTS and MATERIALS
pmid4135760 Reverse transcriptase in normal rhesus monkey placenta
pmid4137570 Centric fusion, satellite DNA, and DNA polarity in mouse chromosomes
pmid4137611 Differential staining of human and mouse chromosomes in interspecific cell hybrids
pmid4137615 DNA polymerase activity from two temperature-sensitive mutants of Rous sarcoma virus is thermolabile
pmid4137941 Spontaneous sister chromatid exchanges detected by a BUdR-labelling method
pmid4138020 Topology of the outer segment membranes of retinal rods and cones revealed by a fluorescent probe
pmid4138060 High frequency of T lineage lymphocytes in nude mouse spleen
pmid4138651 Immunological distinction between the possible origins of enzymatic activity in a polypeptide fragment of staphylococcal nuclease
pmid4138667 Dissociation of lymphocyte activating determinants from recognition sites in mouse MLR
pmid4138862 Reactivity of steroid-resistant neonatal thymocytes
pmid4138930 New Giemsa method for the differential staining of sister chromatids
pmid4139658 Specificity of antigen receptors for cytochrome c in delayed hypersensitivity
pmid4152810 Chemical messengers in development: a hypothesis
pmid4153742 Letter: tRNA and ageing
pmid4154403 Isolation of photoreceptor and conventional nerve terminals by subcellular fractionation of rabbit retina
pmid4212011 Fenfluramine: amphetamine congener that fails to maintain drug-taking behavior in the rhesus monkey
pmid4212963 B cell-derived immunoglobulin on activated mouse T lymphocytes
pmid4213696 Metabolic hydroxylation of a chlorobiphenyl containing only isolated unsubstituted positions--2,2’,4,4’ ,5,5’-hexachlorobiphenyl
pmid4213827 Platelet macroglycopeptide
pmid4214309 Restriction by H-2 gene complex of transfer of cell-mediated immunity to Listeria monocytogenes
pmid4215025 Release of enzymes from cell walls by an endopectate-trans-eliminase
pmid4367319 Human serum albumin phenotype activation in mouse hepatoma--human leukocyte cell hybrids
pmid4367320 Antibody to leukemia virus: widespread occurrence in inbred mice
pmid4369405 Type 2 hyperprolinemia: absence of delta1-pyrroline-5-carboxylic acid dehydrogenase activity
pmid4370633 Leukaemogenic effect of repeated inoculations with small doses of Tennant virus in BALB-c mice
pmid4370766 Effect of cysteine on the survival of mice with transplanted malignant thymoma
pmid4371072 Cyclic AMP levels in Phycomyces during a response to light
pmid4371106 Amplification of a circular segment of SV40 DNA
pmid4371248 Indomethacin potentiates PGE1 stimulated cyclic AMP accumulation in human synoviocytes
pmid4371349 Glucocorticoids and hCG sensitivity of rat testicular Leydig cell
pmid4372534 Poly(C) in animal viral RNAs
pmid4372535 Detection of cell-dependent cytotoxic antibody to cells infected with herpes simplex virus
pmid4372536 Cyclic GMP stimulates lymphocyte nucleic acid synthesis
pmid4377757 MIF-like activity in simian virus 40-transformed 3T3 fibroblast cultures
pmid4412816 Differential effects of electrical stimulation on release of 3H-noradrenaline and 14C-alpha-aminoisobutyrate from brain slices
pmid4413382 Experimental production of diabetes mellitus by a nonendocrinal approach
pmid4414006 Isolation and in vitro translation of soybean leghaemoglobin mRNA
pmid4414471 Letter: Wilson’s disease and copper-binding proteins
pmid4414535 Lymphocytic choriomeningitis in a hamster colony causes infection of hospital personnel
pmid4414633 Melatonin: its inhibition of pineal antigonadotrophic activity in male hamsters
pmid4414691 Mode of action of ancrod as a defibrinating agent
pmid4415382 Pulmonary alveolar hypoxia: release of prostaglandins and other humoral mediators
pmid4415558 Renal lysosomes: role in biogenesis of erythropoietin
pmid4415643 Rod origin of prolonged afterimages
pmid4415665 Rural health care in Mexico?
pmid4415901 Stimulation of ribosome synthesis during retarded ageing of human fibroblasts by hydrocortisone
pmid4415992 Surface and cell membrane activities of leukocyte chemotactic factors
pmid4417076 Gene duplication in experimental enzyme evolution
pmid4417327 Coal smoke and mortality of the elderly
pmid4417634 Sexual maturation of Japanese eel and production of eel larvae in the aquarium
pmid4417940 Ultrastructural evidence for foetal liver injury induced by in utero exposure to small doses of methylmercury
pmid4417976 Glutathione-oxytocin transhydrogenase of human placental origin with specificity towards neurohypophysial hormones
pmid4418746 Structural and crystallographic observations on hagfish insulin
pmid4419688 Evidence on the locomotor pattern of Homo from early pleistocene of Kenya
pmid4420117 Letter: Two-stage transformation in vitro
pmid4420569 Changes in histone methylase activity of rat brain and liver with ageing
pmid4420707 Depth perception in disparity gratings
pmid4420883 The homeothermic status of the neonatal dog
pmid4421563 Sensitisation of lymphocytes in vitro against human melanoma-associated antigens
pmid4421630 Blockage of cation permeability across the tight junctions of gallbladder and other leaky epithelia
pmid4421992 Catalytic head assembling protein in virus morphogenesis
pmid4422492 Subunit structure of chromatin
pmid4422783 Biological significance of the intermolecular crosslinks of collagen
pmid4422784 Haemoglobin Icaria, a new chain-termination mutant with causes alpha thalassaemia
pmid4423804 Experimental allergic neuritis induced by sensory nerve myelin may provide a model for nonlepromatous leprosy
pmid4424009 Occurrence of lead in tuna
pmid4424704 Functional and anatomical correlation of afferent responses from the isolated semicircular canal
pmid4425143 Sodium pump stoichiometry in Aplysia neurones from simultaneous current and tracer measurements
pmid4427654 An auditory illusion
pmid4427655 Trace element content and body size in molluscs
pmid4427656 LSD treatment of Pieris brassicae and consequences on the progeny
pmid4427657 "Isotope effect" in metabolism of radioactive cortisol in man
pmid4427658 The role of calcium ions in initiating transformation of lymphocytes
pmid4427659 Actions and interactions of colchicine and cytochalasin B on contraction of granulation tissue and on mitosis
pmid4427660 Two functional states of the RNA polymerases in the rat hepatic nuclear and nucleolar fractions
pmid4427661 Do immunoglobulins have proteolytic activity?
pmid4469668 Abortion, illegitimacy, and the American birth rate
pmid4469669 Peer review: quality control of applied social research
pmid4469670 Acetylcholine noise: analysis after chemical modification of receptor
pmid4469671 Hemoglobin switching in sheep and goats: occurrence of hemoglobins A and C in the same red cell
pmid4469672 Menstrual cycles: fatness as a determinant of minimum weight for height necessary for their maintenance or onset
pmid4469673 Isolated brain microvessels: a purified, metabolically active preparation from bovine cerebral cortex
pmid4469674 Barley stripe mosaic virions assoicated with spindle microtubules
pmid4469675 Mitogenic activity of sterculic acid, a cyclopropenoid fatty acid
pmid4469676 Letter: Sex-associated antigens in mice and rats
pmid4471714 Homos and heteros among the hemos
pmid4471715 Reversal by L-dopa of impaired learning due to destruction of the dopaminergic nigro-neostriatal projection
pmid4472215 Non-random loss of human markers from man-mouse somatic cell hybrids
pmid4472981 Dissociation of EEG and behavioural effects of ethanol provide evidence for a noncholinergic basis of intoxication
pmid4473713 Maternal behaviour and the effects of stress in tree shrews
pmid4473714 Regions of the freezing curve causing changes in structure and viability of ram sperm
pmid4473715 Oxygen microenvironment and respiratory oscillations in cultured mammalian cells
pmid4473716 Developmentally regulated cell surface alterations in Dictyostelium discoideum
pmid4473717 Meiosis in Dictyostelium mucoroides
pmid4473718 Reversibility of morphine tolerance and dependence in guinea pig brain and myenteric plexus
pmid4473719 Newly synthesised lipids incorporated into influenza virus membranes
pmid4473720 Hepatitis B and serum DNA polymerase activities in chimpanzees
pmid4547231 Insulin unmasks latent sodium pump sites in frog muscle
pmid4547251 Membrane structure changes in rod outer segments associated with rhodopsin bleaching
pmid4547318 T lymphoblastoid cell lines from Marek’s disease lymphomas
pmid4547409 B and T-cell stimulatory activities of multiple mitogens from pokeweed
pmid4602163 Effects of the Scopes trial. Was it a victory for evolutionists?
pmid4604871 Paradoxical effects after microinjection of morphine in the periaqueductal gray matter in the rat
pmid4605043 Reoviruslike agent in stools: association with infantile diarrhea and development of serologic tests
pmid4606697 Isolation of a purified preparation of metabolically active retinal blood vessels
pmid4607006 Rejection of skin grafts in the nude mouse
pmid4607009 Removal of specific cooperative T cell factor by anti-H-2 but not by anti-Ig sera
pmid4607653 Operator and promoter are separate in the tryptophan operon in Salmonella typhimurium
pmid4607947 Protein synthesis and the release of the replicated chromosome from the cell membrane
pmid4609322 Measurements of unwinding of lac operator by repressor
pmid4609342 Evolutionary significance of autogenous regulation
pmid4610397 Bovine satellite I DNA consists of repetitive units 1,400 base pairs in length
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